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COMMITTEE OF VOTERS OF UKRAINE REPORT 5 ON RESULTS OF LONG-TERM MONITORING ON PREPARATIONS FOR 2012 PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS IN UKRAINE SEPTEMBER 2012 The development was realized with was support of IFES http://www.ifes.org/countries/Ukraine September 2012





The development was realized with was support of IFEShttp://www.ifes.org/countries/Ukraine

September 2012



SUMMARY. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSINTRODUCTION1. Establishment of precinct election commissions2. Establishment and Activities of District Election Commissions3. Establishment of special precinct election commissions on temporary basis4. Activities of authorities in the context of preparations for the regular election of people's deputies of Ukraine5. Campaigning and political situation on local level6. Direct and indirect vote-buying



Election campaign in September may be described as competitive and transparent though not enough fair and not providing equal opportunities for all electoral process subjects.

In September 2012 CEC has formed proper legal basis for conduction of regular elections of people's deputies of Ukraine by adoption of corresponding rulings and explanations. As a whole, CEC activities in the sphere of preparations for elections deserves positive assessment.

However, adoption by CEC a new Order of lotting on inclusion of candidacies to precinct election commissions on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine after the beginning of election process and short before lotting itself arouses criticism.

The Law drawbacks and late adoption of corresponding resolution has led practically to deprivation of some electoral process subjects of representation in precinct election commissions of corresponding districts, assignment to precinct election commissions a lot of persons with no proper skills for election conduction.

Unclear wording of certain Order articles became one of the reasons of conflicts during lotting procedures.

After conduction of elections of people's deputies of Ukraine the Order of lotting on inclusion of candidacies to precinct and district election commissions should be codified, providing for conduction of separate lotting for every district and precinct election commission in a way that would considerably limit possibilities for misuse. The right to nominate candidacies to PEC should belong to thouse electoral subjects only who participate in election campaign in the district.

Legislators should also consider possibility to exclude from the legislation articles that allow change of commission members by other persons from the same subjects who had nominated commission members candidacies.

A new Order of temporary change of voter's voting place without change of the person's voting address, approved by CEC on September 13th 2012 provokes double assessment. On one side it considerable limits possibilities for misuse connected with change of voting place, including risk of mass “migration” of voters among districts. On the other side the Order regulations are rather ambiguous in regard to correspondence with the Law of State voters' register and principle of citizens equality before law, as for temporary change of voting place members of election commissions are granted substantially more rights then other voters who may change place of voting only within the limits of single-mandate election district.

That is why after regular parliamentary elections the order of temporary change of voting place without change of voting address should be stated directly in the Law and mechanisms for providing voters' equality in realisation of this right should be provided, as well as preventing possible misconduct, transparency and control over the process of voting place changing process.

Institutions of state authorities and local self-government locally have taken steps for provision of proper conditions for election commissions' work. However these steps remain insufficient. Central Election Commission together with executive authorities should take additional actions aimed at improvement of material and technical provision of election commissions' work.


Formation of precinct election commissions and conduction of lotting on candidacies were accompanied by a number of violations and disputes. In particular, certain DEC have violated deadlines for lotting procedures and appointment of PEC members:- some parties and candidates were not allowed to participate in the procedures without good reason;- some electoral process subject have provided the same nominations for DEC members;- the lotting itself in some cases was conducted in a way that allowed picking previously selected candidates.

All these problems were connected with severe competition among candidates in majority districts which attempted to impose control over majority of DEC members in their districts. With this regard, CVU considers it necessary to to change lotting procedures and intensifying CEC explanatory work on the corresponding legal provisions.

Formation of special precinct election stations on temporary basis in sanatoriums and chilren hospitals deserves critical assessment and provides ground for miscunduct. In future the Law should determine exhoustive list of institutions where election stations may be formed on teporary basis.

There were no considerable changes recorded in campaigning activities of election process subjects in comparecent with previous months.

More number of cases of pressure on mass media, prevention from campaigning, involvement of state officials in campaigning activities, “black PR” give rise to concern.

“Chesno” movement gave negative assessment to overvelming majority of high-rate candidates. Many political actors campaign with meager and often slender messages. Election campaigning of many participants are actially limited to critics of their political opponents, not formulating “agenda” for coming years.

Though there are less cases of indirect vote buying these cases remain rather wide spread and deserve critical assessment. Spread of direct vote biying gives rise to major consern. Law enforsement bodies should take more active measures in bringing persons who practice direct vote buying to criminal responsibility.

On the eve of regular parliamentary elections institutions of state authorities and local self-government, parties-subjects of election process, as well as candidates in single-mandate constituencies became considerably more active.

CEC has adopted most part of acts required by the Law on the Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine. Composition of district election commission which had been formed in August has been changed dramatically. The latter, in their turn have established precinct election commissions of regular and special precincts, in such a way completing formation of election process administration bodies system.

Major parties and candidates became much more active — both in legal forms and also in forms that do not always correspond with the election legislation provisions and election campaigning ethics.

The Committee of voters of Ukraine has prepared a regular report on results of long-term monitoring on preparation for parliamentary elections conduction and evaluating main events of September 2012 connected with election race.

Besides from traditional issues (political situation in the regions, practical aspects of election campaigning, use of direct and indirect vote-buying etc) the report pays much attention to


formation of special precinct election commissions on temporary basis, formation of precinct election commissions and changes in composition of district election commissions.

Committee of voters of Ukraine is an All-Ukrainian organisation with has been monitoring all election campaigns in Ukraine since 1994. In May 2012 CVU has started program of long-term observation over election campaign of regular elections of people's deputies of Ukraine. CVU long term observers work in every election district.

Committee of voters of Ukraine is one of the founders of civic movement “Chesno” and European Network of Election Monitoring Organisations (ENEMO)

1. Establishment of precinct election commissions

According to Articles 28, 29 of the Law On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine nominators of the precinct election commissions members had to make the submission of candidacies to PEC until September 18, 2012, and PEC had to be established by DEC and CEC (PEC of out-of-country precincts) until 26 September 2012.

In most cases PECs were formed in the statutory period. However, some DECs didn't meet statutory deadlines for making decisions on establishment of precinct election commissions.

In particular, late (27 September 2012) decisions to establish PECs were taken by district election commissions in constituencies №№ 2, 115, 120, 121, 123, 125, 141.

In constituency № 156 (Rivne oblast) DEC held the meeting on the establishment of PEC September 26, but due to technical errors on forming of senior staff members of PEC DEC members left meeting without closing DEC session and made the decision on establishment of PECs only September 27. However, as noted by a member of the DEC in constituency number 156, DEC resolution on establishment of PEC in constituency was dated September 26, 2012, that is backdating.

In some cases membership of the newly formed precinct election commissions had not been published in next days after taking of relevant resolutions by DEC. For example, in the constituency № 135 in the evening of September 28, 2012 electoral subjects could not obtain information from DEC about membership of established within the district election commissions.

September 13, 2012 the CEC adopted the resolution № 895, which approved a new version of Procedure for lottery on inclusion of nominees for precinct election commission members. Previous version of Procedure envisaged that DEC has to raffle on nominees for PEC proposed by factions, parties and candidates separately for each precinct.

Instead the Resolution № 895 by CEC introduced the same order of draw on PEC nominees, which was used in the formation of district election commissions, that is - single draw for all PECs in the same constituency. At the same time features of drawing (kinds of lots, types of boxes for the draw) should have been determined by DECs on their consideration.

