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  • Renewable natural gas is natural gas…but better. That’s because it’s made from local organic waste found at B.C. landfills and farms such as Fraser Valley Biogas and Salmon Arm Landfill. Before methane gas from the breakdown of waste escapes into the atmosphere, it’s captured and cleaned. Then, we add it into our pipelines, giving British Columbians a renewable source of energy.

    Better for business Sign up for renewable natural gas from FortisBC and be a Green Leader:

    • reduce the environmental impact of your business

    • enhance your positive corporate image

    • spotlight your business’s environmental initiatives

    Better for your customers Customers care about creating a better environment. Studies show they are likely to remain loyal to businesses that show environmental leadership.

    Better for the environment Renewable natural gas reduces your carbon footprint:

    • displaces conventional natural gas with renewable energy

    • is carbon neutral because it’s made from organic waste*

    • prevents methane from being released into the atmosphere

    • stops waste from going to waste

    Renewable natural gas It’s naturally better

    Ben Van Nostrand, waste management coordinator with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, at the Salmon Arm Landfill gas upgrading plant.

    It’s good for business on so many levels. It helps with brand loyalty, and it’s true to our brand.

    Ezra Cipes, CEO, Summerhill Pyramid Winery

  • FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Energy (Vancouver Island) Inc. and FortisBC Energy (Whistler) Inc. do business as FortisBC. The companies are indirect, wholly owned subsidiaries of Fortis Inc. FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc.

    (13-023.4 10/2013)

    Benefits for Green Leaders•promotion of Green Leader coupons to

    one million+ FortisBC customers

    •marketing toolkit to promote your business as a Green Leader

    •recognition on the FortisBC website and in a thank-you ad

    •social media opportunities

    It only takes 10 per centWhen you sign up, FortisBC designates 10 per cent of your total natural gas consumption as renewable and replaces that many gigajoules in our pipeline with renewable natural gas. Since the renewable natural gas portion of your bill is carbon neutral, you receive a 10 per cent credit on the B.C. carbon tax.

    Calculate your contribution at fortisbc.com/rng.

    Say “yes” to renewable natural gas from FortisBC. Sign up today at fortisbc.com/rng.

    *FortisBC’s renewable natural gas has been designated as carbon neutral in B.C. by Offsetters.

    We’re carbon neutral and purchasing renewable natural gas means we’re adding more value and sustainability to our local economy.

    Karri Schuermans, owner, Chambar Restaurant

  • Renewable Natural Gas


  • What is Renewable Natural Gas?

    When bacteria break

    down organic waste from

    sources such as landfill

    sites, agricultural waste

    and wastewater

    treatment facilities, they

    create biogas.

    FortisBC is capturing and

    purifying it to provide

    renewable natural gas, a

    locally produced, carbon

    neutral energy source for

    homes and businesses.

  • ProcessWaste Collection Digester Gas Collection FortisBC



    LandfillGas Collection

    And Flare



    65-70% of


    30-35% of


  • Better for the environment

    • Displaces the use of conventional natural gas with a renewable source

    of energy

    • Considered carbon neutral because it is produced from organic waste

    • Captures methane that would otherwise escape into atmosphere,

    reducing equivalent carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21 times

    • Contributes to developing renewable and sustainable energy in B.C.

    • Prevents waste from going to waste

    • Reduces your organization’s carbon footprint

  • Made in B.C.

    • Abbotsford: Agricultural Digester Project

    • Manure from 1.5 millions chickens, 2000 cows, 42 tonnes / day of industrial food scraps and crop spoilage from 5 farms within a 6 km radius

    • Columbia Shuswap Regional District:

    Landfill Gas Project

    • Methane captured from organic waste at landfill

    • Other projects in the works

  • The offering

    • Designate 10 per cent of your natural gas use as renewable.

    • FortisBC will then inject the equivalent amount of renewable natural

    gas into its system.

    • The 10 per cent renewable natural gas portion adds about

    10 per cent to the overall bill.

    Every gigajoule (GJ) reduces your carbon footprint by 50 kg of


    100 GJ of renewable natural gas avoids 5 tonnes of CO2 a year. The

    GHG equivalent of diverting 3,800 lbs of waste from our landfills

    each year through recycling!

  • Better for business

    • FortisBC’s renewable natural gas customer Green

    Leader program:

    • Green Leader Rewards program promotes your coupon to

    1 million+ FortisBC customers, up to six times per year

    • Decals to promote your business as a Green Leader (printed

    and digital)

    • Recognition on website

    • Recognition in a thank-you ad

    • Social media opportunities

  • Better for your customers

    • By designating 10 per cent of your natural gas use as

    renewable, you’ll benefit in all these ways:

    • the environmental impact from your business will be reduced

    • your reputation as a good corporate citizen will be enhanced

    • your business will be promoted within the community

    • your customers will have another good reason to do business with you

    • you’ll be seen as a market leader in supporting local renewable energy

    Renewable Natural GasRenewable_natural_gas

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