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Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Date post: 09-May-2015
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A bit intimated by writing/revising your resume?
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RECESSION PROOF RESUMES Resume Writing Workshop Back to the Basics…
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Resume Writing Workshop

Back to the Basics…

Page 2: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Recession Proof Resumes


Discover the solution to your job search dilemma. A solid, well written resume will get you in the door. The trick is to develop a superb position specific resume.

Jesse Butler walks you through each step. Providing the “helping hand” you need during this frustrating time.

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Recession Proof Resumeshttp://www.rpresumes.com/

Time ConsumingMultiple Modes of NetworkingRequest for Interview ApproachResume Delivery Methods InterviewingFollow-ups

Psychologically StressingFinancialRejectionConfidence (Self-worth)

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Recession Proof ResumesWhat will we be going over?

What is a Resume?

What is the purpose of a Resume?

Why you would need a resume?

Resume Basics

Resume Formats

Structure of a Resume

Choosing the right format and layout for you

The “Guts” of a Resume



Summary of Qualifications

Work Experience


Skills and Accomplishments


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What is a Resume?

ré·su·mé [rez-oo-mey, rez-oo-mey]


1. a summing up; summary.

2. a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

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Purpose of a Resume

The purpose of the resume is to get you an interview.

What a Resume does NOT do…

- Get you the job

- Tell your life story

- List your references

Page 7: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Resume Structure

Format Length Layout Header Bullet Points Education Work History

Page 8: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Back to the Basics There are three widely used resume formats today. The first, and most common, is reverse

chronological order. It highlights your work history (when, what and where)

Second, functional or skill-based, which focus more on what you can do not where or when you did it.

Third is hybrid, commonly known as combination, because it takes the advantages of both a functional and reverse chronological order formats.

Page 9: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Reverse Chronological

The reverse chronological format focuses on what you are

working toward. It is easy to follow and suggests your work

history has a progressive configuration.

Page 10: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Reverse Chronological

The list below suggests advantages to using a reverse chronological resume: This format highlights the years and experience you

have with specific companies, draws a timeline. Does not leave the hiring manager wondering

when/where the experience came from, supporting fact versus deception.

Reflects an understood progression of work history. Great when trying to influence based off your

previous employers reputation. Details what your responsibilities were at each

position held.

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Qualifications or Work Experience

*Company One, Sunny, CA Sept 2009 - *Present Planning and Scheduling Coordinator o Ensure on-time, efficient appointment management for 110+ trucks. o Assess teamwork, flexibility, adaptability, coordinating skills and common values and goals of current company clientele. o Communicate regularly with director of operations, sales manager and fleet managers to address ongoing strategies and concerns.

Reverse Chronological

Page 12: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

*Organization One, Glendale, UT March 2003 – September 2009 Director of Drivers Services and Retention o Orientate prospective drivers to company policy and procedures. o Processing new hire paperwork. o Keeping owner operator files up-to-date.

Hardware Design, Magnum, AZ June 2000 – February 2003 CAD Programmer o Design and creation of desk structures using CAD programming. o Schooling coworkers in first aid and safety procedures.

EducationLarge High School 1996-2000 Graduated (H.S. Diploma) Specialty Vo-tech Yolanda, FL 2001-2002 Graduated 12Volt/Low Voltage University of Maryland 2001-2002

Reverse Chronological

Page 13: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Functional Resume

When would you be more apt to use a functional resume versus a chronological resume style? New to the work force (High School or College

Graduate, New Career field, Military Transitioner, Homemaker or Previous Volunteer) and you need to highlight the skills you do possess.

Your work history is lengthy and there is no direct rhythm to it (no clear-cut path).

Over qualified.

Page 14: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Functional Resume BEAWARE!! Functional Resumes are often a

turnoff because it leaves the hiring manager guessing at your employment dates.

If you decide that the functional resume is the way to go, be sure and include your dates within an Employment History section following your Employment Highlights section.

Another way to disclose your skill or highlight dates is to put it in parenthesis within your Employment Highlight section.

Take away the guess work.