Disadvantages of CEC resolution № 895 and gaps in Law "On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine" in the part of lottery on nominees for both DEC and PEC were a major cause of opacity and fraud in drawing in some constituencies, so members of non-influential parties became PEC representatives which will cause in the future for reformatting the precinct election commissions in most constituencies.

In constituency № 185 candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine O. Yeremenko proposed to the PУC 55 candidates, 22 persons of which were included to commissions as a result of the draw, at least 13


people of those lived outside the constituency and, therefore, they will be replaced by other candidates from O.Yeremenko.

In constituency № 135 All-Ukrainian Unity "Svoboda", Narodnyy Ruh of Ukraine and the UNP were not allowed to participate in the draw on nominees to PEC and respectively received no representation in PECs of the constituency in general.

In constituency № 24 (Dnipropetrovsk oblast) no nominee of the candidate for people's deputy J. Bezbaha was included to the PEC as a member.

In constituency № 108 (Luhansk oblast) the candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine O.Rzhavskyy was not able to make the submission of nominees to the PEC members, as police did not let him enter the building of DEC.

In constituencies № 57 and № 58 (Mariupol) relevant district election commission rejected submissions from opposition parties and factions (VO "Batkivschyna", Narodnyy Ruh of Ukraine, Hramadianska pozycia, faction "Our Ukraine-Narodna Samooborona") on reason of improper prepared documents. This refusal was delivered verbally, without providing relevant documents to representatives of parties who nominated candidates for PEC. During the meetings at which the district election commission of constituencies №57 and №58 had to draw representatives of VO "Batkivschyna", including People's Deputies of Ukraine, tried to block the lottery. Conflict was resolved when DEC voted for including submissions from the opposition and for their admission to the draw.

In constituency № 143 Vladimir Bodelan (self-nominated, Odessa City Council deputy from the Party of Regions) didn't get representation in the PEC. The candidate submitted a claim to the Administrative Court, in which he challenged actions of DEC on forming of PEC. Although the candidate proposed more than 80 persons to the PEC, his candidates were included only to 3 PECs of Reniisky district, while his main opponent and "official" candidate of the Party of Regions Yuri Kruk in results of the draw could "engage" his nominations into 50 PECs.

In some cases draws on nominees to PECs were conducted by DEC with violation of the statutory deadlines.

In particular, in the constituency № 107 (Luhansk oblast) at 9 PM on 22 September, 2012 the draw on the proposed candidates to PECs has not been started. The same situation occurred in constituencies №3, 211, 212, and 218.

A kind of record-breaker in terms of violation of statutory terms of the draw on nominees to the PEC became the DEC of constituency № 67 (Zhytomyr oblast) where the draw on candidates was conducted only September 25, 2012. After three draws, two of which were claimed to be "trainings", the head of constituency № 67 Domashenko could not put to a vote a resolution on the creation of 248 PECs in the constituency. According to information from members of VO "Svoboda" after this case the draw process was led by the head of Chudniv district administration and a candidate to deputies in this constituency Mr. Samchyk. Distribution of executive positions in PECs was conducted in DEC of constituency № 67 before the completion of the draw, at the same time representative of the opposition who tried to stop violations of legislation was accused in commitment of administrative offense.

In some cases (constituencies № 201, 211, 212, 218) delays in draws were caused by problems in functioning single information and analytical system "Election."

In some constituencies the Committee of Voters of Ukraine recorded the cases of lottery held in a way that allowed "to choose" predefined candidate in result of the draw.


Thus, during the lottery on nominees to the PEC in constituency № 9 the envelopes for lottery differed in size and were stitched differently, allowing "to elect" certain lots. In constituency № 10 during lottery envelopes were laid in two unequal stacks, the drum was not spined; instead envelopes were brought out from one of the stacks. Attempt of s DEC member to check envelopes was blocked by the head of district election commission.

The process of nomination of candidates to PECs was also accompanied by numerous procedural violations. The main violations were nomination the same candidates by different nominators, admission to the draw and inclusion to the PSC the candidates who didn't submit to the DEC all necessary documents provided by the Law "On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine".

In constituency № 22 the authorized under a warrant person Lyubov Volodymyrivna Gritsuk submitted to nomination to PEC candidate from several parties simultaneously, including the Social-Patriotic Assembly of Slavs, People's Labor Union of Ukraine, the Party "Rus yedyna" Liberal Party of Ukraine, Ukrainian party "Zelena Planeta" party "Rus unity", Ukrainian Cossack party, political party of small and medium sized business, People's environmental party, party "Rus bloc" party "People's order", the Democratic party of Hungarians of Ukraine, Ukrainian workers Party, Patriotic Party of Ukraine, "Brotherhood", VO "Center", "Vitchyzna", "Single family". All this leads to doubts that the PEC representatives of these parties will represent interests exactly of these parties, but not the interests of one political force.

In DEC of constituency number № (Volyn oblast) some parties and candidates for people's deputies of Ukraine ("Rus yedyna", "Rus unity", "Rus bloc", "Derzhava", "Zelena Planeta", "Union of Anarchists", "Brotherhood", "Single family ","Center", candidate Peter Khomich (Party of Regions) didn't submit all statutory documents to include nominees to the PEC, that didn't limited their access to nominate their candidates to PEC to draw.

Substantial revision of the Order of the lottery on the inclusion of nominees to the precinct election commissions a week before the draw was one of the reasons that some members of DEC could not understand how to conduct the draw, which led to repeated draws.

For example, in the constituency № 61 several repeated lots drawn on nominees to the PEC were held only because members of the district election commission could not figure out for a long time the number of lots that are left out to the drum. Some members of DEC stated that the number of lots should include all nominees, including faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Others insisted that the number of lots does not include representation of fractions. As a result of discussions DEC member choose the second option, even though during the same meeting of the DEC several repeated draws were held.

2. Establishment and Activities of District Election Commissions

Disadvantages of established by CEC procedure for the draw on the candidates to the district election commissions, as well as the provisions of the Law "On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine", which include the option to replace election commission members by their nominators to the relevant commission, were the main reason of significant changes in DEC membership and contest of major parties and majoritarian candidates for influence on DEC members.

Thus, after establishment of DECs in August 2012, the CEC adopted more than 20 resolutions (see, for example, the CEC resolutions №№ 645, 693, 709, 737, 766, 780, 794, 817, 831, 844, 856, 876, 890 , 918, 936, 949, 970, 991, 1002, 1029, 1043) on changes in DEC membership, which resulted in situation that membership of most DECs essentially changed.


In constituencies where several candidates are ranked high it led to the division of DEC members into loyal for different candidates groups that could lead to confrontation during making decisions up to the refusal to sign the protocols in case of loss of certain candidates.

For example, in the Kherson oblast the CVU estimated that 56 DEC members out of 90 are members of pro-government candidates, though they were not nominated by the Party of Regions but 10 other parties. For example, the head of the election commission № 182 Andriy Murashkin was nominated to DEC by "Rus Bloc" although he is a member of Kherson TEC from the Party of Regions. Deputy Chairman of the DEC № 183 Taisia Kreiza nominated at this election by a political party "Molod do vlady" in 2010 used to be the head of DEC from presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych. The secretary of the district election commission № 3 represents the party "Bratstvo" and at the same time he is the city council deputy from the Party of Regions. Deputy Head of the District election commission in constituency № 5 was nominated by "Union of Anarchists of Ukraine", although during previous parliamentary elections he represented the Party of Regions in DEC.

