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Date post:22-Mar-2016
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Rainline- Pricelist - July 2011
  • l indab rain l ine | steel roof drainage system

    Lindab Rainlinethe STEEL rainwater systemwith the low CO2 footprint

    Price List July 2011

    8092 LIN July 2011 Price List_AW Q7:Lindab pricelist 05.qxd 17/5/11 09:44 AM Page 2

  • l indab rain l ine | steel roof dra inage system

    Half Round Gutter & AccessoriesHR Half Round Gutter: Standard Length 3mNom Size Galv Coated AluzincR100-3m 17.95 22.60 N/AR125-3m 20.20 24.16 25.36R150-3m 26.29 32.91 34.56R190-3m* 35.58 42.89 N/ABracket recommended at 800mm intervals*R190 to order only

    RSK Gutter Joint with Rubber SealNom Size Galv Coated AluzincRSK-100 3.99 4.24 N/ARSK-125 4.16 4.31 4.54RSK-150 4.49 4.62 4.87Gutter joint not available for R190

    KFK Fascia BracketNom Size Galv Coated AluzincKFK-100 2.47 2.87 N/AKFK-125 2.66 2.98 N/A*KFK-150 2.81 3.05 N/A**Order in silver metallicSpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    K24 Fascia BracketNom Size Galv Coated AluzincK24-190 5.54 7.15 N/ASpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    SSK Adjustable Snap-On BracketNom Size Galv Coated AluzincSSK-100 N/A* 2.87 N/ASSK-125 N/A* 2.98 N/A*SSK-150 N/A* 3.05 N/A**Order in silver metallicSpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    KFL Rafter Bracket: Length 196mmNom Size Galv Coated AluzincKFL-100 3.61 3.77 N/AKFL-125 3.77 3.93 N/A*KFL-150 4.10 4.24 N/A**Order in silver metallicSpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    K33 Rafter Bracket: Length 337mmNom Size Galv Coated AluzincK33-190 6.81 7.15 N/ASpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    RFKF Rise and Fall Bracketwith Drive-In Spike, Allthread and NutsNom Size Galv Coated AluzincRFKF-100 17.72 18.44 N/A*RFKF-125 19.02 20.07 N/A*RFKF-150 19.74 20.65 N/A**Order in silver metallicSpacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    RGT Stop End, Self-Locking (Non Handed)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincRGT-100 2.32 2.81 N/ARGT-125 2.49 2.98 3.12RGT-150 2.66 3.12 3.28

    RGV/RGH Stop End (Left/Right Handed)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincRGV/H-190 5.06 6.08 N/A

    RVI/RVY 90 Gutter Angle*: internal/externalNom Size Galv Coated AluzincRVI/RVY-100 18.86 23.81 N/ARVI/RVY-125 19.59 24.37 25.60RVI/RVY-150 22.79 29.18 30.63RVI/RVY-190 30.30 38.44 N/A*135o angle 50% extra / special angles 100% extra2 jointers required per angle

    SOK Gutter OutletNom Size Galv Coated AluzincSOK-100 7.14 8.24 N/ASOK-125 8.17 8.71 9.15SOK-150 8.79 10.32 10.84SOK-190 16.39* 20.71* N/A*Order as OK. Available in all spigot sizes providingits smaller than the gutter size



    Lindab Rainline The roof drainage systemproduced in prime quality steel

    When it comes to creating beautiful, environmentally friendly andmaintenance free buildings, using the right materials is everything.The Lindab Rainline Steel Rainwater system uses the very best inlightweight galvanised steel to create a contemporary, cost effectiveand eco-friendly guttering system that wont shrink, split or leak and looks great too.

    An elegant finishLindab Rainline is available in plain uncoated galvanised andaluzinc finishes and comes in a choice of ten standard stock colours.Each is coated with extra durable high build polyester paint foran attractive and elegant finish. For a totally individual lookLindab Rainline can also be supplied in natural copper.

    Order cancellation is not permitted on special coloursor rectangular system.

