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  • ReachmeAn Open Software-Based

    Contact Center Solution

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    to third parties for any reason without the express written permission of eZuce. eZuce 2014

  • 3 Reachme Reach

    An entirely new contact center solution

    The eZuce enterprise communications and collaboration solution includes a fully-integrated flexible and open contact center application called Reachme.

    Reachme represents a new generation of multi-media and multi-channel contact center solutions, built as a software application, administered as part of the IT infrastructure, and with features that make agents and supervisors more productive.

    It is an easy to install, easy to administer contact center solution that seamlessly integrates with Uniteme unified communications and collaboration features for a modern call routing experience. It allows IT to add contact center capabilities to a UC deployment without heavy administrative effort or cost. Based on open standards, it can integrate with CRM systems including Salesforce, SugarCRM, and others.

    Knowledge workers and supervisor desktops can easily be customized to fit specific customer or application needs. Powerful skills-based and priority routing gets customers connected to agents in no time. Agents and supervisors enjoy a presence-enabled work environment with a set of modern tools at their disposal to do a better job at a fraction of the cost.

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    Traditional contact center solutions are complex and expensive. Reachme introduces a new value proposition, fully integrated into Uniteme's comprehensive unified communications and collaboration solution. If you are an IT manager looking to replace a costly legacy call center product with an affordable, light and Web-based solution with modern features, Reachme is the ideal solution. It will make agents more productive at a fraction of the cost of competing products, and it integrates easily with your existing Uniteme or other unified communications environment.

    Web integration is easy as Reachme offers a powerful Web Services based API for business process and application integration. Reachme is easy to use and as a standards-based SIP application it seamlessly integrates within your existing environment.

    Reachme is a flexible and cost-effective contact center solution that enhances your operational efficiencies by reducing an agents average processing time. Agents are more satisfied with their work environment as Reachme offers greater flexibility, an attractive agent dashboard, and location liberation, providing the freedom to work from anywhere.

    Why choose Reachme?

  • 5 Reachme

    Reachme is designed with virtualization and cloud operation in mind from the ground up. As a component of Uniteme, it directly benefits from the small resource footprint and automated cluster deployment that has made Uniteme the preferred cloud-based communications and collaboration solution.

    Reachme is a pure software solution that runs on standard virtualized hardware and a standard Linux-based software stack with no additional cost for operating system, middleware, or database. Reachme technology will allow clustering across large geographic distances, offering multi-client queueing for the globally distributed contact center. Packaged as an easy to deploy product, Reachme is ideal for the midsize to large enterprise wanting to host their own contact center solution in their private cloud, or for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) offering a contact center managed service.

    Configurable recipe-based queue management

    Each queue follows a recipe. Recipes are a set ofconfigurable rules that allow for granular controlover how calls are routed and handled. The recipeallows configuration of a large number of staticand dynamic queue behaviors. Music on hold,queue audio, queue audio interval, and terminationaudio are all configured in the recipe. The recipealso allows for dynamically changing a call ormessage priority or the skills required to processthe call or message based on time in queue andother criteria.

    Skills-based routing

    Reachme is a skills-based contact center solution. Incoming calls and messages are assigned askills requirement based on criteria related to the specific call or message. Each call or message is prioritized and is only assigned to qualified agents having all the skills required. Agents are assigned skills based on their abilities or assigned work. Reachme can also support basic queuing, assigningcalls to queues and without the use of skills.

    Queue overflow management

    Queue overflow is handled through recipes and ispart of queue management. The recipe dynamicallydefines actions to be taken if a call remainsin queue for too long. For example, the recipecould reduce the skills required in order to allowadditional agents to accept the call.

    Priority queuing

    Incoming calls or messages are queued againstagent skills and the priority in that queue is determined by a number of configurable factors including ANI (CallerID) and media type. Some of thesefactors are represented as static rules; othersare dynamically assigned based on events in thesystem or supervisor intervention. Each queuecan be assigned a weight and calls in queues withhigher weight are assigned higher priority.

    Multi-media and multi-channel operation

    Reachme not only handles calls but can also queue voicemail messages and emails, and it is ready to support instant messages (chat) and video messages. Indeed, the Reachme queueing mechanism is independent of media type and therefore allows great flexibility for customers in need of more than calls.

    Ideal for hosted andprivate cloud operation

    Powerful and flexible features

  • Flexible call handling

    It is easy for agents to put calls on hold, transfer to other agents, queues or external numbers. Prior to transfer, the agent can see the other agents current status. If the other agent is not available, the call can be transferred to another agent or queued. Agents can also initiate ad-hoc conferences between the caller and one or more other agents or supervisors. An easy-to-use graphical interface makes these critical and effective features effortless to use.


    Rather than waiting in queue, callers can exit to voicemail and leave a message. Priority for voicemailmessages relative to calls is configurable and agents are presented with and manage voicemail messages similar to live calls. Calls can also roll over to voicemail based on configurations performed by the recipe or through supervisor intervention. Agents can call back or send an email in response to the caller.

    Email messages

    Each queue can be assigned one or several line (DID) numbers and email addresses. Emails sent to the queues email address are queued against agent skills based on the skills required by the incoming message. Agents can

    6 Reachme


    Agent Workstation

    The Reachme agent workstation is easy to use and intuitive. Based on freely arrangeable Web widgets it provides agent state, personal statistics, and session presentation and management. Agents can also use tablet computers with touch screens for their work to create a modern and mobile environment.

  • 7 Reachme

    process email messages similar to how they process calls or voicemail using the agent dashboard. Message disposition and wrap-up times apply.

    Multi-customer use case

    If you need a contact center that operates on behalf of several customers or clients, a specific customer or client name can be assigned to an incoming line or address. This customer ID is reflected in reporting and can be assigned as a dynamic or magic skill to agents so that certain agents preferably process calls for a certain customer. For an incoming call the agent is presented with the client name and optionally a logo so that the call can be answered appropriately for that customer.

    Call disposition

    After the agent is done processing a call or message, an optional call disposition process can be initiated where the agent selects from a set of options. Call disposition is integrated with reporting and allows structured follow-up with callers. Call disposition can be integrated with third party applications, such as Salesforce.com or SugarCRM.

    Release codes

    There are many reasons for an agent to be temporarily unavailable. The call center manager and supervisor can define a custom set of away or break codes from which the agent can choose. Each away or break code is associated with a bias, either negative or positive, that allows calculating an overall productivity score.

    Welcome audio

    Each line allows the configuration of a custom welcome/announcement message played to the caller. This message is played in its entirety prior to being routed to the appropriate queue. The playing time of the message is not included in the reporting of queued time.

    Wrap-up timeQueues enable the definition of a wrap-up timewhich can be used to allow agents to wrap up aconversation and be available for the next call.The administrator can configure the count downtimer displayed to the agent and can be used tomove the agent out of a wrap-up state into idle.

    Supervisor interventions

    Supervisors can monitor ongoing conversations,

    barge in to help, or record calls for quality assurance.Supervisors may also dynamically changecall or message priority, required skills to answera call or message, and the individual skills offeredby an agent.

    Remote agents

    Another significant benefit of a SIP-based contactcenter

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