The head of the DEC in constituency № 4 from the "People's Labor Union of Ukraine" lately was a member of the City organization of the Party of Regions.

In DEC of constituency № 57 (Donetsk oblast) 10 out of 18 members are employees of JSC "Mariupol Iron and Steel plant named after Ilyich" (these persons were proposed for inclusion to the DEC from the Party of Regions and the People's Party, Rus bloc, the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine, the Liberal party of Ukraine and party "Yedyna Rodyna", "Bratstvo," "Rus unity", Ukrainian Party "Green Planet", "Rus yedyna"). The head, deputy head, secretary of the commission are also employees of this company.

At meetings of the district election commission in constituency № 135 (Odessa oblast) were made some public statements that 16committee members out of 18 are representatives of the Party of Regions. In any case, six members of the commission (including its entire management team) are employees of Odessa Law Academy, the president of which is the candidate for deputy from this constituency Sergey Kivalov.

7 DEC members of constituency № 201 are also connected with the Party of Regions. As well as in other DECs they were nominated formally not by the Party of Regions but by other parties - already mentioned above "Bratstvo", "Rus unity", "Rus yedyna", "Union of Anarchists of Ukraine", "People's Labor Union of Ukraine" and others. The same political configuration of the Party of Regions and these parties arose in DECs in many other constituencies, including constituencies № 179 202, 203, 204 and others.

Material and technical support of district election commissions are generally correspond to amount of assigned functions, some DEC are not provided with suitable buildings and equipment.

For example, DEC of constituency № 185 (Kherson oblast) got office equipment which was used in commission in 2005-2006 and has not been updated since that time. As a result there are constant problems both during using it and during connecting to the CEC server.

In Khmelnitsky oblast during the first meeting of the DEC the building of commission was not designed for work. Commissions were also not provided with office equipment, telephone, transport, signs "District Election Commission" and so on. These technical problems were solved during the first decade of September, which negatively influenced on the relevant commissions.

In Rivne oblast the DEC wasn't provided with quality access to the Internet, which led to failures in the single information and analytical system "Elections", including the time during the draw on the inclusion of nominees to the PEC. The building of DEC of constituency № 200 (Cherkasy oblast) also didn't meet established requirements.


Applying complaints to the OIC in September wasn't widespread, which is a result of narrower competence of commissions on consideration of complaints (DEC may only consider complaints on actions or inaction of PECs which were established at the end of September 2012, as well as violations of the law by parties which nominated candidates in single-member constituencies) and on formation of PECs at the end of September 2012.

The practice of leaving complaints without consideration and refusal to fulfill the requirements of complainants is prevalent in many regions. Partly it was caused with peculiarities of the political configuration of DEC membership, partly - with low-skilled legal staff of headquarters, candidates and party representatives on submitting appeals against decisions, actions or inaction during elections.DECs are often submitted by claims on violations of election law by candidates, although consideration of such complaints is within the jurisdiction of the CEC. But in fact such claims were considered by DEC as well. Thus, August 24, 2012 in Khotyn on behalf of "Foundation of Ruslan Panchyshyn" the candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine (constituency № 204, self-nomination) Ruslan Panchyshyn gave 3 mobile phones during the regional sport event among people with disabilities. This action was appealed to the DEC in constituency № 204. In resolution of DEC on the complaint of the authorized person of "Batkivshchyna" V. Ryzhoho on August 28, the illegal actions of a candidate for deputy Ruslan Panchyshyn was decided that "complaints and accusations in illegal activities and violations of electoral law are frivolous, unfounded, and baseless and must be dismissed". This decision was explained by DEC as the candidate "has no relation to the fund, as well as he is not a member or a founder," and hence "rules of Part 13 of Article 74 of the Law of Ukraine On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine "can not be applied to Ruslan Panchyshyn as a candidate for People's Deputies of Ukraine".

DEC registered official observers generally in compliance with the electoral law. However in some regions observers had problems with registration for DEC.

In Lviv oblast after formation of the DEC official observers were denied to accept submissions for registration because lack of admission forms. The similar situation occurred in the constituency № 132 (Mykolaiv oblast), where DEC didn't register observers because of lack of admission forms (although after admission forms arrived the head of DEC personally telephoned to representatives of NGOs and informed about the option of registration).

In constituency № 124 (Sokal) observers CVU was required authorization for registration of observers and for getting admissions.

In the Odessa oblast the DEC in constituency № 134 refused to accept the submission of the registration of observers from the CVU because there was no written title after his name at the document. DECs in constituencies № 141 and № 142, in addition to the documents for registration of observers required with the Law "On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine" required an additional electronic copy of the submission on disk.

Some DECs during the first month of work have committed violations of election legislation, although such violations are not yet mass and systematic. Most violations are violation of the terms and procedures for convening of the first meeting of DEC, violations of the procedures of draw on nominees to the PEC, unreasonable denial of right for some persons to be present at the meetings of the DEC.

Thus, DEC in constituency № 141 unreasonably denied right to be present at a meeting for a journalist who allegedly interfered with the work of the commission. The DEC constituency № 142 held meetings without a quorum, violated the terms of the lottery on nominees to the PEC members. In this regard, the candidate for people's deputy Anton Kisse filed a petition to the Artsyzsk District Court and complaint on inactions of the DEC to the Central Election Commission.


In constituency № 64 (Zhytomyr oblast) the first meeting of DEC was convened not by the head of commission but by the deputy head that does not comply with the Law "On Elections of the People's Deputies of Ukraine".

3. Establishment of special precinct election commissions on temporary basis

According to the Law on the Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine special precincts on temporary basis should have been formed by DEC before September 12, 2012.

DECs of election districts №№ 1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 20, 22, 25, 26, 31, 42, 46, 56, 57, 58, 67, 68, 74, 76, 80, 81, 82, 83, 90, 93, 94, 97, 99, 105, 109, 111, 113, 115, 117, 121, 126, 129, 134, 135, 138, 140, 143, 145, 152, 157, 165, 167, 170, 174, 182, 187, 194, 195, 201, 206, 207, 222, 223 has established 100 temporary special precincts. Decisions on their establishment was as a whole adopted in due term, though not all of these decisions were properly formalized.

In particular, in some cases DEC resolutions contained only localisation of precinct stations without specification of other information, connected with their establishment (approximate number of voters at the precinct etc). It is not even understandable from resolution of election district №20 DEC where a special precinct station on temporary basis is established. In some districts precinct stations were not established because of violation of deadlines for submitting propositions on their formation or incorrect formalization of such applications by corresponding bodies. For example, such situation incurred in DEC of election districts №62 and 68. DEC of election district №62 has rejected application on formation of special precinct and obliged to provide voting of the voters that should have beloned to such precinct at regular precinct №181403.

In some cases precincts were established at medical institutions, though according to the Law they should have been established on regular basis. In particular, in election districts №14, 81, 138, 140, 165 precincts were established at central rayon hospitals. Though persons who are on treatment at sanitariums may hardly be regarded as limited in movements, DECs of some districts have established precints at sanitariums.

