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Recognition environment ad glessner rewards

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  • 1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Dr. Peter Drucker Creating Cultures of Recognition Recognition Environment SurveyRecognition Environment Survey It takes a winning team to stay ahead of the pack and establish a sustaining competitive advantage. That requires players who are engaged and pulling in the same direction. Teams weaken when the culture is unhealthy, when they are infiltrated by bad attitudes, mismanagement of people, and a failure to capture the hearts of the players. That is why measuring and managing your culture is a critical component to growing your organization, creating an environment where employees are more productive and ultimately makes a difference between failure and long term success. The Recognition Environment Survey measures the recognition culture of your department, division or organization as a whole and gauges their view on the following areas: Importance of Recognition Characteristics of a Recognition Culture Current Recognition Practices Types of Rewards 5Xmore likely to feel Valued by their employer 7X more likely to stay with their Current employer 11X more likely to stay committed to their work Employees in a culture of recongition are... Recognition PRO is a Culture Change solution that helps managers become Pros at recognizing and motivating employees. Your Investment $1250Your Investment $1250 Based on the work of NY Times best-seller 1001 Ways to Reward Employees by Dr. Bob Nelson, the application uniquely trains managers, deploys tailored recognition ideas to them, helps them execute the ideas, and tracks their employee recognition activities and successes; thereby reinforcing performance management practices. Dan, President/CEO, Industrial Services Ive always taken something home from David Olsons discussions to groups of CEOs and other company menagement on the subject of culture development and busienss growth. We had the pleasure of working on a Culture Enhancement Project for one of our companies and were very pleased with the results. Jack, President/CEO, manufacturing consulting rm We have had a working relatioinship with David Olson President, Recognition PRO for about 5 years now. He is our premier vendor for our clients looking to improve their corporate culture. Testimonials Diane Roodvoets [email protected] 616.446.4173 www.glessnerrewards.com

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