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Relationships Fail

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Relationships Fail. Why do relationships fail?. Why could this cause a war?. Why could this cause a war?. French and Indian War: W. Why did the French and Indian War happen?. Colonists moved onto Indian lands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Relationships FailWhy do relationships fail?

  • Why could this cause a war?

  • Why could this cause a war?

  • French and Indian War: WColonists moved onto Indian landsIndians created alliances with either France or Britain to try to protect their lands.Why did the French and Indian War happen?

  • French and Indian War: WCompetition for land between France and Britain.Both had claimed land in the Ohio River ValleyBecause of the fur tradeIndian tribes had rivalries with each other.Why did the French and Indian War happen?

  • What is the message here?

  • What is happening here? Write down as many observations as you can!

  • What is happening here?

  • What changed? What is different?

  • French and Indian War: HWhat happened in the war? The Americans, the British, and their Indian allies fought against the French and their Indian allies.ANDVSAND

  • French and Indian War: HWhat happened in the war? The Americans struggled: Never fought before No training, army, or navy.

    The Americans and British are ambushed, General Braddock is killed, and a young American officer (GW) was forced to lead.

  • French and Indian War: HWhat happened in the war? Colonies tried to work together:Albany Plan - unite the colonies under one government.Did not happen because colonies did not want to give up power!Ben Franklin drew this cartoon to try and convince people to accept the Albany Plan: Join together or lose to the French!

  • French and Indian War: HWhat happened in the war? British promised the colonists if they fought and won:Colonists got to move into the Ohio River Valley.2. Would not have to pay for the warThis made the Americans fight hard!

  • French and Indian War: HWhat happened in the war? Americans and British won important battles like: Louisbourg and Quebec.After Quebec the French could not win and were forced to surrender.

  • Importance?

  • What is this? Why did it happen?

  • What is this showing? How is this connected?

  • French and Indian War: IWhat were the results?Treaty of Paris: British controlled most of North AmericaAmericans moved into the Ohio River Valley:Indians and Americans fought over the land.British had debt from the war.

  • French and Indian War: IWhat were the results?The Americans were more united than ever.Shared the experience in common!Americans got experience fighting and winning a war (mostly on their own)Leadership: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc.

  • Pick a character: What are they thinking? Why?

  • What is this map showing? Why could this cause a problem?

  • PPT Directions:For each event you need to be able to identify what it was.Explain how it caused problems between the British and AmericansExplain how it united Americans together.

  • Why do relationships fail?Todays lesson: Broken PromisesThe British promised that the Americans could have the Ohio River Valley after the warThey also promised that they would not have to pay for the war

  • Event: Proclamation of 1763What was it: George III and Parliament said that the Colonists could not move into the Ohio River Valley (to stop fighting between Colonists and Natives).Problem: Broken Promise!United Americans: Many violated the law and moved anyway. Those people felt more American than British.

  • Event: Sugar Act (1764)Problem: Broken Promise (and taxation without representation).United: Merchants began to use the media to show unhappiness with the tax.People worked together to break the lawWhat: A new tax on the molasses trade, made it easier to collect, and punished violators. It only really affected the rich merchants.

  • Why do relationships fail?Todays lesson: Money = Taxation without Representation

  • What is going on here?

  • How did people react? Why?

  • What is the message?

  • Whats happening here?

  • Whats going on here?

  • Event: Stamp Act (1765-66)What was it: Tax on all paper goods: newspapers, legal documents, dice, playing cards, etc. The stamp proved that you had paid the tax.It was an internal tax meant that affected all colonists!

  • Stamp Act ProblemsBroken promise and taxation without representationBritish were forced to cancel the Stamp Act but felt angry and disrespected. Angry colonists protestedBritish were forced to repeal (cancel) the Stamp Act

  • Stamp Act United:9 Colonies held the Stamp Act CongressOrganized a boycott of British goods and sent a petition to Parliament.The first time the colonies had worked together!Forced the British to repeal (cancel) the act!

  • Why do relationships fail?Todays lesson: Disrespect = violating the Americans rights.

  • Why are these a problem?

  • Event: The Townshend Acts (1767)What was it: Taxes on various goods.Lead, paper, paint, tea, etc.Writs of Assistance allowed the British to search without warrants.Quartering Act made Americans help house soldiers.

  • Townshend Acts Problems:Broken promise, taxation without representation, and violation of rights!English Bill of Rights was supposed to protect the Americans from government power!

  • Townshend Acts: UnitedColonists formed the Sons and Daughters of Liberty to help organize protests!Had fake hangings, signed petitions, and organized boycotts.Important leaders during this time!

  • Event: The Boston Massacre (1770)Americans were protesting the Quartering Act. Threw snowballs at soldiers.Soldiers fired and 5 Americans were killed.

  • Boston Massacre: ProblemsDisrespect: Violation of rights!First fighting between the British and the Americans.

  • What do you see?

  • Boston Massacre: UnitedCommittees of Correspondence created to spread news of British actions. People felt more American and less BritishAnti-British feelings spread.Paul Reveres engraving spread anti-British feelings!Committees of CorrespondencePROPAGANDA

  • DO NOW:How do you know when a relationship is over?Describe the sequence of events that occur to end a relationship.

  • DO NEXT: How did we get to this?AMERICANSBRITISH

  • Event: Tea Act (1773) A tax on tea and a law that made Colonists buy tea from the British.Made tea cheaper but it took money away from American merchants. Upset people because it was a tax

  • Tea Act: ProblemsBroken promise, taxation without representation, and violation of rights.Took away freedom: had to buy British tea and pay the tax.

  • Tea Act: UnitedColonists boycotted the tea.Thought British were trying to trick them into paying a taxSons of Liberty threw the tea into the harbor (the Boston Tea Party).John Adams new that the destruction of the tea was so bold, so daring, so firm it must have such important and lasting results that I cant help considering it a turning point in history.

  • Event: Intolerable Acts (1774)Laws passed to punish Boston for Boston Tea Party. Closed the Boston harborNew Quartering ActLimited the colonies self government

  • What is being shown here?

  • Intolerable ActsProblem: Violation of Rights.Treated people of Boston unfairly: people lost jobs, etc.United: Colonists worked together to help Boston called the First Continental Congress.

  • Event: Quebec Act (1774)Law that gave the French speaking Canadians control of the Ohio River Valley for their fur trade.Problem: broken promise!United: Americans felt betrayed and refused to obey the law.More rebelling against British power!Americans had fought for the land but the French Canadians were given control because they had been better behaved!

  • Event: First Continental Congress (1774)12 of 13 Colonies met.Decided to: support MassachusettsSet up a boycott of all British goodsStop exports to BritainSet up state militias.

  • Continental CongressProblem:They are separated!Americans are acting as an independent nation.Preparing to fight.United: Acting as an independent nation.Biggest organized American action.

  • Event: Battles of Lexington and Concord (1775)What: The British tried to seize the guns that the minutemen had at Concord.Problem: violation of rights!United: Paul Revere warned the minutemen.Americans met the British and foughtThe War for Independence had begun.The British were trying to stop the war by taking the guns but it ended up starting it!

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