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Create (in your case add report group to my library ZA2) a library GR21

Create Account Grps KDH1

GRR1 Create a report


Go to EDIT and GEN DATA SELECTION Check and Confirm

Dbl click on Row One

And Insert Account check and click on text and confirm

Go to edit rows and explode and expand

Change the desc in lead column to Gen Ledger Account

Dbl click on Column and select DR/CR indicator

Click on check and confirm

Increase the width of lead column to 60

Click on Execute

CREATE A NEW RPT GP Go to new session T-Code GR51 copy from Rpt group ko07

Click on Hat to add/change description

Include the Rpt in your rpt Group

Go to Extras report text and headers to add custom header fields

Create Rpt with Actual, Plan, Variance, %Variance, YTD Act, YTD Plan, YTD Variance and YTD %Variance. Final Report should look like this after executing in the screen Below:

Final Report


Create a new report

Go to Edit Gen Data Selection and select the following

Enter the Values

Check if follw has been updated

Click on Check and Confirm

Double click on Row One

Select Account Number in the ROW CLICK on Check and Confirm and click on pencil to input

Copy short text

Click on Column and select Key Figure

Select period and record type

Click the Check Pencil for short text and then confirm

Go to next column for Plan --- Just double click dummy!!!

Enter Text as Plan

Go to next column and double click and input Variance which uses a formula

Formula as below and Check

Enter Text and Copy short text

Now go to next column for Variance % this is also a formula

Variance% formula as below

Now create a YTD-Act column

Enter the Values as below in the YTD Char Values

Enter Text and Copy short text

Next go to YTD-Plan by double clicking

Enter Values as Below

Double click on Column for formula YTD Plan YTD Act

This a Formula, enter as shown below

Enter and Copy short text

Go to the AKHRI column to put YTD-Variance% its a formula

Enter the formula as below

Enter and Copy short text

Now click on Rows to explode

Single click on Row P&L Account and go to EditRows--Explode

Select Expand button as below and click OK

Double Click on Lead Column AND change the short text to P&L account

Copy and confirm

Now Save your Report and now you can Format the report, for this Go to Formatting ---Report

Change the lead column width to 60

Now to beautify the reports goto Extras--Headers

Enter Header

Now Select Insert ---Std Variables to add variables like Author, Report Date etc.

The Final report shows the Following result. Here the Actual in column 1 is for Month 03/2008 but the YTD column shows the actual inclusive of Exp and Revenues in month of Jan, Feb and March to date.


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