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Recovery Global Funds

Date post:26-Jun-2015
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2. Too Long ? 3. Too heavy ? 4. Too risky ? 2006 2009 2010 2015 5. Performances ?2007 2008 Out of range2015 6. Recovery Global Fund IRecover visibility in your portfolio 7. SolutionsSell your investment at a fair price.Recovery Global Fund I (RGF) manages an array of similar investmentsbut without the scrutiny that you may experience.No write off for you in most cases.RGF requires that you invest side by side with one of its growth fund in anew project. 8. Most importantly No discount or loss to report on yourinvestments or results. Time savings In line with all regulations 9. Our solution / Three steps We are partners in You invest side by a new investment.side with a growth RGF buys yourfund directly in a identified You may use us astarget businessinvestment. a performance enhancer. 10. Sample investment of $20MM Your first stepDuty of Recovery Fund situation You are Limited net CashRGFsout interested by investment our targetcommittee Salvaged You investgreen lightPerformance $20MM directly RGF acquiresReset of your in the target your portfolio Company identified investment for up to your asking price 11. Contact:[email protected]:Http://www.recoveryglobalfunds.comTwitter:@RecoveryGlobalFundsF

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Investors Would you like to discuss some of your investments?
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