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Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority

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  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Genel is likely to attempt to reassure investors about the security of its Kurdishoperations when it posts half-year earnings tomorrowMeanwhile, Afren, the Africa-focused explorer that also operates in Kurdistan, lost afurther 7.1p to 107p, a 6.2pc decline, having crashed 26.1pc on Thursday aftersuspending its chief executive and chief operating officer.

    Both executives are being investigated over unauthorised payments, and in light ofthe unsettling turn of events, analysts at Canaccord Genuity downgraded theirrecommendation to hold and cut their target price to 120p, from 150p. The key question is whether Afrens asset value is, or will be, significantly impaired,they said.

    A share sale by the explorers biggest investor put further pressure on the stock.

    Afren on Monday disclosed that Standard Life had cut its stake to 72.9m shares,from 87.4m. The disposal was made on the same day that Afren revealed thepayments probe.

    Among Londons smaller oil plays, there was demand for Bowleven, a favouriteshare of retail investors that added p to 38p after Cameroon officially gave thecompany permission to develop the Etinde permit off the coast of the Africancountry.

    Kazakhstan-focused Max Petroleum took on 0.270p, or 22pc, to 1.495p aftersecuring 37.1m in funding from the Assaubayev family. The powerful local family

    has taken a 51pc stake in the explorer, having subscribed for shares at 1.64p apiece, a 33.9pc premium to Fridays close.

    But Tangiers Petroleum plunged 61.4pc, a loss of 4.375p to 2p, on confirmationthat its highly-anticipated TA0-1 exploration well in Moroccan waters would beplugged and abandoned.

    More broadly, the benchmark FTSE 100 stabilised after suffering heavy falls inrecent trading sessions and closed almost unchanged, off 1.66 at 6,677.52. As withlast week, earnings updates were a focus for the market.

    Intertek, the product testing group, bounced off a two-year low to finish 173p betterat 27.06 the biggest blue-chip riser following reassuring half-year numbers.HSBC Holdings was another that was boosted by results, reversing an earlier dip toclose up 5.7p at 635p, despite posting weaker than expected six-month pre-taxprofits of $12.3bn. However, the bank told investors that it expected to benefit from arise in interest rates in the UK, which it forecast would take place in the final threemonths of the year.

    Earnings were also the major driver of stocks in the FTSE 250. Chemicals group Alent, 9.6p higher at 340p, and ground engineer Keller, up 14p and 889p, were bothlifted by well-received interim figures. The former company further impressed withthe announcement of a 15p a share special dividend.

    Similarly, esure, the motor insurer, pleased by beating market forecasts with its half-year numbers and advanced 1.3p to 258p.

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Peer Direct Line, which was chased higher following earnings on Friday, remained indemand and rose 4.6p to 304p. Price target upgrades by analysts at Credit Suisseand Canaccord lent support to the stock, with Ben Cohen at the latter broker sayingthat first-hal f results were impressive, given the headwind from winter weather. Finally, worries about the status of Quindells telematics contract with RAC sent thecontroversial insurance outsourcer down 23p to 181p.Weekend press reportssuggested work on the contract had slowed amid disagreements between the twosides.

    North Dakota Oil Production Surpassed 1Million Barrels Per Day

    Oil production is booming in NorthDakota, hitting more than onemillion barrels per day in April andMay, according to governmentdata. Hydraulic fracturing, orfracking, and horizontal drillinghave played a major role.

    According to the EnergyInformation Administration,increased production from theWilliston Basins Bakken andThree Forks formations have ledNorth Dakota to become thesecond-largest oil producing U.S.state, beating out California and


    North Dakota produces 12 percent of total U.S. oil production. In 2012 alone, oilproduction in North Dakota increased 177 percent from 2010 to 2013 whileproduction in Texas increased 119 percent.

    Why has oil production boomed so much in recent years? EIA notes, AlthoughBakken oil production initially began in the 1950s at Antelope Field in North Dakota,large-scale production growth did not begin until after the discovery of the ParshallField in 2007.

    Since then, advances in drilling methods and technology, a better understanding ofthe geology of the Bakken, higher crude oil prices, and the formations large size andnumber of wells all have contributed to higher production and to the potential forcontinued future growth, EIA continues.

    Virtually all the increased U.S. oil production in recent years has come from frackedwells on private and state lands. Its not just oil production thats boomed, natural gasproduction has skyrocketed as well thanks to fracking on private and state lands.But the huge production increases have attracted the attention of environmentalgroups who want to see fracking banned or more heavily regulated, claiming itdamages water and air quality.

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Environmentalists have been especially active in Colorado, where they have tried toget local governments to ban fracking since state-level efforts to ban the drillingpractice have not worked. But eco-activists suffered a huge setback earlier thismonth when a Colorado judge invalidated a local fracking ban passed by the city ofLongmont.

    Judge Dolores Mallard ruled that the local bans contradict the states interest indeveloping its natural resources and that Longmont did not have the au thority, in amatter of mixed state and local concern, to negate the authority the states oil andgas commission.

    Environmental groups have vowed to appeal the ruling.Its tragic that the judge views the current law in Colorado as one in which frackin g

    is more important than public health, Kaye Fissinger, president the anti -frackinggroup Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont. Reversing that backwards priority is along- term battle that were determined to continue.

