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  • Regina Coeli House 11485 N. Farley Road, Platte City MO 64079 - USA | Tel: (816) 733-2500 | www.sspx.org

    As the Superior General of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost (also known as the Holy Ghost Fathers or Spiritans), Archbishop Lefebvre regularly visited Spiritan houses in the U.S. The Spiritans had been in the U.S. since 1794 with many houses located in dioceses requesting their assistance, like LittleRock,AK; Detroit,MI; Tulsa,OK; Ridgefield,CT; New Orleans,LA; and Cincinnati,OH. They also estab-lished schools: Duquesne University in Pittsburgh,PA; Holy Ghost Preparatory School in Philadelphia,PA; and Catholic Theological Union in Chicago,IL.

    In 1967 the Archbishop travelled to Pittsburgh to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Duquesne University. The letter citing his special con-tribution noted that the Archbishop, led by example the congregation of priests...which...chose as its apos-tolate the neglected of the world. Four years later cir-cumstances were somewhat different as he travelled to Covington, KY. This trip, responding to the neglect

    and abandonment of Tradition encouraged by the pronouncements of the American Bishops Conference following Vatican II, had for its purpose a meeting with fellow Spiritan Bishop Ackerman. Over the next 16 years he traversed the United States founding a seminary, dedicating numerous churches, confirming thousands, giving conferences, and making it pos-sible for many Catholics to attend the holy sacrifice of the Mass offered by traditionally-formed priests. The impact of his presence in the U.S. is evident today in the number of chapels and churches where the Latin Mass is offered.

    Mission to the U.S.

    Regina Coeli Report

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    His presence is like a shot of adrenaline. As one woman in New York put it, "Just the sight of him gets me through another year!May 1980 The Visit of Archbishop Lefebvre by Fr. Hector Bolduc

    The Angelus July 1980

    Number 262 March - April 2015

  • Dear Faithful,The travels of Archbishop Lefebvre in the United States after the Council were motivated by his Faith in

    the immortal Church and his mission to save the Catholic priesthood. Archbishop Lefebvre looked hopefully to the United States as a potential source of vocations. After

    receiving the first American seminarians in Ecne, he decided to establish a seminary on American soil. St. Thomas Aquinas seminary was founded in Armada, Michigan in 1974. Later it moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut and then to Winona, Minnesota.

    In order to support spiritually the seminary and to assure definitively its future, the Archbishop applied the motto he had since his missionary experience in Africa: one seminary, one Carmel! and helped in founding the Carmel of the Holy Trinity in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

    Soon he could send newly-ordained priests to the United States to spread divine grace among traditional Catholics resisting the wave of modernism and a poisoned liturgy. Society priests would become travelling priests as their numbers multiplied and they strove to become all things to all men. A new generation of young priests would soon pass on the flame maintained by heroic priests such as Fr. Francis Fenton, Fr. Joseph Gedra, Fr. Frederick Nelson, and so many others.

    Archbishop Lefebvre visited and supported the humble beginnings of the reconquest with his indefatigable smile, saying Masses, giving conferences, conferring Confirmations. No matter the size of the group or the quality of the arrangements, the kindness of his missionary charity and the clarity of his faith affected everyone. His encouragement to keep the Faith and the Latin Mass, to continue with large and Catholic families, brought forth the creation of numerous Mass centers and schools. He helped his priests make wise and sometimes difficult decisions. The acquisition of St. Marys is certainly one of our most impressive enterprises. What vision, what Faith and Hope were guiding this man of God! What gratitude has to be ours for his visits to our country!

    It is very interesting to see how he re-built upon the ruins by bringing everyone to collaborate in the reconquest. He entrusted and trusted so much. To his young priests he gave, along with the priesthood, a large freedom to operate, counting on the grace of God. He encouraged families to do whatever was possible with the grace of God. Of everyone he asked good will and support, but above all prayers, in order to keep alive the Faith.

    Today we can see the results. We are heirs of hundreds of Mass centers, schools and apostolates of all kinds; all of them are tied to the visits of one Archbishop in our country during two decades! Like a sower, Archbishop Lefebvre passed through, leaving seeds of hope, of life, and of grace.

