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  • 1. QUIZ TRIVIA By Sidharth Suresh Adarsh Dharmadevan VII C

2. This is a simple quiz on easy topics such as movies which are known by everyone. No mass answering .Those who know the answer should raise their hands and we will do the rest. NO laughing and other teasing if someone answers with a wrong answer. Everyone should participate. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Connect these five animals 4. Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda 5. Which movie would you come across the birds Blu , Nigel and Jewel. 6. Rio 7. What should replace the question mark in this series??? 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% USA ???????? India China Series 1 Series 2 8. FACEBOOK 9. Name the first Russian astronaut to travel to the moon????? 10. No Russian has ever travelled to the moon. 11. Identify this logo 12. Lambhorgini 13. Where do we come across this ? (Clue: Tom and Jerry) 14. M G M Broadcasters of Tom and Jerry 15. Identify the company whose tagline was this. (Clue-What is synonymous with 2 minutes) 16. MAGGI NOODLES 17. Which citys name in the local language is believed to mean small harbour???? (Clue-Dont think far) 18. KOCHI 19. What weighs more- 1kg of roses or 1kg of feathers??? 20. BOTH weighs same. 21. Identify this moment of handball in football. 22. Hand of God 2 Thierry Henry 23. How do we better know Barbara Millicent Roberts? (Clue-THIS fun fact is there in the back of some classmate books) 24. Barbie 25. What is the common name of these four super heroes? 26. The Incredibles 27. Connect them (Clue-the letters form the clue of the last picture 28. Nursery Rhymes Baa baa Black sheep Twinkle Twinkle little star Johny Johny London bridge is falling down

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