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Reasons To Hire Your Air Conditioner

Date post:15-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. 5 Reasons to Hire Your Air Conditioner a.k.a Why Renting Air Conditioners Is Like Having The Perfect Mistress!
  2. 2. Its Cheaper
    • Purchasing cooling equipment outright can sometimes seemlike an unnecessary expensewhen you need it for just 2-3days in a year
    • Hiring can be much more economical in such cases
  3. 3. It Doesnt Require Commitment
    • When your lease ends you simply have to hand the equipment back to the hiring company
    • When purchasing a product, youre stuck with it for its lifetime
  4. 4. It Doesnt Need An Up-front Deposit
    • Many lease companies require little or no down payment at the start of your lease
    • Purchase companies always ask for a down payment,even when buying throughEasy Monthly Installments
  5. 5. It Leaves You Some Money
    • You have to invest good amount of capital when you are buying air conditioners outright
    • Byhiring an air conditioner , you canleave the capital you have inthe bank to gather interest,enabling you to invest in otherassets
  6. 6. And You Can Get A Better One When Youre Tired Of The First!
    • You can exchange or upgrade the rented equipment anytime, as per your needs
    • Purchased products do not provide the leisure of change, one has to be content with the same equipment for the rest of its life.
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