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R otary Club of West El Paso Camino Real Serving West El Paso & the world since 1962 Business...

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  • R otary Club of West El Paso Camino Real Serving West El Paso & the world since 1962 Business Proposal -Carla Murguia -Yamil Alaskar -Gabriel Sanchez
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  • Mission Statement T he Rotary Club of West El Paso Foundation is a private foundation, organized by the Rotary Club of West El Paso, for the purpose of supporting Rotary projects in the local community and around the world.
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  • The Team Eduardo Seyffert Camino Real Rotary Club, President Conducted the funding campaign for children who were born with the Cleft Lip. At the beginning, the club was able to perform 18 surgery's week Currently, 200 surgery's are performed a year and is receiving $150,000 in funds!
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  • Business Concept The Rotary Club of West El Paso organizes a campaign held twice a year to help children of low income families with pediatric heart diseases due to its expensive costs. The campaign is sponsored by the Gift of Life Foundation (founded in Alabama in 1988), with the help of doctors stationed in Arizona. The Campaign will take place during the month of October.
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  • The Process ThursdayFriday Saturday SundayMonday & Tuesday Doctors do checkups to Children ages. of 2-7 years Check if the child has pediatric heart disease. Pre- surgery informational session to parents or guardian. Surgery Begins. Intensiv e care treatme nt usually takes place. Children Stay at the hospital for full recovery.
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  • Opportunities Doctors from Arizona from Gift of Life Foundation donate their time. Thomason Hospital provides the installations and equipment. Anesthesiologist, nurses, and doctor services are free.
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  • Financial Plan CLUBSTOTAL Three of our sisters clubs including Rotary Club of Juarez, Albuquerque & Santa Fe, MN $5,000.00 District 5220; which is West Texas, New Mexico $5,000.00 Camino Real Rotary Club Casino Night Fundraiser event $5,000.00 Total:15,000.00 Rotary International will double the amount gathered to a sum of $30,000.
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  • Our Goal With our financial plan totaling an amount of $30,000 With the free services that will be granted, along with installations. If El Paso City Counsel provides us with the help requested of $30,000 making a total of $60,000 to perform surgeries. An average of 12 Children can have the opportunity to be saved in each session. The total cost per child for pediatric heart surgery comes out to $5,000. A regular open heart pediatric surgery costs around $120,000.
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  • Risks and Rewards Risks Blood clots Air bubbles Pneumonia Heartbeat problems Heart attack Stroke Rewards Eligible for Tax deduction. The chance to SAVE many children who are in desperate need of pediatric heart surgery.
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  • Resource Requirements Personnel & Services: Doctors and Nurses Technology: Installations providing from Thomason Hospital Finances: $60,000.00 from Rotary Club & El Paso City Counsel. Promotion: Donations and Casino night fundraising Products: Open Pediatric Heart Surgery
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