    Beauty that lastsOur coated guttering system is guaranteed for 15 years with a lifeexpectancy in excess of 100 years. Each piece of steel is coated with275g zinc per square metre, a naturally self-healing coating thatwont discolour or rust.

    Please note that copper metallic gutters and accessories are notavailable in 100mm dimensions. Pine Green and Anthracite Metallicare only available in selected sizes.

    Freight charges applicable based on weight and all pricesare excluding VAT.

    Standard stockcolours:Plain Galvanised

    Black RAL 9005

    Silver Metallic RAL 9006

    Dark Grey RAL 7011


    Colours availableto order:Antique White RAL 9002

    Copper Metallic RAL 8003

    Tile Red RAL 8004

    Dark Red RAL 3009

    Anthracite Metallic RAL 7037

    Pine Green RAL 6020

    Brown RAL 8017

    8092 LIN July 2011 Price List_AW Q7:Lindab pricelist 05.qxd 17/5/11 09:44 AM Page 3

  • Down Pipe & AccessoriesSROR Down Pipe: Standard Length 3mNom Size Galv Coated AluzincSROR-75 21.17 27.10 28.46SROR-87 24.69 29.41 30.89SROR-100 27.10 35.24 37.02SROR-120 36.44 45.30 N/ABracket recommended at 1.5m intervals

    SSVH Down Pipe BracketNom Size Galv Coated AluzincSSVH-75 2.50* 2.81 2.96*SSVH-87 2.67* 3.12 3.28*SSVH-100 2.81* 3.37 3.54*SSVH-120 3.12* 3.77 N/A*Order as SVHA (Down Pipe Bracket & Wedge)Spacings recommended at 1.5m intervals

    MST Intermediate Pipe x 1mNom Size Galv Coated AluzincMST-75 8.59 10.64 11.06MST-87 9.92 11.44 11.90MST-100 10.92 13.58 14.12MST-120 14.61 17.99 N/A

    MSTRA Rod Access Pipe x 1mNom Size Galv Coated AluzincMSTRA-75 50.85 55.94 58.74MSTRA-87 53.37 56.45 59.28MSTRA-100 55.45 60.74 63.81MSTRA-120 62.84 69.54 N/A

    BM 90 Pipe Bend (2 bends per offset required)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincBM90-75 11.13 13.64 14.31BM90-87 11.74 14.12 14.83BM90-100 14.84 17.71 18.60

    UTK Pipe ShoeNom Size Galv Coated AluzincUTK-75 8.39 10.39 10.90UTK-87 8.71 10.70 11.24UTK-100 10.01 12.23 12.85UTK-120 19.59 20.86 N/A

    SRORM Pipe ConnectorNom Size Galv Coated AluzincSRORM-75 4.31 4.77 N/A*SRORM-87 4.62 4.91 N/A*SRORM-100 5.92 7.04 N/A**Order in silver metallic

    GROR Branch (50-80o)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincGROR-75 29.56 34.36 36.08GROR-87 32.20 40.44 42.46GROR-100 35.72 42.12 44.22

    FUTK Manual Rainwater DiverterNom Size Galv Coated AluzincFUTK-75 26.05 31.73 33.31FUTK-87 26.85 33.40 35.08FUTK-100 29.31 37.32 39.19

    SOKN One Piece Bend(100mm set projection)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincSOKN-75 23.50 28.23 29.64SOKN-87 23.81 30.05 31.55SOKN-100 28.85 32.70 34.34

    VATK-R Small Rectangular Water HopperSize 250mm x 150mm x 150mmNom Size Galv Coated AluzincVATKR-75 38.76 48.50 N/AVATKR-87 38.76 48.50 N/AVATKR-100 38.76 48.50 N/AVATKR-120 38.76 48.50 N/A

    VATK-L Large Square Water HopperSize 260mm x 260mm x 290mmNom Size Galv Coated AluzincVATKL-75 48.50 59.92 62.92VATKL-87 48.50 59.92 62.92VATKL-100 48.50 59.92 62.92VATKL-120 48.50 59.92 62.92

