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595 Recent Trends in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations II: Stationary Problems Workshop in Honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th Birthday Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations May 28–June 1, 2012 University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy James B. Serrin Enzo L. Mitidieri Vicen¸ tiu D. R˘ adulescu American Mathematical Society


Recent Trends in NonlinearPartial Differential Equations II:

Stationary Problems

Workshop in Honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th BirthdayNonlinear Partial Differential Equations

May 28–June 1, 2012University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

James B. SerrinEnzo L. Mitidieri

Vicentiu D. Radulescu

American Mathematical Society

Recent Trends in NonlinearPartial Differential Equations II:

Stationary ProblemsWorkshop in Honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th Birthday

Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsMay 28–June 1, 2012

University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

James B. SerrinEnzo L. Mitidieri

Vicentiu D. Radulescu


Recent Trends in NonlinearPartial Differential Equations II:

Stationary ProblemsWorkshop in Honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th Birthday

Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsMay 28–June 1, 2012

University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

James B. SerrinEnzo L. Mitidieri

Vicentiu D. Radulescu

American Mathematical SocietyProvidence, Rhode Island


Dennis DeTurck, managing editor

Michael Loss Kailash Misra Martin J. Strauss

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 35-06; Secondary 34-06, 35J47, 35J60,47-06, 58-06.

Frontispiece photo taken by Dr. Francesca Colasuonno at the Workshop on NonlinearPartial Differential Equations on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor Patrizia

Pucci at Perugia on May 30, 2012.

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Workshop on nonlinear partial differential equations (2012 : Perugia, Italy)Recent trends in nonlinear partial differential equations : a workshop on nonlinear partial differ-ential equations : in honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th birthday, May 28–June 1, 2012, University ofPerugia, Perugia, Italy / James B. Serrin, Enzo L. Mitidieri, Vicentiu D. Radulescu, editors.

2 volumes ; cm – (Contemporary Mathematics ; volumes 594–595)Includes bibliographical references.ISBN 978-0-8218-8736-3 (alk. paper) – ISBN 978-0-8218-9861-1 (alk. paper)1. Differential equations, Nonlinear–Congresses. 2. Differential equations, Parabolic–Congresses.

I. Pucci, Patrizia, honouree. II. Serrin, J. (James), 1926–2012, editor of compilation. III. Miti-dieri, Enzo, editor of compilation. IV. Radulescu, Vicentiu D., 1958–, editor of compilation. V.Title.

QA372.W82 2012515′.353–dc23 2013017799

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1090/conm/595

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Thanks vii

Preface ix

On degree theory for quasilinear elliptic equations with natural growthconditions

Stefano Almi and Marco Degiovanni 1

Radial solutions for a Gelfand type quasilinear elliptic problem with quadraticgradient terms

David Arcoya, Jose Carmona,

and Pedro J. Martınez-Aparicio 21

Remarks on some quasilinear equations with gradient terms and measure dataMarie-Francoise Bidaut-Veron, Marta Garcıa-Huidobro,

and Laurent Veron 31

The effect of a linear term in some nonlinear elliptic equations with singular dataLucio Boccardo 55

Quantitative bounds for subcritical semilinear elliptic equationsMatteo Bonforte, Gabriele Grillo, and Juan Luis Vazquezo 63

Sub and supersolutions, invariant cones and multiplicity results for p-Laplaceequations

Maria-Magdalena Boureanu, Benedetta Noris,

and Susanna Terracini 91

A Moser type inequality in Zygmund spaces without boundary conditionsDaniele Cassani, Bernhard Ruf, and Cristina Tarsi 121

Existence results for some systems of coupled fractional nonlinear Schrodingerequations

Eduardo Colorado 135

Ground states for pseudo-relativistic equations with combined power andHartree-type nonlinearities

Vittorio Coti Zelati and Margherita Nolasco 151

Local boundedness of solutions to some anisotropic elliptic systemsGiovanni Cupini, Paolo Marcellini, and Elvira Mascolo 169



A symmetry result for semilinear cooperative elliptic systemsLucio Damascelli, Francesca Gladiali,

and Filomena Pacella 187

An application of Kato’s inequality to quasilinear elliptic problemsLorenzo D’Ambrosio and Enzo Mitidieri 205

Multiplicity results for constrained Neumann problemsFrancesca Faraci, Antonio Iannizzotto, and Csaba Varga 219

On the classification of entire local minimizers of the Ginzburg-Landau equationAlberto Farina 231