In particular, such cases were registered at DECs of election districts № 121 (precincts formed at 6 sanitariums), 126 (2 precincts at sanatorium “Morshincurort” and “Sanatorium Morshinsky”, 165 (precinct at sanatorim “Barvinok”).

DEC of election district №195 has adopted an ambiguous decision (as children may hardly be regarded as voters with limited possibilities) on establishment of two special precincts at Cherkassy oblast children hospital and Cherkasy city children hospital.

4. Activities of authorities in the context of preparations for the regular election of people's deputies of Ukraine

4.1. Activities of Central Election Commission

In September 2012 CEC focused it's activities on approving DEC budgets, registering official observers from international organisations, introduction of changes in DEC composition, registering of parties' representatives and candidates' representatives in single-mandate districts. CEC has distributed air-time and printed space among parties and candidates, overseeng commission to control ballot papers production, several decisions on cancellation of candidates in deputies' registration (almost in all cases — on basis of candidates' self-withdraval), PEC of out of country precincts were formed and a range of important decisions were adopted.

In particular, the following documents were approved:


Order of sending to the Central Election Commission resolutions of district election commissions on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine that have public importance for publication (CEC Resolution №733 of 03.09.2012);

Order of video-survelience conduction at precincts using exuipment for video-survelience, access to control over functioning video-survelience systems during elections of people's deputies of Ukraine (CEC Resolution №892 of 13.09.2012);

Forms of election documentation on vote tabulation and establishment of the results of the election of MPs (CEC Resolution № 950 of 17.09.2012);

Order of transfer of ballot papers from out of country precincts to DECs (CEC Resolution № 1003 of 20.09.2012);

Explanation on vote counting at precinct and completion of precinct election commission protocols on vote tabulation at the precinct after the end of voting on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine (CEC Resolution №1004 of 20.09.2012);

Explanation on completion of district election commission protocols on results of vote tabulation in national election district and in single-mandate district on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine (CEC Resolution №1005 of 20.09.2012).

Among the CEC decisions, two provoked the heighest public reaction: Order of temporary change of voter's voting place without change of his voting address and Order of lotting on inclusion of members to precinct election commissions on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine (approved by CEC Resolutions №893 and 895 of September 13th, 2012). According to the new Order of temporary change of voter's voting place without change of his voting address a voter may change his voting place without change of his voting address within limits of a single-mandate constituency, which includes his voting address. The only exception from this rule is established for members of district and precinct election commissions, who may vote in different constituencies from those where their voting address is located.

The order obliges voter to prove the necessity to temporary change his voting place and also to submit documents which prove the necessity to temporary change their voting place, besides from an application for change of voting place to a corresponding body of State Voter Register.The new Order of lotting on inclusion of members to precinct election commissions on elections of people's deputies of Ukraine has introduced the same mechanism of lotting on the members of precinct election commissions as it was used for selection of district election commissions' members (single lotting for all PECs of a district; parties and candidates' whoes lot was takeen first receive a right to fill in vacant positions).

4.2. Activities of state authorities and local self-government institutions in the context of preparations for the regular election of people's deputies of Ukraine

In September 2012 activities of state authorities and local self-government institutions in the context of preparations for the regular election of people's deputies of Ukraine was mainly focused at supplying material needs of district election commissions, informing on order of voter registering, organisation of video-survelience systems in the premises of precinct election commissions.

In particular, on September 19th Donetsk city council has held a topical meeting to discuss completion of phone-connection provision of precincts and also municipal improvement. On September 26th

Vinnitsya city council has held a meeting devoted to shedule of video-survelience system establishment at precincts as well as equipment handover for storage. In Autonomous Republic of Crimea skype-meetings of local self-government bodies chief officials and heads of rayon state administrations with deputy head of Crimea Council of Ministers O. Udovina.

In Sevastopol city as of September 25th there was a lack of 195 ballot boxes, and 4 precincts had problems with electricity supply for video-survelience cameras operation.


In Ternopil oblast authorised officials of oblast and rayon state administrations had checked district election commissions' premises. Oblast state administration had provided organisational support of Central Election Commission's seminar-training session for lead personnel of district election commissions. Oblast state administration had also conducted weekly-based monitoring of material and technical provision of election commissions. Issue of “On sate of provision of transparency and oppennes of election process, realisation of citizens' constitutional rights during 28 of October 2012 regular parliamentary elections” was discussed at extended meeting of oblast state administration board on September 27th, 2012. However, according to Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine department in Ternopol oblast, just in election district №166 there were 22 precinct polling stations wich did not correspond to fire safety requirements.

In Lviv oblast Group for assistance for conduction of 28 of October 2012 regular elections of people's deputies of Ukraine is actively functioning. In oblast state administration state officials were settled on specific precinct polling station in order to care for proper material and technical provision. On Monday, September 24th responsible officials had visited all precinct polling stations to check the premises' readiness to election commissions work and proper conditions for storage of electoral documentation, as according to a yask assigned by head of Lviv oblast state administration. Reparations have been started as polling stations with some problems (for example rotten floor).

In Chernivtsi oblast on September 28th oblast state radio had broadcasted information from Pershotravnevy department of State Voter Register with appeal to citisens on necessity to check their surnames in voter register as well as to check other data. In Ivano-Frankivsk oblast on September 25th

information on work of State Voter Register department department was published on an official city web-portal. Cherkasy city executive committee provided erection of about 100 information stands for placement of pre-election campaign materials at public transport stations in Cherkasy city. In Dnipropetrovsk city assignment of oblast state administration head and corresponding leters to city executive committees have initeated preparations for provision of election commissions with troubleproof phone connection. In Mykolaiv oblast there were 8 meetings and one legal training session on level of rayon state administration city executive committees, as well as one seminar-meeting in Mykolaiv oblast center for requalification and qualification upgrade for state institutions officials, representatives of local self-government bodies, state enterprises, institutions and organisations.

4.3. Prevention of electoral process subjects from possible participation in elections/conduction of pre-election campaigning

Number of cases of prevention of pre-election campaigning in September 2012 had considerably risen compared with May-August 2012. Cases of prevention from campaigning were registered against candidates of all-Ukrainian union “Svoboda”, party “Udar”, all-Ukrainian union “Batkivschyna”, People's party and also Communist party of Ukraine.

The main forms of obstruction remain as follows: limiting campaign events, restrictions on outdoor advertising, removing campaign materials, damage and destruction of candidates' outdoor advertising.

In Sevastopol pressure was imposed on D. Belik, the candidate of the party "Russkiy block" in single-mandate constituency № 224. On September 3, representatives ща Gagarinskaya district administration, police and district leadership of “Zhylservis” № 23 for half an hour were trying to get into an apartment of Chairman of cooperative construction and dwelling society number 99, with whom Dmitry Belik had signed a formal agreement to lease advertising construction on a house wall at POR 22, with the requirement to remove promotional materials. September 10 prosecutors and representatives of Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine have broken doors and an attempted to search the apartment belonging to D. Belik. Time of the search coincided with D. Bielik's speech in the Sevastopol city council. On the night of September 19 fourteen billboards with D. Bielik's were campaigning materials were destroyed. Besides, according to the candidate, representatives of some advertising companies that own billboards,


summoned to the City Council with the requirements to terminate contracts with D. Belik threatened by non-renewal of a license or physical destruction of media.