    RT Drain Trap for Down Pipes(HD Polythene)Nom Size HD PolytheneRT 8.39

    BM 70 Pipe Bend (2 bends per offset required)Nom Size Galv Coated AluzincBM70-75 7.45 9.05 9.50BM70-87 7.76 9.36 9.83BM70-100 8.63 10.24 10.75BM70-120 12.23 13.84 N/A

    SLS Self Cleaning Leaf Trap*(HD Polythene)Nom Size HD PolytheneSLS 14.15*Recommended for 100mm dimensions only

    MRT Drainage Connector(HD Polythene)Nom Size HD PolytheneMRT 2.36

    Rainwater Diverter Kit(HD Polythene)Only fits 75mm & 87mm dia pipes

    HD PolytheneRWDK 24.85Available in black or white only

    8092 LIN July 2011 Price List_AW Q7:Lindab pricelist 05.qxd 17/5/11 09:44 AM Page 4

  • l indab rain l ine | steel roof dra inage system

    Lindab LtdBuilding Products DivisionShenstone Trading EstateBromsgrove RoadHalesowenWest MidlandsB63 3XB

    Tel: (0121) 585 2780Fax: (0121) 585 2782Email: buildingproducts.sales@lindab.co.ukWeb: www.lindab.co.uk

    CertificationISO 9001ISO 14001

    Rectangular Gutter To order AccessoriesMiscellaneousRER Gutter: Standard Length 3m136mmNom Size Galv CoatedRER 39.53 43.92Bracket recommended at 800mm intervals

    REK07/REK21 Gutter Bracket136mmNom Size Galv CoatedREK07-Fascia 4.70 5.20REK21-Rafter 5.69 6.32Spacings recommended at 800mm intervals

    RERVI/RERVY90o Gutter Angle: Internal/External136mmNom Size Galv CoatedRERVI/RERVY 47.76* 53.04*135o angle 50% extra - special angles 100% extra2 joints required per angle

    REOK Gutter Outlet136mmNom Size Galv CoatedREOK 21.72 24.14

    RERSK Gutter Joint with Rubber Seal136mmNom Size Galv CoatedRERSK 8.43 9.36

    RERGV/RERGH Stop End(Left/Right Handed)136mmNom Size Galv CoatedRERGV/RERGH 9.22 10.24

    Fixing Screws (50 per bag)Colour Size PriceGalv only 4.8mm x 25mm 4.77

    Touch-Up PaintDescription PriceSTIFT Touch-up paint .0121 litre 7.99BF-250 Touch-up paint .250 litre to order 25.64

    Gutter Grid Length 10m (HD Polythene) BlackDescription PriceGutter Grid (23 clips included) 37.00Additional clips can be ordered @ 1.06 each available in black or white







    We have dedicated customer support at our UK HeadOffice in the Midlands which can provide you withtechnical assistance, quotes, order entry and problemsolving solutions.

    Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this price list, some changes may have occurred since publication.Lindab AB cannot accept responsibility for errors and omissions.

    2010 Lindab AB. is a registered trademark of Lindab AB, as are the designation of our product ranges.Lindab AB reserves the right to make alterations without prior notice.

    Hassle free fittingRainline has been designed, to be easy to fit without the needfor any fixings, sealants or specialist tools. SSK Brackets canbe adjusted to match any fascia board angle. Stop ends areself-sealing with an EPDM rubber tube. Gutter joints createa very firm and durable union and are guaranteed leak-proofwith long-lasting EPDM rubber seals. The gutter outlets havea one-grip snap-on mounting that ensures a perfect fit to thesemi-circular shape of the gutter.

    Reducing our environmental impactWe remain committed to our environmental policy, whichmeans we place a high priority on minimising raw materialusage, components, packaging and transport.

    Steel is a sustainable material and can be recycled easily.Unlike plastic guttering it wont crack o

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