A Liouville result on a half spaceRoberta Filippucci 237

Singular elliptic systems of Lane-Emden typeMarius Ghergu 253

Uniform estimates for polyharmonic Green functions in domains with smallholes

Hans-Christoph Grunau and Frederic Robert 263

Variational problems on the sphereGiovanni Molica Bisci 273

Semilinear Neumann problems with indefinite and unbounded potential andcrossing nonlinearity

Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou and Vicentiu D. Radulescu 293

Infinitely many solutions for fractional Laplace equations with subcriticalnonlinearity

Raffaella Servadei 317


I wish to express my deepest thanks to Enzo Mitidieri and Vicentiu Radulescufor their immeasurable efforts and dedication in bringing to print these volumes ofcollected papers from the talks given at the May 2012 conference held in Perugiato print. I also want to convey to the authors of these works my sincerest thanksfor dedicating their excellent research and profound scientific contributions to theseproceedings, including special thanks again to the speakers and the organizers whocontributed so much to the high level of the conference in Perugia.

Regrettably, I cannot thank James Serrin in person for all his contributionsto both the Perugia conference and the publication of these volumes, as he passedaway in August of this year before it could be published. He was an enthusiasticorganizer of the May conference and played a crucial role as editor of the collectionwhich he was very much looking forward to seeing published. Even though atthe time of the conference he was already not well, he attended all the lecturesand delivered an exceptional and unforgettable opening lecture. His presence inPerugia at the conference was for me the most appreciated gift I received for my60th birthday.

James was a great mathematician and an exceptional man. His work has in-spired generations of mathematicians and will continue to influence the future ofmathematics. His loss is inconsolable for anyone who had the good fortune to meethim as I had.

Patrizia PucciPerugia, December 2012



On May 11, 2012, Professor Patrizia Pucci turned 60. In celebration of PatriziaPucci’s birthday, a conference was held at the University of Perugia during May 28and June 1, 2012. The main purpose of this scientific meeting has been to bringtogether leading experts and researchers in nonlinear partial differential equations,to promote research and to stimulate interactions among the participants. Anatmosphere of particular warmth and the high scientific level made this conferencememorable. The program testified to the wide ranging influence of Professor Puccion the field of nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations. Many of thespeakers also spoke about the generosity of Patrizia in welcoming and encouragingyoung new researchers.

In her own work, Patrizia Pucci has been a seminal influence in many importantareas: the maximum principle, qualitative analysis of solutions to many classesof nonlinear PDEs (Kirchhoff problems, polyharmonic systems), mountain passtheorem in the critical case, critical exponents, variational identities, as well asvarious degenerate or singular phenomena in mathematical physics. This samebreadth is reflected in the mathematical papers included in these two volumes.

The articles in these volumes are primarily from the conference held in Perugia.They present an original view of the state of the art of many aspects of nonlinearpartial differential equations. The articles, written by mathematicians at the centerof current developments, provide somewhat more personal views of the importantdevelopments and challenges. The present volume contains contributions on thefield of nonlinear stationary partial differential equations.

We are delighted that these two volumes appear in the prestigious Contempo-rary Mathematics Series of the American Mathematical Society. We are gratefulto Sergei Gelfand, the AMS Book Program Publisher, who gave his wholeheartedsupport to this project. We address special thanks to Christine Thivierge for herprofessional guidance throughout the publication process.

Enzo L. MitidieriVicentiu D. Radulescu


Selected Published Titles in This Series

595 James B. Serrin, Enzo L. Mitidieri, and Vicentiu D. Radulescu, Recent Trends inNonlinear Partial Differential Equations II, 2013

594 James B. Serrin, Enzo. L. Mitidieri, and Vicentiu D. Radulescu, Recent Trendsin Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations I, 2013

593 Anton Dzhamay, Kenichi Maruno, and Virgil U. Pierce, Algebraic and GeometricAspects of Integrable Systems and Random Matrices, 2013

592 Roland Bacher, Jerzy Weyman, Christophe Reutenauer, and Doron Zeilberger,

Noncommutative Birational Geometry, Representations and Combinatorics, 2013

591 Mark L. Agranovsky, Matania Ben-Artzi, Greg Galloway, Lavi Karp, VladimirMaz’ya, Simeon Reich, David Shoikhet, Gilbert Weinstein, and LawrenceZalcman, Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems V, 2013

590 Ursula Hamenstadt, Alan W. Reid, Rubı Rodrıguez, Steffen Rohde,and Michael Wolf, In the Tradition of Ahlfors-Bers, VI, 2013

589 Erwan Brugalle, Maria Angelica Cueto, Alicia Dickenstein, Eva-MariaFeichtner, and Ilia Itenberg, Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of TropicalGeometry, 2013

588 Hristo Djidjev, R. H. Bisseling, Pierre Hansen, Dorothea Wagner, SylvainPerron, and Manuel Ruiz, Graph Partitioning and Graph Clustering, 2013

