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Reasons To Hire A Freelancer - Perflance

Date post:08-Aug-2015
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  2. 2. Nu staff - keeping the cast ilnwn.The average freelancer doesn't have Anywhere near the overheads.
  3. 3. Freelancers will jump fnr every client as they dnn't have flagship clients.
  4. 4. We are always here.Freelance is tough hu ' s, wsines irregular hnurs tn meet clients . TIMING
  5. 5. You have direct access to the hossdesigner,they are one person.How cool is thatll
  6. 6. You hire a freelancers for their skills and for the experience they have in the industry.
  7. 7. Your project is the most important project for the Freelancer.No favors required to jump the queue. PROJECT
  8. 8. There are no internal systems to slowdown your project and no chain of communication.
  9. 9. Freelancers have a network of freelancers with different expertise that can he calledon for optimal service.
  10. 10. Freelancers have a can do attitude to Any project that they take on. WE CAN DO
  11. 11. You hire a freelancer on their own project order and references. RIGI-| 'I' PERSON
  12. 12. Looking for assistance on projects delivered on time and within your budgetContact Perflance:[ll2[l-425-lllBllSneak peak on www. perf| ance. comI'D SIIMMAIIISE C) @ 9

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