In Donetsk oblast manager of Makeyevka City Committee of the Communist Party V. Rudnev declared unjustified cancellation of the meeting of the party leader Petro Symonenko with students of Makeyevka Economic-Humanitarian Institute. Two hours before the meeting, rector of the institute canceled it, citing a recommendation from the city Department of Education.

In Kherson oblast Alexander Pinaev, city mayor of Genichesk city who was self-nominated in constituency №185, reported on pressure imposed on him. According to him, Rayon state administration chairman S. Nimetulayev started to press on him in summer. On September 4th surveyor of municipality, close to the mayor was arrested. On September 11th "Genichesk Vodokanal" was searched in "Genichesk Vodokanal", and the mayor was not allowed to present, and on September 18th armed personnel of Department for Fighting Organized Crime (UBOZ) blocked municipality building and began searching it. In the absence of the mayor they had searched his office and seized documents of the executive committee.

In Zaporozhye oblast in Berdyansk city, UDAR party campaigning materials were removed despite previous payments for the advertising. Besides, MP candidate from the party UDAR Irina Gerashchenko declared that in Zaporizhia 18 billboards of the party were destroyed.

In Ternopil oblast according to the press service of Ukainian People's Party there were cases of obstruction to a meeting the political party candidate with voters. In Khmelnytsky oblast parliamentary candidate in the constituency № 193 of "Batkivschyna" R. Yarema declared that there was interference by public officials in conducting of his campaign at the regional state television "Podillya Center" during presentation of his election program.

In Cherkassy oblast cases of obstruction of citizens' assemblies were recorded. In particular, Chyhyryn city council refused, and then prevented the initiative group of Chyhyryn residents to gather representatives of all political parties and candidates for election in the constituency number 195 to discuss the problems of the city and the region and ways to solve them.

In Dnipropetrovsk oblast problems with access to local television and radio broadcast were experienced by independent candidate in constituency number 24 J. Bezbaha.

4.4. Politically motivated pressure on business, connected with certain parties and potential candidates at elections

In September 2012 Committee of voters of Ukraine registered slighly more cases of pressure on business connected with certain election process subjects in comparison with May-August 2012.

In Autonomous Republic of Crimea pressure on its business from the controlling structures was reported by candidate for majority district number 3 Vladimir Shklyar (self-nominated).

Chief of "Batkivshchyna" electoral headquarters Alexander Yaroshenko accused department of Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in Mariupol city in carrying out provocations against the restaurant "Steak House" owned by his family. According to him, persons who order alcoholic drincs and then call police are sent to the restaurant. Policemen who arrive on call, provide that persons who were served alcoholic drinks have not reached 18 years old. A. Yaroshenko directly accused department of Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in Mariupol city of planned provocations and selecting people for their conduct.

In Zaporozhye oblast it was the 1st of August when tax police opened a criminal case against self-nominated candidate Peter Sabashuk (constituency № 74). Although prosecutors demanded a preventive measure in the form of detention, court chose a preventive measure of a deposit of 17,000 UAH. All


property of P.Sabashuk was arrested. When Sabashuk did not stop participating in the election campaign, in September prosecutors demanded changes of precautions and making candidate paying deposit of 4 million hryvnas. At Sabashuk headquarters' people believe that it is impossible to collect such an amount, and if Ordzhonikidze District Court will side with the prosecution, under current law P. Sabashuk will be taken into custody.

Another majoritarian candidate from the party "UDAR" Vadim Kryvohatka (nominated for the constituency number 82) was put on a wanted list by prosecutors. Before Kryvohatka registering as candidate a number of criminal cases against him were restored, including charges of farm "Kryvohatko VV" evading of taxes of 2 million 247 thousands UAH, as well as forgery of tax reporting documents.

On September 26th, 2012 on the website of the Ukrainian union of manufacturers and entrepreneurs (USPP) posted a statement on the unacceptability of pressure on USPP board member, chairman of regional department of USPP in Ternopil oblast, candidate in MP in constituency number 167 Basil Chubak. The statement claimed that the September 25, 2012 there was a call from the tax police to conduct dredging documents from mall "Podolyany" in Ternopil. Territory of industrial enterprise “Terkuriy” was raided by unknown persons who, without showing documents, threatened to stop the enterprise work and arrest documents of the company. Previously there was a criminal case brough against V.Chubak's Vladimir allegedly for drug possession, thought the process of his arrest, other details of the investigation proceedings were accompanied by gross violations of criminal procedural law. After numerous threats from lawyer of Vladimir Chun]bak refused to represent him. Road from a house where V.Chubak's family lives have been illegally blocked for few days by cars with state numbers VK7598AI and VK5627VA.

4.5. Politically motivated pressure on mass media

Cases of politically motivated pressure on mass media in September 2012 were not numerous and their number has not considerably changed compared with previous months.

In Donetsk oblast on September 13, 2012 organizers of a meeting with electorate candidate of the Party of Regions in the constituency number 46 Sergiy Klyuyev forcibly removed Donetsk journalist Sergei Furmanyuk out of Artyomovsk city house of culture. As a result of a clash his his clothes were damaged. According to S.Furmanyuka the reason of the conflict was that the guards identified him as an opposition journalist. On September 10, 2012 in Krasnohorivka city MP of Ukraine and the Party of Regions candidate in constituency number 59, Alexander Vasilyev held a meeting with voters and threatened the local channel "Capri". Deputy mayor of Krasnohorivka Roman Savochkin pulled the camera channel tripod, and candidate's people rudely ordered journalists to leave the venue of the meeting with voters. Channel "Capri" director is Victor Prilepsky who is running for elections in the same district from "Batkivschyna."

4.6. Preelection campaign of electoral process subjects and use of administrative resource

The same as in previous months, in September 2012 officers and officials of state and local governments have been active in campaigning for candidates in deputies, including for those nominated by the ruling parties.

Thus, in Zaporizhia oblast meetings of candidates for deputies from the Party of Regions with voters were constantly attended by heads of district administrations and heads of relevant departments of the administrations. For example, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine was reported that chairman of Berdyansk city Rayon state administration campaigned for candidate in deputy Valery Baranov at the opening of a children's playground in one of the villages in the district.

In Zhytomyr oblast head of Culture and tourism department of Zhytomyr Rayon state administration Yuriy Gradovsky who is a soloist of the band "Drevlyans" participates during his work hours in concerts


in support of the self-nominated candidate in deputy in single-mandate constituency number 67 Viktor Razvadovsky.

In Chernivtsi oblast on September 1th Novodniestrovsk city council secretary Nikolai Lutchak during First Bell festival opening ceremonies at the local high school openly campaigned for a candidate Artem Semeniuk (nominated by the party of Regions in constituency № 204). On September 16, 2012 staff personnel of state authority of the State Fire station number 8 (Sokyriany) of territorial department Ministry of Emergencyn of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region, instead of directly performing their duties were pllacing on the billboard political ads with the words "To revive and to develop. Semeniuk Artem" for candidate Artem Semeniuk (nominated by the party of Regions in constituency № 204) with the use of special equipment.

In Ternopil oblast, where N. Hoptyan, wife of oblast administration head was self-nominated in single-mandate constituency number 66, in villages and towns of the region the so-called "meeting with activists of local government" are organized, used by management of district administrations to actively campaign for N.Hoptyan during their working time.

