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  • 1. ReportReport development on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
  • 2. Agenda1. Overview2. Report Wizard3. Auto Report4. Object Report5. Report Development6. Report and Section Template
  • 3. 1. Overview A. Overview Type B. Creating Report C. Auto Report Form D. Report Wizard E. Step to Develop
  • 4. 1. Overview A.Report Type Ad hoc report A non periodic report that created and used for specific purpose and time Periodic report Report that created and used periodically (daily, weekly, monthly etc) Form Fixed format formal document in a workflow of business process as reference or fact in that process (e.g Delivery Order, Invoice , Voucher etc )
  • 5. 1. Overview B. Creating Report Auto report Using wizard to generate a report Used for ad hoc report and simple periodic report Custom Report Created in AOT Use X++ Flexible design Used for periodic report or form document
  • 6. 1. Overview C. Auto Report on Form Open from print menu in tool bar when a form is opened Simple design Data source of report using forms query Able to create various version of auto report in a form Able to attach new created auto report into menu
  • 7. 1. Overview D. Report Wizard Use report wizard to : Create new simple report Create or modify auto report on form Accessed from tool bar in main menu and print menu of particular form
  • 8. 1. Overview E. Step to develop a. Create a project b. Create AOT Structure in the project c. Create Report Object d. Assign data source into report object e. Design layout f. Attach to menu
  • 9. 2. Report Wizard Wizard that will be use to generate simple or ad hoc report A. Navigation G. Subheadings B. Object Name Selection H. Grouping C. Name of Report I. Ranging D. Table Selection J. Page Layout & Orientation E. Field Selection K. Preview F. Summation Field L. Attach to Menu M. Result
  • 10. 2. Report Wizard Scenario As a user that has no skill in technical aspect of Ms Dynamics AX, youve got assignment to create a sales report quickly, this report should be consist information about sales quantity and amount of sales by customer. To accomplish this, you create it using report wizard.
  • 11. 2. Report Wizard A. Navigation Microsoft Dynamics AX > Tools > Development Tools > Wizards > Report Wizard
  • 12. 2. Report Wizard B. Object name method Choose whether name of table or field will be shown is system name or not ( e.g CustTable rather than Customers) Klik Next Button
  • 13. 2. Report Wizard C. Name of report Enter name of report and caption e.g : Name : SalesOrderList Caption : List of Sales Order Klik Next Button
  • 14. 2. Report Wizard D. Table Selection Select table(s) from All Tables box and table that are related to the selected tables box if required Click Next button
  • 15. 2. Report Wizard E. Field Selection Select field, display method or field group that will be display on report Click button Up or Down to move selected field Click Next button
  • 16. 2. Report Wizard F. Summation Field Select field that will be summed and display at bottom of data from available fields box into selected fields box Checked Sums total for total summarized, sums potitive for postive value only or sums negative for negative value only Click Next button
  • 17. 2. Report Wizard G. Subheadings Checked if you want to this field as header of a group data that belong to this field, otherwise unchecked Click Next Button
  • 18. 2. Report Wizard H. Grouping Check this field if you want to display sum of all fields that available to sum, otherwise unchecked Click Next Button
  • 19. 2. Report Wizard I. Ranging Select field(s) that will be use for filtering data coming from data source Click Next Button
  • 20. 2. Report Wizard J. Page Layout & Orientation Select layout, page orientation and report template if available Click Next Button
  • 21. 2. Report Wizard K. Print Preview Choose whether created report will be put at menu or no Klik Design button to open report design Klik Print preview to display report data Klik Next Button
  • 22. 2. Report Wizard L. Attach to Menu Move report from Reports box into particular menu item Klik Next or Finish Button
  • 23. 2. Report Wizard M. Print Preview
  • 24. 3. Auto Report Print report from a form and modify it to fit simple or ad hoc report that fit user demand A. Print Preview B. Print Auto Report C. New Auto Report D. Save Auto Report in AOT
  • 25. 3. Auto Report Scenario As a user that has got access to auto report in sales order form, you and your boss need new version of current report, now you have to create it and put it in menu in order other user able to run it from menu.
  • 26. 3. Auto Report A. Print preview auto report Open a form Click Print preview icon at tool bar to display auto report
  • 27. 3. Auto Report B. Print auto report Open a form Click Print Icon Select a report from select report field Click select button to specify range value Click Options button to select printer or page layout Click OK Button
  • 28. 3. Auto Report C. New Auto Report Open a form Click Modify button Click New Follow Wizard Click OK button
  • 29. 3. Auto Report D
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