    May our gratitude be expressed by a renewal of intense charity and generosity for Tradition!With my blessing,

    Fr. Jrgen Wegner

    Letter from the District Superior


  • Archbishop Lefebvre dedicated Queen of Angels Church in Dickinson,TX on July 10, 1977, one year before Angelus Press was founded by Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, O.F.M. Cap. He returned for the Angelus Press fifth anniversary banquet on the evening of May 2, 1982. He celebrated Solemn Mass that morning followed by an interview with Louis Moore, Religion Editor of the Houston Chronicle and conferred the sacrament of Confirmation in the afternoon. The next day he toured the Angelus Press offices. Almost a year and a half earlier on January4,1981, he visited the other side of Texas, where he dedicated a newly-acquired property which would serve as a Brothers Novitiate House and is now Jesus and Mary Church in ElPaso. During his last visit to Texas in April 1986, he dedicated St.JosephChapel in SanAntonio and conferred Confirmation. In all, the Archbishop visited the great state of Texas more than six times.

    On May 1, 1982 Archbishop Lefebvre dedicated OurLadyofGraceChurch in NewOrleans,LA. Traditional Catholics from every part of Louisiana overflowed the church. Following the dedication, the Archbishop bestowed his blessing upon the faithful. A year later he visited Tulsa,OK.

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    The newly confirmed with Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr. Bolduc in

    Dickinson, TX in 1982.

    His biggest impact in the U.S. has been the Archbishops role in the formation of good Catholic schools. Without them, my family would be in sad shape. There was no other place for the children to go to receive a proper Catholic education.

    Mr. Carl Boddy of St. Michaels Chapel in North Houston, TX


  • One of Archbishop Lefebvres first visits to New York was to dedicate the brand new U.S. District in OysterBayCove on LongIsland on November6,1977. His Excellency visited there many times, conferring tonsure and minor orders and ordaining priests. In 1978 he also visited Hicksville,NY to administer First Communion. In November of 1983 the focus in NewYork shifted to Farmingville on LongIsland, where the Archbishop gave Confirmations and pub-licly consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    In 1979 the seminary moved to Ridgefield,CT. The Archbishop visited there to ordain priests and confer minor orders. He returned to ordain four in 1984 and four in 1985, until 1986 when he visited for the last time, ordaining three priests in April.

    Over 1,000 people gathered at St.ThomasAquinas Seminary in Ridgefield,Connecticut, site of the Society of Saint Pius Xs American seminary, to assist at ordination[s]

    A large number of seminarians received tonsure, and minor ordersDuring his visit to Ridgefield, Archbishop Lefebvre blessed the seminary and cha-pel and conferred the sacrament of Confirmation on some fifty candidates In his address to the faithful, His Grace encouraged them to remain faithful to the Mass and the Sacraments. He reaffirmed his right to continue saying the Mass of All Time and his deter-mination to continue to ordain holy priests for the Church and the needs of the faithful.

    Archbishop Lefebvre stated in his address that if St. Pius X were here today he would repeat his former statement that the enemies of the Church are within its walls, that they include not only priests but bishops and cardinals as well. He asked the faithful to pray for His Holiness PopeJohnPaulII. (Extracts from the June 1980 issue of The Angelus)

    What are the facts which count for us? The seminaries! To make priests! To make traditional priests, priests according to Tradition, to make good and holy priests in our seminaries. That is the work we must carry on with and the work which counts in Rome.

    So, I trust you will remain faithful and that we will be able to continue working together for the greater good of the Church.

    Archbishop Lefebvre in Farmingville, NY November 1983

    Archbishop Lefebvre at The Carmel of the Holy Trinity in

    Phoenixville, PA.


    Regina Coeli Report March - April 2015

  • 1. Ridgefield, CT ordinations in 1985.

    2. Sermon during Ordination Mass in Ridgefield

    3. Ordination in Ridgefield in 1980.

    As St. Paul says, I give the Faith I received myself, and we must say the same thing. I give the same Faith that I received, and you must say the same thing to your children; it is very important to save your soul. And so we must pray and we must be united no divisions. We must be united in the same Faith, the same Creed, the same belief, in the same law, the same charity to our God and to our neighbor. Unity gives fortitude.

    Archbishop Lefebvre in Farmingville, NY April 1986





  • OurLadyoftheAngelsChurch in Arcadia,CA first saw Archbishop Lefebvre for Confirmations in May of 1978. The previous day the Archbishop had visited SanJose for Confirmations, where a

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