In Donetsk oblast head of Donetsk regional state administration Andriy Shishatskiy continues to conduct joint official events with candidates for deputies from the Party of Regions, nominated in single-mandate constituencies. In September, the region is traditionally celebrating Donbass Liberation Day, which this year was organized by local authorities in the interests of the Party of Regions campaigning. Almost in all the cities of the oblast Party of Regions and its candidates monopolized the festive events, which were organized and funded by local authorities. Given the fact that half of the candidates of the Party of Regions is valid deputies of Ukraine, they are actively pursuing their campaign events during the official events. For example, candidate of the Party of Regions in the constituency number 45 Yuhim Zvyagilsky actively held meetings with the local communities of his district during his working time.

In Odessa oblast, as in previous months, the most striking trend in officail support of propaganda is the realization of the "People's Budget", which is used for the formation of positive image as the Party of Regions as a whole as well as individual candidates from the Party of Regions in single-mandate constituencies (Gennady Trukhanov, Leonid Klimov, Alexander Presman, Vitaly Barvynenko, Igor Plokhy, Georgy Kruk, Georgy Presnov). In village Byelolesye of Tatarbunarskoho district (constituency number 141) flags of the Party of Regions were put on trees and power poles personally by O. Lypovy, village head.

More active involvement of central executive authorities chief officials in pre-election campaigning became one of September trends. For example, 7 September 2012, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has opened a new sports complex with swimming pool, gym and fitness rooms in the renovated Park of Culture and Rest named after H.I.Petrovsky (constituency № 44). During this event the government representatives noted the achievements of the Party of Regions and its local leaders in the renewal of local infrastructure.

5. Campaigning and political situation on local level

Characteristic features of the campaign in September 2012 was a significant increase in the number of campaign events and campaign materials, diversified forms of campaigning, increased activity of those parties with were not sufficiently active in campaigning activities conducted at the national level in August ("UDAR", "Ukraina — Vpered!" VO "Svoboda", "Nasha Ukraina"), as well as lesser-known parties that nominated candidates ("Green Planet", "Ukrainian National conservative Party").


In some constituencies Committee of voters has registered violation of prescribed procedure for campaigning by electoral subjects.

In particular, in Volyn oblast on September 12, 2012 there were reported violations of campaigning procedures by candidate of the united opposition Eugen Melnyk in the constituency number 19 – communal enterprise of Novovolynsk City Council placed his campaign posters inside its premises, which is prohibited by paragraph four of article 74 of the Law On Parliamentary Elections. In the same oblast on September 27, 2012 in the lobby of the Volyn Regional State Administration political advertising from one of the parliamentary candidates in the constituency number 21 Stepan Ivahiv was recorded. The advertisement looked as an announcement of the match between teams "Continuum-Volyn University" (Lutsk city) and "Orbit-ZTMK-News" (Zaporizhzhay city) on XXII championship of women's super league of Ukraine in volleyball, which will take place in Lutsk. Candidate in constituency №21 Stepan Ivahiv invited to the event, and there was his photo on the adverticement.

In Ivano-Frankivsk oblast campaign materials are placed in hospitals: O.Sycha (VO "Svoboda") in Ivano-Frankivsk on transport; in transport: P.Shkutyaka and V.Brusa (constituency number 86) - in Dolyna city and M . Pitsuryaka (constituency number 87) — in Nadvirna city.

Some candidates in deputies terminated their participation in the election campaign or announced their intention to terminate. Thus, in the Vinnytsia oblast after arrest and pressure of law-enforcement bodies police self-nomination candidate in people's deputy in constituency number 18 R. Demchak decided to withdraw from the race.

Candidate for deputy in the constituency number 16 O.Poroshenko (self-nominated) announced his intention to withdraw from the race on their own will to health problems, but did not submit a statement an official request for withdraw.

In some cases, campaigning is done in quite an original way.

In Sumy oblast Party of Regions has established a school of young MP's assistant, introduced English courses for voters and "hotline of regionals", launched a public reception offices, launched an initiative "National Master Plan" - collection of proposals for the formation of the general plan of Sumy city.

K. Usov (nominated by "Batkivschyna" in the constituency number 134, Odesa oblast) made a campaigning "know-how" by signed employment contracts with the residents Malinowsky area, according to which voters will be employers of the majoritarian candidate.

Zhytomyr oblast candidates in deputies were quite creative in their campaigning: in mid-September at the International Festival of potato pancakes in Korosten city (constituency number 64) thousands of potential voters have witnessed a master class on cooking potato pancakes from candidates in peoples' deputies of Ukraine. Candidate from the Communist Party of Ukraine Mykola Tymoshenko and opposition leader Andrei Ozerchuk have proved their "culinary arts" to voters.

Representatives of the party "Ukrainian Platform "Sobor" were also uniquein their campaigning. Two members of the same political party traveled in three villages Olevsky district (constituency number 64) - Zubkovychy, Lopatychy, Suschany. During a meeting with local communities candidate to the list of Ukrainian Platform "Sobor" Taras Kompanichenko sang and played on kobza Ukrainian songs of the past centuries.

Campaign activities of the main parties and candidates is still limited mainly to the spread of populist slogans.


Regions Party criticizes the "destruction" and "orange predecessors" and promises to go "from the stability to welfare", while united opposition "Batkivschyna" - criticises the current government, which it promises to stop.

"Ukraina - Vpered!" criticises authorities represented by M. Azarov and disseminates abstract slogans, "Nasha Ukraina" - focuses on language issues, Communist Party of Ukraine - promises to return the country to people, "Svoboda" - promises to change everything for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. However, the "UDAR" and the Communist Party of Ukraine approach voters with morea specific messages - to hold lustration, to change the tax system, to restore free education and health care, to lower utility bills and so on. However, mechanisms to achieve these goals in the messages were not disclosed.

In September 2012, the proportion of sponsored materials in the media continued to remain significant.

Public media in many regions continue to practice placing hidden political advertising for pro-government candidates. That is why most of the opposition parties and most self-nominated candidates publish their campaign materials in private publications or publish their own newspapers. In Vinnitsa oblast leader in punblishing "image" materials is a private newspaper "33 channel", which goes into circulation of 107,000 copies and places from 7 to 10 "ordered" materials of sufficiently large volume in every issue.

According to Ternopil branch of CVU publication of candidates in single-mandate constituencies make up to 85% of all the articles about politics. Party are advertising hiddenly less then these candidates, making about 15% of all political publications.

In Chernivtsi oblast the number of "jeans" materials from the Party of Regions increased, particularly in regional newspapers of Khotyn, Zastavniv, Kelmenets and Sokyrnyany areas there were published 14 articles from the candidate of the Party of Regions in the constituency number 204 Artem Semeniuk. Some are published simultaneously in several publications at once. The newspapers “Hotinski Visti” and "Dnestrovski Zori" of September 14 there are identical articles of Nestor Shufrych: "Support those who can work effectively, not those who can speak well" with an appeal to vote for Artem Semeniuk. In "Holos Krau" of September 20, number 38, "Hotinski Visti" and "Dnestrovski Zori" on September 21 there was an article published "Title of MP is a promise of daily service to people in Ukraine" on the implementation of election promises by Artem Semeniuk.In regional newspapers of Novoselytsi, Hertsaiv and Glybochytsky yons there were posted 9 items from the Party of Regions candidate in the constituency number 203 Gennady Fedoryaka. The newspapers "Novy Den" and "Slovo Pravdy" posted on September 21 an article "Hospitals in Toporivtsi will not only be saved from closing, but also ambulance posts will be opened, all with the support of the candidate. The newspapers "Slovo Pravdy" and "Novy Den" on August 31 published a greeting of candidate Gennady Fedoryaka dedicated on September 1 and the Day of Knowledge.

