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Redefining the Proctoring Process - SmarterProctoring & B Virtual

Date post: 20-May-2015
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Redefining the Proctoring Process Rick Beaudry – B Virtual Dr. Mac Adkins - SmarterProctoring Andrew Davis - SmarterProctoring
  • 1. Redefining the Proctoring Process Rick Beaudry B Virtual Dr. Mac Adkins - SmarterProctoring Andrew Davis - SmarterProctoring

2. Housekeeping Items All audience lines are muted. The webinar is being recorded. Type your questions into the question box and they will be addressed at the end. 3. Who We Are SmarterServices, LLC A company which has provided assessment related services to higher education institutions for the past 12 years. SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator Taken by over 2.7 million students Used by over 500 schools including Penn State University, Miami Dade College, University of Maryland University College, University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Education Management Corporation. SmarterFaculty Searchable database of over 12,000 online faculty SmarterSurveys End-of-Course Survey System 4. Our Clients Talk About A Messy Part of eLearning Coordinating the Proctoring Process 5. Poll What testing formats are provided by your school? On-campus in a testing center Virtual Human proctor Instructor proctored Educational institution library 6. Whose Job Is It? Who organizes the work flow for each modality? Faculty members responsibility Staff members responsibility 7. SmarterProctoring is NOT A virtual proctoring solution But it does help you organize the process of using virtual proctoring solutions like B Virtual. A student authentication solution But it can help you work with services like Authentify, Kryterion, or Examity Testing integrity software But it can help you use services like Respondus or VoiceProctor You can continue using what ever testing software you are currently using. We Just Make The Process of Coordinating it Better. Did I mention that it is FREE to schools! 8. Software that works seamlessly with your LMS providing students the ability to find different types (Virtual, Testing Center, Human, etc.) of approved proctors, while also allowing the faculty to see where each student is in the test scheduling process. What is SmarterProctoring? 9. Faculty Exam Dashboard Shows a roster of all students and where each student is in scheduling their testing session. Exam Configuration Panel Allows the instructor to input exam and proctor notes. It also allows the instructor to customize what types of proctors are available to their students for each exam. Database of Vetted Human Proctors Neutral proctors with qualifying credentials that SmarterProctoring has approved and trained. Integration Includes seamless integration with multiple proctoring solutions (Bvirtual, RegisterBlast, ProctorFree, etc.) Tools Included in SmarterProctoring 10. Approved Human Proctors Nationwide database of human proctors Vetted by your selection criteria Verified through third party verification Trained and tested on proctoring responsibilities 11. Poll Estimate the number of exams proctored by all modalities per semester at your institution. 1 100 100 to 1000 1000 to 5000 5000 to 10,000 10,000+ 12. Andrew Davis Project Manager 13. Faculty View 14. Course Dashboard 15. Exam Dashboard 16. Exam Configuration Panel 17. Administrator View 18. Student Demo 19. Test Center/Proctor View 20. UPCOMING SESSION VIEW View/manage upcoming testing sessions which were scheduled via SmarterProctoring. Integration with your scheduling software may also be possible. 21. UPCOMING SESSION DETAILS 22. INTEGRATED INCIDENT REPORTING 23. ALL COMMUNICATIONS ARE ARCHIVED 24. INDICATE TESTING ENVIRONMENT DETAILS 25. VIEW PAYMENT HISTORY 26. Human Proctor Network 27. Online Proctoring Services Presented By: Rick Beaudry, CEO, B Virtual Inc 28. About B Virtual Atlanta-based Corporation Toronto, Canada Branch Over 100 Partner Institutions Higher Education, Commercial Certifications and HR Assessments Over 12,000 proctored exam sessions per month All Proctors onshore 29. Clients Include The College Board Pearson Castle Worldwide University of _________________ (over 90) 30. Stakeholders FACULTY ADMINISTRATION DEANS/DIRECTORS IT LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES DISTANCE LEARNING CONTINUING EDUCATION OTHER PROGRAMS TESTING SERVICES 31. Utilizing remote monitoring technology, connecting with the student/candidate for test/assessment session monitoring and identity validation with a LIVE Proctor Online Proctoring Defined People, Process and Technology 32. Transparency & Quality Control 100% of each session is recorded Proctors Monitored Live and Recorded 33. Hours of Operation 24/7 Worldwide 34. FERPA Protection Family Education Rights and Privacy Act 35. STUDENTS ARE EVERYWHERE 36. OR EVERYWHERE 37. You have Questions? We have Answers! 38. CONTACT INFORMATION Andrew Davis - [email protected] 205.994.6264 Dr. Mac Adkins [email protected] 334.543.4026 Rick Beaudry [email protected] 416.910.3457