Page 15: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Jessica Applicant 123 Street (555) 555-5555 [email protected]

Education B.A. Communication Respectable College One Town, MT 1999 M.B.A. Business Management Respectable University New Town, MT 2003 Honors Dean’s List 12 Consecutive Semesters Academic All-State 8 Consecutive Semesters

Careers Skills / Knowledge Human Resource professional experienced working in fast-paced environments demanding strong organizational, practical, and interpersonal skills. Confident and composed while interacting with individuals of all levels. Ethical, trustworthy and discreet committed to high retention, low turnover. Able to work under deadlines with accuracy and multi-tasking; Skills include: Word Processing & Typing Telephone Reception Customer Service/Relations Data Archiving Filing Computer Operations Office Equipment Operations Grant Applications Accounts Receivable/Payable


Page 16: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Career Achievements ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT Developed an operations program to calculate distance between origin and destination and compared overhead to revenue, cutting costs 20 percent. Created charts, spreadsheets and projected scenarios for organizational improvement.

HIRING MANAGEMENT Restructured advertising to reduce costs $40,000 per month. Assembled effective hiring process. Cut turnover rate by 66% of previous year.

Employment History FRONTDESK/SECRETARY, Corporation One, Somewhere, FL (May ‘07 – Present)RECRUITER, Corporation Two, Sunny, CA (April 95-June 01)LEAD RECRUITER, Corporation Three, Sunny, CA (June 01-Nov 03)HUMAN RESOURCES, Corporation Four, Chandler, AZ (Nov 03- May 07)


Page 17: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Hybrid / Combination

Strengths You highlight the skills that the employer wants List job details in reverse chronological order



Like functional formats, it is frowned upon because it lacks forthrightness

Who is it for?

Entry Level, Seasoned Professionals, Ex-Military, Those with Employment Gaps, Multi-level Jobs

Page 18: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


Summary of Qualifications More than 12 years of progressive advancement in multiple roles from Fleet Manager to Terminal Manager. By being proactive, I have successfully streamlined the business processes, managed multiple projects by balancing 5 separate departments, and implemented those processes according to each department. I have developed high-performance efficient teams because of my exceptional communication skills and flexible/adaptable management styles. My open-mindedness, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail enables me to prevail despite ever changing conditions, therefore never leaving loose ends and ensuring all tasks are completed and nothing is left unresolved.


Page 19: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Areas of Expertise Leadership and Teamwork Because I have the ability to see the need for balance and am willing to be adaptable, I have attained my team’s respect. Those colleagues recognize my appreciation and understanding of their duties as part of our team. As a respected leader, I earned an opportunity to start up a new division of an established Midwest company, a handful of associates followed. Eye for Progression If something is not broke, don’t fix it. However, if there is a need for change, I recognize it. I assessed a need for a program to monitor and ensure retention among drivers. The program maintained a beginning-to-end efficiency to seek, hire, train and keep the best drivers achieving a consistent 98% seated truck count. Task Management In addition to the day-to-day activities of managing multiple departments, my competence is often tested by the ever changing conditions be it weather, customers, equipment or employees. I have learned to be more efficient by assembling issues in an order of importance. Prioritizing each new matter with existing daily business has allowed me to resolve complicated issues quickly.


Page 20: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Career Advancement Fleet Manager 1999 Customer Service Representative 2004 Director of Driver Services 2006 Director of Operations and Director of Recruiting 2007 Terminal Manager 2010

Professional Experience B.S. in Business Management from University of Arizona May 1999 Holiday, AZ Corporation One July 1999 – June 2010 Holiday, AZ Corporation Two June 2010 - Present Holiday, AZ


Page 21: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


1-2 pages

If you are a professor, inventor or scientist a Curriculum Vitae is what you will need to compile.

C.V. are much longer.

Page 22: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


White Space is important on the resume. It allows the eyes to focus and to not over stimulate the reader.

Use Bullet Points Font

Not too large, not too smallConsistent throughoutNot too fancy

Page 23: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


Name Permanent Address Phone Number

Create a clean, professional voicemail. Email Address

Keep it professional! No [email protected]

Page 24: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


Rule of Thumb: If you are a recent graduate, your education should be listed at the beginning of your resume.

If you are a seasoned professional, your education will be at the end.

Page 25: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Education List education institution, followed by the

name of the degree and the major Include GPA if above 3.0 or greater as well

as academic honors


EducationCollegeName, B.A. Communications Town, MT 1999

HonorsDean’s List 12 Consecutive Semesters

Academic All-State 8 Consecutive Semesters

Page 26: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic

Work History

Job titleName of organization, and, if applicable, divisionWork location (city, state)Dates (year or month/year)Accomplishments / Responsibilities

Page 27: Resume Workshop Back to the Basic


Yes or No

Career change – Yes