The negative trend in September in the context of campaigning was an increase in cases of so-called "black PR".

Thus, in Jampol city of Vinnytsia oblast there were recorded cases of black PR against a candidate in people's deputy Oksana Kaletnik (self-nominated). Postcards with a photo of Oksana Kaletnik, the logo of the charitable foundation "Father Land" and signed "Oksana Kaletnik, thief, crook, lahudra-spy" were pasted on a pillar near the market in Yampol.

In various cities of Donetsk oblast a newspaper "Svobodnoe slovo Donbassu" is distributed which covers negatively all political forces except for the Party of Regions. Most of all of this edition is directed against the Communist party of Ukraine.


In Kherson oblast in constituency number 183 it was reported that newspaper "Chesnok" (Garlic) was disseminated, with false source data that is supposedly issued ин the regional branch of the movement "Chesno". The newspaper placed defamatory materialы about a candidate from a party UDAR Andrew Putilov. Coordinator of Chesno movement Kateryna Handzyuk denied involvement of Chesno in this release.

Unlawful use of "Chesno" movement symbols was also recorded in Zarichny rayon of Sumy city, which belongs to electoral district № 158. On September 2 there was a leaflet circulated with a letter allegedly written to the newspaper "Konotopsky Kray" by one of the candidates for the district number 158 tractor driver Volkov O.G. In the letter, which contains a lot of coarse language, candidate accuses another candidate for deputy Alexander Kostenko that Kostenko offered him to nominate himself as a technical candidate in district number 158 but has not fulfilled his promises to pay Volkov.

In constituency number 138 (village Lyubashevka, Odessa oblast) the Party of Regions campaign tents disseminated leaflets which contained false information about the "Udar" and "Svoboda." These parties are called "Nazi." The leaflets had also stated that "Udar" and "Svoboda" will hang people when they come to power. Given this fact, representative Udar applied to prosecutors.

On September 22, 2012 at night in Rozdilna city (constituency number 139) block of Lenin Street and Chervonoarmiyska was sealed with leaflets entitled "Presman-bandit" (Alexander Presman is candidate of the Party of Regions in this disctrict). In the morning, this part of the street was surrounded by police - no one was let in or out and it was not allowed to photograph. Representatives of all communal services were gathered and all the cards were destroyed.

In Zaporozhye oblast leaflets were distributed against the opposition in the national and single-mandate election districts. They depict their photos and an inscription "Who prepares blow to Ukraine?", "Thieves are coming" etc. The newspaper "Zaporizhzhia Vremya" devoted all their space to discreditation of candidates from the party Udar.

In Lviv oblast newspaper "Express" published information about candidate Dubnevycha's conviction, the newspaper "Animous" has published photos of the alleged agreement of Kanivtsya candidate with Presidential Administration, as well as expanded online information that Andriy Tyagnibok in his 9th

grade had allegedly killed the child.

In Ternopil oblast in Zboriv rayon (constituency number 165) unknown persons damaged campaigning materials of candidate Ivan Tchaikovsky nominated by self-nomination. On his campaign leaflets unknown persons attached labels with a picture of a pig and words "Caution! Hrun' of Regions."

Number of well-known people declarations to support parties and candidates during September increased slightly compared to the previous months. In particular, Honored Artist of Ukraine, photographer Zorii Fine supported Oleg Lyashko and his Radical Party. Archbishop of Vinnitsa and Mogilev-Podolsky Bishop Simeon (Ukrainian orthodox church of Moschow Patriarchate) and Honoured Teacher of Ukraine, Honorary Citizen of Vinnitsa Yu. Pasyhov publicly supported the candidacy of Alexander Dombrowski (constituency number 11). Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of the oblast council Mykola Yanchenko supported the candidacy of Grigory Zabolotny nominated for election in the constituency number 17. Former Mayor of Ternopil (1998-2002) Anatoly Kucherenko declared support for of candidate in people's deputy of Ukraine Vitaliy Maksimov (Udar, constituency number 163). On September 26 in some local print media a number of public figures in the region expressed support for candidate to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksiy Kaeda ("Svoboda", constituency number 163). General Director of "Ternopilbud" and Ternopil city council deputy Vasily Lilo spoke in support of a candidate Yuri Oleynik (constituency number 163) and MP of Ukraine, deputy chairman of the Ukrainian people's party Ivan Zaets - publicly expressed support for the candidate Taras Pastuh (Ukrainian People's Party, constituency number 163). In constituency number 121 grandson of Ivan Franko Roland Franco continuously during public meetings with voters expresses support for the candidate Ihor Kurus. In Chernivtsi region newspaper "Voice of the land" of Zastavnivsky district


September 27, 2012 published a note that support of self-nominated candidate in constituency number 204 Ruslan Panchyshyn was expressed by Yuri Shukhevych, son of UPA commander Roman Shukhevych. Well-known businessman and deputy of oblast council Ivan Semeniuk, as well as and participant of 2012 Olympics in London athlete Nataliya Lupu expressed support of candidate in MPs in constituency number 203 from the Party of Regions Gennady Fedoryaka.

Party braches level of activity in September remained mostly the same as in the previous months. Traditionally, active is the Party of Regions and the "Batkivschyna", Communist party of Ukraine, Udar and "Ukraina — Vpered" became more active, as well as “Svoboda”.

Information about the increased funding of party branches, building of their structures is absent, but there is information on the presence of financial problems in the political party "Udar" that resulted in party headquarters staff reductions of by 30%. In Autonomous Republic of Crimea local branch of the party Udar significantly increased its power due to S. Kunitsin who is nominated from the party. Kunitsin has his own media, including TRC "Naples" radio "Leader", which resources and human potential are actively used in the campaign.

In connection with the completion of the nomination and registration of candidates for elections number of party internal conflicts at the regional level significantly decreased compared with May - August 2012.Conflict between the United opposition and Udar because of the simultaneous nomination of candidates from these parties in the same constituencies remains.

There are also conflicts between individual candidates for deputies in single-mandate constituencies, such as the constituency number 200 (Cherkasy oblast) between Pavel Kostenko (self-nomination, MP from BYuT) and Maxim Polyakov (the only candidate from the opposition by Front for Change quota), who continue to claim that each of them is a representative from the opposition.

In Khmelnitsky oblast on September 19, 2012 a press conference of Kamenetz-Podolsk city council deputy of “Batkivschyna" Stanislav Simakovsky was held. At the conference he announced an open appeal of representatives of the united opposition and voters of Kamenetz-Podolsk to the leader of the party "Batkivschyna" Yulia Tymoshenko, which expressed outrage about the nomination of Rostislav Yarema as parliamentary candidates from "For Batkivschyna" in constituency number 193.

In Kiev oblast there is a continuing conflict within the Party of Regions between V. Gudzenko and S. Katsuba who both campaign in the constituency number 92 and are competitors.

