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Regularity in Serving Meals

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Regularity in Serving Meals. The hot cooked meal is served to all the children in the five districts in all schools which is cooked in the school premises and served in the lunch hour. Trends of Having MDM. Regularity in delivering Food Grains. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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    MID DAY MEAL - PUNJABMI- Panjab University, Chandigarh District monitored Five: SAS Nagar, Ludhiana, Moga, Jalandhar & KapurthalaPeriod of the Report 1st April 2011 to 30th September 2011Month of Visit to District/School July,2011 to September,2011Number of Elementary Schools Monitored (Primary & Upper Primary) : 40 in each District

  • Regularity in Serving Meals

    The hot cooked meal is served to all the children in the five districts in all schools which is cooked in the school premises and served in the lunch hour.

  • Trends of Having MDM

  • Regularity in delivering Food GrainsFood grains (wheat & rice) are delivered to the schools at their doorstep by Govt. agency.The delivery is in time. The quality of food grain delivered is good in all Districts.

  • Regularity in Delivering Cooking CostCooking cost is given to the heads of the schools @ Rs. 2.89/- & Rs. 4.33/- for PS & UPS respectively by cheque and they at their own arrange the cooking ingredients and vegetables etc. from the nearby shops. Quality of these ingredients is good in all schools. Release of cooking cost and cook cum helpers remuneration has to be channelised as its generally delayed by 2-3 months in all districts. And most of the heads are paying from their own pocket.

  • Social Equity

    All the children take meals together at the same time in the school varandhas. No discrimination was observed in serving or seating arrangements in any district.MDM is served in the varandhas of the schools and the teacher are monitoring to wash their tiffins, hand and dine without wasting the food.The teacher are assigned to monitor the distribution with the help of cook cum helpers.In Schools of SAS NAGAR(15%), Ludhiana (10%), Moga (20%), Jalandhar (10%), Kapurthala (12.5%), teachers are not taking care of discipline during food distribution and there is no arrangement of TATS/ DARIS for seating arrangement during serving the food.

  • Variety of MenuAll schools have displayed its weekly menu on the notice boards or outside kitchen shed, and adhere to the menu displayed which is decided at the state level.For all six days different menu is there. All the visited schools serve good food as per the statement of the students.


    DAYMENUMondayChapatti + Seasonal vegetable+ KheerTuesdayRice+ DalWednesdayChapati+ Black ChannaThursdayRice+ KarhiFridayChapati+ DalSaturdaySweet rice

  • Quality & Quantity of Meal

    Quality of food is quite satisfactory. The quantity of food provided is in adequate amount. As per the statements of the school children and of the parents, MI came to know that majority of the children and parents in the all the districts were happy with the quantity and quality of food served.

  • SupplementaryThe Health Department of Punjab is taking care of health checkups of all the students twice a year. The Deworming suspension, Deworming tablets, Iron Folic acid tablets and Vitamin A tablets, nutrition supplements in form of Syp. B-Complex i.e., Syp. A to Z and Syp.Hovite are also distributed among students according to their age and requirements. School Health card of all students are maintained.

  • Status of CooksCook cum helpers (Ayas) has been engaged in schools for cooking and serving the meals @ Rs. 1000/- pm. Remuneration is paid to them regularly by the head from his own pocket as the grant is delayed by 1-2 months regularly in all districts- SAS Nagar (48 days), Ludhiana (54 days), Moga (47 days), Jalandhar ( 55 days ) , Kapurthala ( 52 days), some procedural steps have to be taken to regularise the grants. Majority of Cook cum helpers belong to SC/ST/OBC/ minority communities.

  • Infrastructure

    GPS Bhagu Majra SSA Nagar

  • Drinking Water Drinking water available in all schools in all districts . Cleaning of over head water tanks is needed twice a year in schools of all districts *.

  • Utensils Cooking / ServingAdequate utensils available for cooking the food in all schools in all districts.

  • Fuel Used in CookingLPG is used in schools as cooking fuel. When LPG is not available, firewood is used in 10-15% schools for 3-5 days in a month in all districts especially in schools having low student strength.Teachers face problem in procurement of LPG. In Schools of SAS Nagar (17.5%), Ludhiana (12.5%), Moga (15%), Jalandhar (10%), Kapurthala (12.5%).In 5-10% schools of all districts, SAS Nagar (10%), Ludhiana (7.5%), Moga (10%), Jalandhar (5%), Kapurthala (5%), there is reported theft of cylinders and other materials from the kitchens mainly in Primary schools.

  • Safety Measures

  • Safety & Hygiene

    Clean environment of cooking areas in majority of the schools. Water Blockage problem is there in schools of District SAS NAGAR(35%), Ludhiana (40%), Moga (37.50%), Jalandhar (42.5%), Kapurthala (40%), due to that foul smell is there near the cooking areas. As MDM is served in varandhas, it is required that as the meals are over, cleaning should be done immediately in the varandhas as its not prevalent in majority of schools of all districts.


    Before serving the cooked food Principals/ Heads/ incharges of Mid Day Meal used to check and taste the food in the schools in all districts. Assistant Block Managers in all districts were appointed but they are visiting the schools for checking the food preparation and other aspects regarding stock, quality of food etc. occasionally. District Mid Day Managers were also appointed to monitor MDM in all districts but they were visiting the schools not very often in all districts.

  • Community Participation and AwarenessAlmost in all the visited schools by the MI it was found that the SMC/ MTA members are used to visit occasionally to monitor and participate in the MDM activities. In schools of district SAS NAGAR(35%), Ludhiana (45%), Moga (40%), Jalandhar (47.5%), Kapurthala (50%) SMC/PTA members are taking regular care of MDM.More active participation of SMC/PTA/MTA is required in all schools .

  • THANXPresentation by: Dr. Jatinder Grover,Nodal officer Monitoring Institution-Punjab University,Chandigarh(UT) Email ID: [email protected] No: 9855425672, 0172-2534324

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