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  • In Stephen Kings novel 11/22/63, Jake Epping (or George Amberson as he calls himself) is in charge of producing a play for his students. He chooses to produce one based on 12 Angry Men, but renames it The Jury. Why?
  • X on two separate occasions has insisted that the Ys initial price was just a coincidence, and that they did not even know the number had religious implications. Unfortunately for X he cannot keep his story straight. I simply like triple digit numbers with all the things Im involved with, the cost of making it was around $540 or there a bouts and we agreed on the best markup, retail price above the cost of building it, which worked out to a number. Z then tacked on the cents to make it an eye- catcher price for the ads with the sale and promotion publications of it to the public. I was into repeating digits, and then we came up - Z worked a deal to sell his computers wholesale price to the store for $500 bucks. what should the retail be? Add a third on. that puts it at about this number, because its all one digit, to me that's just an easier way to type. X, Y, Z. Or X, Z (people) and funda
  • Press Reviews for what? Chicago Tribune : "The dedicatory remarks by the President will live among the annals of man." Chicago Times : The cheeks of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat, and dishwatery utterances. Harrisburg Patriot and Union : We pass over the silly remarks of the President; for the credit of the Nation we are willing that the veil of oblivion shall be dropped over them and that they shall no more be repeated or thought of.
  • - Toni Kroos & Franck Ribery in a 6-0 Bayern Munich victory over Hertha Berlin - Marco Reus & Mike Hanke in a 3-0 Borussia Monchengladbach victory over FC Koln What specific occurences involving these players in the two games above happened in the 2011-12 Bundesliga season?
  • In the mid 1970s certain scientists employed by the US Department of Energy claimed they were looking for either 'bare bottoms' or 'naked beauties' to help them with their research. The search was serious and they finally found one in 1978. Today there is an entire factory called the beauty factory that produces a large number of these bottoms for research purposes. In lazy quiz master parlance, put funda
  • Waterboarding is how we _________ terrorists. FITB for this quote by Sarah Palin.
  • David Cross Seth Rogen Lucy Liu Jackie Chan Angelina Jolie How do we better know this group?
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