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Really b2b marketing survival guide 2013

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  • Kenneth has enjoyed a marketing career both agency and client side. With over seven years experience writing B2B and B2C copy, Kenneth has created content for a wide variety of industries. Enthusiastic about all things copy, he has a proven track record of creating content capable of generating leads, sales and revenue. In the role of Head of Content at Really B2B (a SundayTimes Top 100 firm and ranked agency in B2B Marketings Agency League), Kenneth is responsible for creating a strong brand personality and crafting content for our B2B clients which generates action and solid ROI. Kenneth is passionate about writing that gets results. THE AUTHOR Kenneth Connolly www.reallyb2b.com
  • www.reallyb2b.com The Mayans predicted that the world will end on 21 December 2012, so if youre reading this after that date then the likelihood is you are currently one of only a few survivors in a post-apocalyptic landscape littered with the remains of the world as we once knew it. In this new and frightening world, your immediate needs will most likely include food, shelter and warmth. But if youre also concerned about how to generate sales and revenue for your business (which also survived the apocalypse), then this survival guide is for you. Really B2Bs Marketing Survival Guide for 2013 is jam-packed with information about trends and expectations in the world of B2B marketing in 2013.
  • www.reallyb2b.com SURVIVAL GUIDE # Oi, Marketing! What are you actually doing?! 80% of CEOs admit they are not very impressed with the work done by marketers (Fournaise Marketing Group Global Marketing Effectiveness Program 2012) Thankfully though, there is a change coming. Over the next twelve months, marketers are going to become more accountable for revenue generation and see a notable difference in the way they operate. Updated key performance indicators, quotas and SLAs are all going to become part of the marketers everyday vocabulary and not just from a cost per lead basis, but cost per sale too. As a way of meeting these new revenue targets, marketers will become more proficient at reporting and owning the sales and marketing analysis from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Marketers will have an ever increasing requirement to prove their accountability, but with the numbers that really matter. Marketing for traffic and lead generation is great... but its sales and revenue that matter.
  • www.reallyb2b.com SURVIVAL GUIDE # Time to get real and act in real-time The race to keep up with technological changes and advances in 2012 left a lot of organisations stuck in the starting blocks.The reason for this is that prospects now connect with your company in a very different way. People dont just visit your website anymore, they also have the chance to engage with you on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter too. Third-party forums also allow people to converse about your company. These forum conversations can, in turn, increase your position in the search engine results pages especially on Google which uses third party forums to help rank your site. So why were some companies left baffled by the advances in technology? The simple answer is because they relied on the old technique of marketing campaigns.These pre- planned activities often cant react quickly enough to prospects changing behaviours and new technologies. Granted, they were worth their weight in gold for a long time, but nowadays its all about immediate reactions to real-time triggers (including comments, feedback and Shares). So in 2013, get ready to start reacting in real- time, especially as the move to inbound marketing continues to grow.
  • www.reallyb2b.com SURVIVAL GUIDE # Dont speculate, integrate... A recent B2B marketing report has stated that 78% of responding B2B organisations are already conducting social media activity, while another 19% are planning to introduce it in the next year. This all sounds great, but is it really? Is it enough to just have a social media presence? The smarter marketers out there will already be aware that in order to see the real benefits from sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they need to be integrated and the results need to be measurable. In order to successfully utilise social media sites, the standard marketing KPIs need to change. Data such as followers,Likes and Shares become important, as does the type of followers you are looking to attract.What industry do these people come from and what is their job title?You need to focus on where your prospects are most likely to be found, target these platforms and then measure performance through to lead generation. Behavioural data from social networks coupled with your current marketing activities and database will give you the ability to better personalise and segment your other communications... in real-time. And we all know what that means... engaged prospects and sales-ready leads entering your sales cycle.
  • SURVIVAL GUIDE # Optimise, optimise, optimise... simple as that A recent HubSpot report stated that more people bought a smartphone than a PC in 2012. So, for those companies who have yet to create a mobile optimised website... alarm bells should be ringing! Entering 2013 without a mobile site is like entering the year 2000 without a company website. But, its not just enough to have a mobile site, it has to be a good one. In todays society, the office doesnt just exist between nine and five anymore, its available 24/7. People can work, check their emails and visit your website while out shopping or while lying in bed at 10am on a Sunday. Work has now simply become a state of mind that people can connect with whenever they feel like it. So, ensure you have the best mobile site possible, because according to Google 57% of users would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site, and 40% have moved on to a competitors site after a bad mobile experience. Whether you have a mobile site or youre hoping to get one soon, remember to keep it simple, dont include lots of images (as this will increase the page loading time), make it really user-friendly and ensure you include strong calls to action.With the rise in tablet sales too, theres never been a better time to make sure youre totally optimised. www.reallyb2b.com
  • SURVIVAL GUIDE # Were all human, so start speaking like it! Some B2B marketing communications can be so boring that theyre actually difficult to read.The reason for this is because theyre loaded with dull, lifeless industry phrases and more often than not, overly technical. They lack personality! Nobody wants to do business with a faceless corporation whose communications could have been written by some kind of robot, because thats not what people are about these days. We like to be social, entertained and engaged. With so many metrics and so much data on offer now, marketers have the opportunity to really get to know and understand their prospects.What are their needs and wants? What are their pain points? What are their issues? This detailed level of understanding means that communications can be highly personalised, benefit-lead and show the prospect exactly how their individual concerns can be resolved. With such an in-depth knowledge, it would be a real waste to create tedious, lacklustre content. Good data mixed with company personality is the way forward. Create content thats informative, authoritative, fun and personal, all while talking directly to each individual prospect. Its a great way to create a relationship of trust, upon which sales can be made. www.reallyb2b.com
  • SURVIVAL GUIDE # Email... still a powerful marketing weapon With the advent of social media, there were whispers that email as a communication channel was on its way out... but thats certainly not the case. According to a recent survey by Pardot (a cloud marketing automation provider),although opinions were mixed amongst B2B marketers, 47% believed that email marketing would still be relevant in 5 years time. Granted, the way we use email has changed, but its still a very valuable resource. At Really B2B, we regularly find that as a lead generation tool, email is an excellent choice of communication channel- hence its inclusion in 98% of all our lead generation campaigns. Other reasons for its continued success are lower operational costs than direct mail, it has the ability to capture priceless data and it has excellent behavioural tracking capabilities. But most important of all, is that when its coupled with real-time data, email can be personalised, targeted and relevant.This means that your prospects are getting the content they want, when they want it. Doubters are saying that email may no longer be King of the Hill, but in our experience, it still out-performs many of the other marketing communication channels. www.reallyb2b.com
  • SURVIVAL GUIDE # Inbound quality, not automated quantity Its Christmas morning and youve just opened that present you endlessly begged your parents for. Initially, its everything you ever wanted and more, but then you start to realise that its actually not quite as good as youd hoped. This is a process that a lot of marketers will go through in 2013 with their marketing automation tools.The reason for this is because the reality of an autonomous marketing s
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