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Date post:18-Jan-2015
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Software is very special. I is grand, spectacular, regenerative and perpetual source of value---like nothing else we know. Perhaps for this very reason it is misused and wasted. By cooperatively REUSING ALL ARTIFACTS of software, we can reap unheard of benefits repeatedly. Here is an outline of how we can do it. That is ReSAR. Let's start.
  • 1. ReSAR: Reusable Software Artifacts Repository Putcha V. Narasimham Knowledge Enabler Systems

2. Reuse and Engineering In engineering, systems are designed by composing existing components that have been used in other systems. ---Ian Sommerville So, Engineering is REUSING In addition to it being Systematic application of methods and Tools .. 2 09 APR 14ReSAR 3. Computer SoftwareVery Special Computer Software Grand Fabulous Perpetual NOT Material 3 09 APR 14ReSAR 4. Computer SoftwareVery Special Every cost-less copy Delivers VALUE EVERY time it is executed It is active and generative No material defects No manufacturing defects 09 APR 14ReSAR 4 5. REUSE of Software Much talked of but NOT used enough 5 09 APR 14ReSAR 6. (Low Cost + High Value) X # Copies With a catch The first working software costs a lot But it can be contained by reusing some available parts of other systems See the advantage of REUSE of Software This is closest to inexhaustible source of value or worth 6 09 APR 14ReSAR 7. Software Artifact What a software artisan creates or produces Any software item or document / diagram for development, testing or operation of software Definitions, standards, methodology templates, checklists, BRD, SRS of system or sub-system, component, Software Architecture, design documents, source & object codes, test spex, test data, reports .. 7 Software Artifact 09 APR 14ReSAR 8. Artifacts are of immense value And if they can be copied at NO cost and reused, Their value multiplies several folds But does it really work? No, not ordinarily Software engineering has been more focused on original development BUT IT NEED NOT BE 8 09 APR 14ReSAR 9. Grow So here is a proposal To have REUSE policy Learn techniques of REUSE. Set up ReSAR Manage Grow within & across 09 APR 14ReSAR 9 REUSE Manage Set up ReSAR Within & Across 10. Set up & Operate ReSAR 09 APR 14ReSAR 10 11. Create ReSAR ReSAR is (to be) created & Incorporated as A Professional Organization For Profit By founder members who are: Software scholars, Professors or Professionals Business professionals Any one helpful 09 APR 14ReSAR 11 12. Registered Members & Management Then members can register as individuals Corporate members? For the Mission of ReSARto be crafted Chief Editor, Editors, Referees and Business Manager Elected by the members of ReSAR 12 09 APR 14ReSAR 13. Generating WORTH & Delivering Value Lets benefit & Share 09 APR 14ReSAR 13 14. Artifact Worth Assessment & Pricing Editors & Business Managers Assess the worth W of artifact Fix Sale Price SP SP = W/n, n = 10 to 1000 or more 09 APR 14ReSAR 14 Worth W of Artifact Sale Price SP 15. Owning Artifact & Adding Worth True inventor member is the owner of artifact Who non-exclusively assigns rights to ReSAR ReSAR or members DO NOT pay for using the artifact Members improve the worth of artifact By testing, using & refining it Its initial quality is not crucial but using it is 15 09 APR 14ReSAR That is the benefit of ReSAR 16. Ownership, Sale & Sharing Sale: To external entities Sales proceeds are shared 7:3 till Worth is realized Thereafter it is 3:7 09 APR 14ReSAR 16 ReSAR Buyer Artifacts $ 17. Potential Artifact is nurtured Artifact has to be sound, usable & must work It is accepted into ReSAR based on Referee recommendations & evaluation reports Artifact is a PACKAGE with relevant attachments, instructions, cautions, certification & disclaimers The whole community works to increase its worth 17 09 APR 14ReSAR Value adding efforts pour into a potential artifact 18. Discussion & Conclusion 18 09 APR 14ReSAR 19. See ReSAR document: http://www.slideshare.net/putc havn/reusable-software- artifacts-repository-re-sar- 06nov12 We can go beyond Discussion Certification, warranties Pricing and business policies Expanding Corporate membership? 19 09 APR 14ReSAR 20. Conclusion For us to reach And ACT 20 Thank you Dont STOP 09 APR 14ReSAR

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