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Rediscover the miracle… Part I Rediscover Florida ’ s Nature Splendor.

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Rediscover the miracle… art I ediscover Florida’s ature Splendor

Rediscover the miracle…

Part I

Rediscover Florida’s Nature Splendor

Back in time

Back in 15th century, the Spaniard was the first European to ever reach Florida. They came in search of the legendary yet-ever-elusive Fountain of Youth.

What they found was a Fountain of Life. A shower of biodiversity. Hundreds of different species animals and plants that captures their imagination.

Back in time

They came face to face with a wide variety of ecosystem.

A pearl white beach,

beautiful sun and

exotic Swamp.

Nature’s twist

• Sand, Surf, and the Sun

• Flora

• Animal Kingdom

Sand, Surf, and the SunThe best place to get down and wet in Florida:

Miami Tampa Bay Space coast

Sand, Surf, and the SunMiamiArguably one of the most famous

beaches in the worldA wide variety of beaches for every

taste, every style, every needs, and every one

Easily accessible

Sand, Surf, and the Sun

Tampa Bay

• The best place to relax and unwind

• Features the calm and smooth water of the Gulf of Mexico

• Plenty of activities, both on and off the beach.

Sand, Surf, and the Sun

Space Coast

• Right next door to the Kennedy Space Center.

• Unchanging beach for the past 30 years, suitable for swimming and diving

• Features the only nudist beach in Florida.

Some best thing to do• Sunbathing• Swimming• Surfing• Sight seeing• Snorkeling• Diving• shelling

• Yachting• Water skiing• Volley beach• Sand castle

The Everglades

A 50 mile-wide river, less than a foot deep. This large, inhospitable swamplands is host to a unique ecosystem.

Today it is a more than 1.5 million acre of national park, protecting some of the most endangered species in the world. They include the Florida alligators, panther, exotic birds, and rare trees, such as the red Mangroves.


Things to do in Everglades

• Canoeing• Trail breaking• Camping• Diving• Picnic• Eco adventure

More on Nature

Don’t have the chance to come to Nature?

Just pay a visit to one of many gardens, parks, zoos, and animal farm all over Florida.

Places like the Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami, Cypress Garden in Orlando, and Henry B Plant Museum in Tampa Bay will give a florid vacation.

To see the animal kingdom reign, Central Florida Zoological, the Gatorland, or the Miami Zoo is just the place to be

Animal KingdomSome of the Species

you’ll encounter is native to Florida and can not be found anywhere else in America, some in the entire world.

The Animals include:

• Alligators

• Panther

• Pink Flamingo

• Bears

The Plants include:

• Palm tree

• Kumquats

also known as Key Limes

• Red Mangrove

Some best thing to do• Sight-seeing• Horse back riding• Trekking• Relaxing• Have a GOOD TIME!

Florida Fun Facts• Do you know that Florida is the citrus

capital world of the world. The best of them came from Indian River county

• The Flamingo are not naturally pink. They get their pink hue form eating shrimps and pink crustaceans

• Florida produces more than half of the sugar consumed in the United States.

At Sundown

In the end there is just too many things in Florida to experience in

just a day.To fully capture the scent of Florida’s

nature, you may have to come times and again. The Rainbow of life that is Florida still captivates

visitor since they first came in the 15th Century.

Rediscover The Miracle in Florida Splendid

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Sand, Surf, and the SunBest Things to Do

FloraBest Things to Do

Animal KingdomBest Things to Do

Florida Fun FactsAt Sundown