In Kherson oblast there is a struggle for influence on Veterans' councils. In particular, in Genichesk (constituency number 185) a conflict between supporters of candidate for MPs from Communist party of Ukraine A. Taranovskyy and candidate for MPs S. Nikolaenko is ongoing. Some representatives of veterans' organizations supported one candidate, some - another. In Berislav (constituency number 184) on the initiative of local authorities in September in the presence of the leadership of rayon administration a second plenum of Berislav regional organization of veterans of Ukraine was held. As a result plenum supported Party of Regions and a candidate for people's deputy of the Party of Regions M.Dmytruk. Chairman of Skadovsk rayon organization of veterans of war and labor F.S. Terekhov (deputy of Skadovsk city council and former mayor) refused to sign the appeal to voters asking to vote for the Communist Party. As a result the plenum fired F.S. Terekhov from his post as head of the organization and expelled from the organization.

В Одеській області триває внутрішній конфлікт в регіональному осередку УДАРу, де невдоволені призначенням А. Юсова керівником штабу. Також триває протистояння Ю. Крука та


В. Боделана (виборчий округ № 143), А. Кісе та І. Плохого (виборчий округ № 142), які є провладними кандидатами.

In Odessa oblast continues internal conflict in regional branch of Udar party, where some persons are dissatisfied with the appointment of A. Yusov as a chief of staff. Also, confrontations of Yu. Kruk and V. Bodelan (constituency number 143), and A. Kise and I. Plokhiy(constituency number 142), who are pro-government candidates are ongoing.

6. Direct and indirect vote-buying

In September a tendency to increase in the direct bribery of voters was recorded. While in summer months the incidents of direct vote-buying were sporadic, in September such cases have become quite common. Direct bribery of voters is practiced mainly by parliamentary candidates in single-mandate constituencies, which is explained by the high level of struggle for votes with a small gap in the level of voter support for the major candidates.

Thus, in Chernivtsi oblast on 17 September 2012 candidate in deputy Ruslan Panchyshyn (constituency number 204) stated that he had received information from reliable sources that the settlements of the region direct vote-buying is pacticed. According to him, in every village district there are established groups of people who go door-todoor and offer UAH 150 per vote. For the money, the person must submit his or her passport number, copy of identification code and put a signature in the box to support the corresponding candidate. This signature will supposedly guarantee that voters will vote for the right candidate.

In Lviv oblast in constituency number 124 in Sockal city candidate in deputy Kryshtopa (schools № 2, № 4) presented 100 UAH to each first grader's family.

A curious incident occurred in Slavuta city (Khmelnytsky oblast), where a meeting of Sergey Buryak with voters was sheduled. Candidate himself was not at the meeting, but by its end participants happened to get sealed envelopes with 500 UAH inside each envelope. However, hastily tearing the lateral edges of their envelopes, voters spoiled money because bills were placed in expanded form on the right side of the envelope.

Although the number of recorded cases of indirect vote-buying declined slightly compared to May - August 2012, it is still used by individual candidates as a mechanism for mobilizing voters.

In Donetsk oblast Mariupol city council secretary A. Feday together with the candidate of the Party of Regions in election district number 58 O.Bely gave each school of Octyabsky and Primorsky district of Mariupol a «Нewlett Рackard» laptop.

In Chechelnitsky rayon of Vinnytsia oblast on August 31 first-graders received at home bags, which contained stationery: notebook, album, pencils, markers, pencil, paint, eraser, scissors, set for construction , ruler, etc from candidate A. Kaletnik (self-nominated).

In Odessa oblast in constituency number 135 on September 1st, 2012 S. Kivalov organized a celebration for first-graders of his district, where balloons were distributed, there were clowns and other artists (including artists from Kyiv). Moreover, at the end of his speech, S. Kivalov gave principals certificates for all first-graders of his district, which guarantee them entry to the Odessa Law Academy, where he is president. Interestingly, from a legal point of view, these certificates are worthless, since entrance to all universities is decided on a competitive basis by independent external evaluation. In the same area on 6 of September 2012 activists of chairman of the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine and candidate in single-mandate constituency № 133 V. Chorny were distributing free medcine "Korvalol" in large doses among aged voters. On September 15 there were organized buses from Shiryaev, Kominternovo, Ivanivka to Odessa dolphinarium. Those willing to participate were recorded in campaign tents of Communist party of Ukraine and on behalf of the candidate A. Kislovsky (CPU). Cost of daily performances at the dolphinarium is 120 UAH for 1 person.


In Kherson oblast (constituency number 185) on September 1, 2012 one hundred of children from low-income families received school uniform as a gift from Kakhovka city branch of Party of Regions. On September 8th in Nova Kakhovka (constituency number 184) a film festival "Good Movie" was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of Nova Kakhovka — each Saturday at 5 p.m. youth movies and each Sunday at 3 p.m. - movies for elderly people in the cinema "Youth" with the support of candidate in MPs V. Stretovich. In Kyiv oblast, with the assistance of deputies Irpin city council of the party "Udar" of V. Klitschko two modern playgrounds were festively presented.

In constituency number 212 in Kyiv city I. Balenko distributed 7% discount card of “Furchet” shops for free among his voters. By decision of the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal of 16.09.12 I.Balenko must stop his vote-buying activities.

In Khmelnytsky oblast candidate in people's deputyof Ukraine in election district № 191 and acting MP of Ukraine Vasyl Shpak on September 9 organised distribution of glasses among pensioners of Starosynyavsky rayon, in particular residents of villages Grechana, Adampil, Paplyntsi.

As in previous months, indirect vote-buying is exercised by charitable foundations associated with certain individual candidates. On September 1st, charitable foundation of Igor Skin, candidate of the Party of Regions in the constituency number 52, gave computers to school № 16 (village Novgorodske, Donetsk oblast).

According to information published on the 5th of September on official website of Kherson oblast organisation of the Party of Regions, Kherson city NGO "Fund of Vasil Fedin" handed certificates for sports equipment to 55 schools of Kherson city and oblast.

Charitable foundations are rather active in Sumy oblast. In the mass media there were lots of information on the Fund of A.Volkov (Batkivschyna) - from giving playgrounds and computers to distributing vodka with candidate's photo on the bottle. Volkov himself on one of the press conferences stated that had left the Fund long time ago. However, it does not prevent the Fund to be called his name.

Foundation of the candidate of the Party of Regions A. Kostenko "You are not alone - we are together" is also very active in charity: gives "grants" to schools, the winners of various competitions, installs playgrounds, gives free tickets to football matches. Candidate for deputy from the Party of Regions in the constituency № 159 A. Derkach, who is honorary chairman of the fund "Our Future" presents various equipment and machinery to schools, kindergartens, or simply voters. He also gives icons to churches of the district.

With the assistance of P. Lebedev's foundation (the candidate granted premises with rent only 1 hryvnia) an educational center for children was opened in Sevastopol.

In Ternopil oblast charity fund "Galicia-Volyn" of V. Klimenko (election district № 184) is well known. The fund installed windows in schools, repaired roads. The Foundation "Dreams Come True" of Udar representative V.Lomakovych is equally active. The fund representatives provide handicapped persons with wheel chairs.

In Volyn oblast a fund "Patriot Volyn" of Stepan Ivahiv (constituency number 21) is active. The fund assisted in building playground in the center of Kovel city. At the event, the audience was entertained by singer Levko Durko and various contests. Traditionally, charitable foundations affiliated with candidates stay active in Luhansk oblast.