    Texas ranks as one of the top oil producers inthe world

    Texas oil production topped 3 million barrels per day in May, putting the Lone StarState on par with the worlds biggest oil producing countries, according to the EnergyInformation Administration.

    Only Russia, Saudi Arabia, United States, China, Canada, Iran and Iraq producemore oil than Texas, according to international oil production numbers from the EIA.Unlike the national production totals that are from May, the international numbers arefrom March and include condensate.

    Texas produced as much oil as the entire continent of Europe, according to the EIA. And, Texas is on track to be producing 3.4 million barrels per day by the end of theyear, which would leapfrog all of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC) nations except Saudi Arabia. Compare that to a year ago, when the LoneStar State produced 2.4 million barrels per day.

    A year ago, Texas ranked 15th in the world.

    U.S. oil production remained above 8.3 million barrels per day in April and May.The se are oil production numbers that havent been seen since the late 1980s. Here are the top oil-producing countries (with the state of Texas included) in barrelsper day from March, the most recent date available:

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Russia: 10.1 millionSaudi Arabia: 9.7 millionUnited States: 8.2 millionChina: 4.1 millionCanada: 3.6 millionIran: 3.2 millionIraq: 3.3 million

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Texas: 2.9 millionKuwait 2.6 millionVenezuela: 2.3 million

    Brazil: 2.1 million

    Stay up to date on Texas energy news with the Energy Inc. news ticker, bringing youby-the-minute coverage from the Texas Business Journals.

    Fire Fighting Couplings

    Quick disconnect flat hose couplings and

    screw joint hydrant fittings must take

    the priority to be made as strong while

    as light as possible. They have to be fast

    enough and reliable in operation.

    Therefore, aluminum alloys are the

    choice material for quick connection.

    Brass and bronze materials are usually

    used for hydrant valves, landing valves

    and fittings for copper alloys can bereliable over time.

    Storz Couplings (German type)

    Top of the listed couplings for firefighting is Storz couplings. It is widely used byfire services worldwide and was invented for this purpose by Guido Storz in 1882.

    It is commonly used on fire hoses to connect to fire hydrants in western Europe,

    esp. Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    Instantaneous Couplings (British type)

    British instantaneous fire couplings are available inboth light alloy and gunmetal to cater forrequirements as fire brigades, industrial andgeneral users favoring the light alloy fire fittings fortheir light physical weight and the marine tradesfavoring the gunmetal and marine brass fire fittingsfor their salt water corrosion resistance anddurability in the most extreme weather conditions.

    Coupling are made to standard BS 336 sized11/2 inch to 21/2 inch consisting of fire hosecouplings, male and female adaptors, blankcaps or plugs, washers and spanners.

    DSP / AR Couplings (Frenchtype)

    DSP couplings are manufactured in

    compliance with NF S61-704 for the

    dimensions DN 40 and DN 65. The DN

    100 dimension is manufactured in

    compliance with NF S61-705.

    A DSP coupling is a self-sealing

    symmetrical coupling which is secured by

    interconnecting two DSP couplings. The

    half coupling is closed by turning the

    locking ring beneath the triangular section

    of the opposed DSP coupling. Extra

    closure can be applied by locking the

    connection with a wrench.

    The DSP coupling locking system issimilar to that of the Guillemin coupling.

    There are however differences to the

  • 8/12/2019 Quick Disconnect Flat Hose Couplings and Screw Joint Hydrant Fittings Must Take the Priority


    SME Industrial Co Ltd.

    preformed serration on the locking ring

    and the design of the lugs. The locking

    ring of DSP couplings can be turned up to45.

    SME Industrial Co Ltd

    297 Shangcheng RdPudong

    Shanghai200120ChinaPhone: +86 21 54800607Fax: +86 21 34220634

    Mail us to: [email protected]

    Web: www.smecoupling.com

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 SME Industrial Co Ltd. Quick disconnect flat hose couplings and screw joint hydrant fittings must take the priority www.smecoupling.com  SME Engineers and Manufactures wide range of industrial hose couplings, flanges, valves and hardware. SME China features in the largest manufacturing world of industrial hose and piping connections. To know more details on hose couplings then email to us: [email protected] . Oil companies fall on Iraq fighting Mounting investor concern about the territorial gains made by  jihadists in Iraq sparked a se ll-off in Kurdistan-focused oil companies. Genel Energy, which is backed by financier Nat Rothschild, dropped as much as 6.6pc before closing down 34p, or 3.4pc, at 967p and Gulf Keystone Petroleum slid 1¼p to a four-year low of 79p on news Islamist fighters had inflicted a defeat on Kurdish forces near the border with the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. The renewed push by mili tants over the weekend marks an escalation of the violence in Iraq. Shares in both Genel and GKP were shaken when Islamist fighters first took territory two months ago, although investor concern about the incursion had eased in recent weeks. However, reports of fresh fighting on Monday revived fund managers’ worries about the potential impact of the violence and pushed shares in the companies lower. It didn’t help Genel that Evil Knievel, the closely-followed short-seller, was said to be shorting the stock. Indeed, analysts at UBS were also cautious on the Genel investment case. Downgrading to neutral, the broker’s experts reminded clients that the security and political situation in Ir aq remains volatile and complex.  
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