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Remote Video Surveillance

Date post:13-Jul-2015
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  • Remote Video SurveillanceThe Remote Video Surveillance Device is used to augment your current surveillance staff.The exterior of the device is labeled to alleviate any suspicions if it is ever noticed.

  • Exterior ViewThere is a high voltage sign to keep anyone from opening the device.

  • The Bottom ViewThe Device is normally deployed at least ten or so feet high on a utility pole, so the bottom is usually the only part someone could see.The bottom indicates that this is a Cable/Sat/Cell Signal Testing Unit. Everybody wants great signal service!

  • Exterior GlassWith its ultra dark exterior glass cover, nobody can see the camera and its operating systems within.

  • PTZThe device only has to be placed with a general view of the target, because the camera is Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capable (10x zoom).

  • Deployed in The FieldSo this is what they see. Instead of this.

  • The Control Screen

  • Global Intelligence SourcesThis device will operate anywhere in the United States with Sprint coverage.Contact us at: www.GISOURCES.com678.403.1692 [email protected]

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