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583 Tatyana Barron, Xiaojun Chen, Brian C. Hall, Xiaobo Liu, and Claudia Polini,Mathematical Aspects of Quantization, 2012

582 Volker Diekert, Martin Kreuzer, Vladimir Shpilrain, and Xiaowen Zhang,Computational and Combinatorial Group Theory and Cryptography, 2012

581 Dong Li, Irina Mitrea, Marius Mitrea, and Shijun Zheng, Recent Advances inHarmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, 2012

580 Tomoki Nakanishi, Diane Maclagan, Ian Strachan, and B. Grammaticos,Tropical Geometry and Integrable Systems, 2012

579 Masaaki Homma, Raul Figueroa, Arne Winterhof, Daniel Panario, and Leo

Storme, Theory and Applications of Finite Fields, 2012

578 D. S. Lubinsky, Peter Yuditskii, Sergey P. Suetin, and D. N. Tulyakov, RecentAdvances in Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions, and Their Applications, 2012

577 Enrique Zuazua, Yves Capdeboscq, Josselin Garnier, Knut Sølna, HyundaeLee, and Mikyoung Lim, Multi-Scale and High-Contrast PDE, 2012

576 Luigi Salce, Brendan Goldsmith, Peter Loth, Katrin U Tent, and Katrin UTent, Groups and Model Theory, 2012

575 Ara Basmajian and Sudeb Mitra, Quasiconformal Mappings, Riemann Surfaces, andTeichmuller Spaces, 2012

574 Yuri G. Zarhin, Masaaki Homma, and Alexander Pott, Arithmetic, Geometry,Cryptography and Coding Theory, 2012

573 Jun Hu, A. Poirier, Sudeb Mitra, and Dragomir Saric, Conformal Dynamics andHyperbolic Geometry, 2012

572 Ruben A. Hidalgo, Antonio F. Costa, and Franz Winkler, ComputationalAlgebraic and Analytic Geometry, 2012

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570 Joaquın Perez and Joaquın Perez, Geometric Analysis, 2012


569 V. V. Goryunov, M. J. Saia, and Jawad Snoussi, Real and Complex Singularities,2012

568 Heinz H. Bauschke, Michael Patriksson, and Ann-Brith Stromberg,Optimization Theory and Related Topics, 2012

567 Michael Boshernitzan, Rostislav Grigorchuk, and Anders Karlsson, DynamicalSystems and Group Actions, 2012

566 Andras Nemethi, Yuri Tschinkel, Alejandro Melle-Hernandez, Willem Veys,and Wilson A. Zuniga-Galindo, Zeta Functions in Algebra and Geometry, 2012

565 Toshiaki Shoji, Andrei Zelevinsky, Yoshihisa Saito, Ken-ichi Shinoda, ToshiakiShoji, and Toshiyuji Tanisaki, Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups, 2012

564 Najmuddin Fakhruddin, Yuri Tschinkel, Elham Izadi, Janos Kollar,and Eduard Looijenga, Compact Moduli Spaces and Vector Bundles, 2012

563 Valentin Ovsienko, Federico Finkel, J. Mateos Guilarte, and M. J. Senosiain,Algebraic Aspects of Darboux Transformations, Quantum Integrable Systems and

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549 N. H. Ibragimov, J.-A. Weil, and J. Rodriguez Lombardero, Symmetries andRelated Topics in Differential and Difference Equations, 2011

548 Gang Bao, Chang-Ock Lee, Faouzi Triki, and Knut Sølna, Mathematical andStatistical Methods for Imaging, 2011

For a complete list of titles in this series, visit theAMS Bookstore at www.ams.org/bookstore/conmseries/.

This book is the second of two volumes that contain the proceedings of the Workshop onNonlinear Partial Differential Equations, held from May 28–June 1, 2012, at the Universityof Perugia in honor of Patrizia Pucci’s 60th birthday.

The workshop brought together leading experts and researchers in nonlinear partial dif-ferential equations to promote research and to stimulate interactions among the participants.The workshop program testified to the wide ranging influence of Patrizia Pucci on the fieldof nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations.

In her own work, Patrizia Pucci has been a seminal influence in many important areas:the maximum principle, qualitative analysis of solutions to many classes of nonlinear PDEs(Kirchhoff problems, polyharmonic systems), mountain pass theorem in the critical case,critical exponents, variational identities, as well as various degenerate or singular phenom-ena in mathematical physics. This same breadth is reflected in the mathematical papersincluded in this volume.

The companion volume (Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 594) is devoted to evolu-tion problems in nonlinear partial differential equations.


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