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  • 1. Staples: Multi-channel MarketingServices Market Research Business Analysis Merchandise AnalysisIntegrated Multichannel Programs and Campaigns Merchandise Consulting Brand DevelopmentStaples Contract, the fastest growing, most reliably profitable Multichannel Campaign Developmentdivision of Staples North America, was outpacing the capacity of Strategic Creative Development Online Marketing Strategytheir internal agency. Contrary to corporate culture, Staples Interactive Design & Implementationinvited Lorl Marketing Group to partner with their internal Design & Production Copywritingmarketing group to break through some vexing challenges. Lorl Photo Productionalways welcomes the opportunity to partner with a big brands Photographyinternal groups, thereby optimizing Lorls expertise and the Prepress Print Productioninternal groups knowledge to create ever more effectivecampaigns. Our successful ongoing relationship with Staples Deliverables Catalogsconstantly gives us challenging opportunities to think through and Brochuressolve, resulting in effective marketing solutions for each customer Postersgroup. Guide Books Supplier Programs (Print & Digital) Transactional and promotional e-mail Salesforce custom applications Interactive Flash eCard Microsites Search Marketing Banner Ads1

2. Staples: Field MarketingField MarketingStaples management faced the daunting task of creating a commonnew client integration process, which previously had been decentralizedto a local level. Lorls challenge was to simplify and automate thiscomplex communications program while increasing compliance andsales. Another vital issue was Staples new Brand Standard thatproved extremely challenging to work with across a wide variety ofcommunication platforms. Bottom line, the Staples marketing groupwas required to achieve significant sales objectives while working withinthese Brand Standard guidelines and turned to Lorl for a solution.Although Staples new customer integration program was extremelycomplex, a streamlined, simplified set of automated marketing toolswas created after careful analysis and in-depth discovery of the Staplesworkflow. This simplification reduced expense and brand confusion, andensured that the value proposition of the integrated Field Marketingsystem was clear to all involved.2 3. Staples: Field Marketing Field Guide PostersField Guide Poster and EmailField Guide Announcement Emails3 4. Staples: Field MarketingField Marketing Salesforce.comAutomated Form eWelcome Kit EmailGeneratorCore Components: Retrieves contact and account data from Salesforce.com and dynamically merges it within an email template. Provides the capability to send the mail- merged email to a large number of recipients through an Exact Target API4 5. Staples: Field MarketingField Marketing Salesforce.comeWelcome Kit EmailCore Components: HTML template held within Salesforce.com andlinked to the form generator. Allows user to select individual sections and customize the fields within those sections. Provides a preview of the final email and the ability to change it before sending. 5 6. Staples: Consumer MarketingTechNowThe next part of this equation was to increasesales while adhering to the new Brand Standard guidelines.Lorl approached the existing TechNow brochures with thegoal of creating a high motivation-to-purchase catalog.Incorporating the new Brand Standards and highlyenergized promotional lead generation emails toaccompany the catalogs, Lorl created a completely newlook and feel, developed intuitive iconography that playedto Staples strengths, and developed both a photographystyle that supported the brand and a carefully craftedmerchandise plan. Results were so impressive that thisprograms continuation was never questioned, despite aneconomic downturn. TechNow Catalog and Email 6 7. Staples: Interactive Holiday eCardInteractive Holiday eCardLorl also took on another key initiative,crafting an interactive Holiday greetingprogram. Our successful ongoingrelationship with Staples constantly gives uschallenging "opportunities" to think throughand solve, resulting in effective marketingsolutions for each customer group.Holiday Announcement Email 7 8. Staples: Direct MarketingView the MicrositeIT LiberatedStaples Technology Solutions launched a new service to provide IT managed services to furtherpenetrate the small business market. Staples gained valuable expertise and position in the marketplaceby purchasing a well-known and reputable IT service company in the Boston area, but needed to roll outthe service nationally. Lorls challenge was to create a campaign that generates awareness andqualified leads as well as expand their reach to new markets.The IT Liberated campaign was born. It utilizes real-life customer situations and testimonials to demystifyIT managed services and educate small business owners on the benefits of using outsourced IT. Lorlaccomplished this goal by devising a multichannel direct marketing campaign that includes: search,radio, direct mail, email, and microsite. We further enhanced the effectiveness of the campaign byincorporating personalized URLs (pURLs) on the direct mail, email and microsite for a personalizedexperience for the prospect.8 9. Staples: Direct Marketing StrategyEmail invites initial engagement with micrositeand provides ongoing re-contact communicationvia a personalized message and URL (pURL)Search drives awareness andmicrosite traffic when users look pURL provides a personalized experiencefor IT pain points, products andon the microsite and is driven by a pURLservicesaddress on the postcards and email(e.g., ITLiberated.com/JimLippie)LeadGenerationConversionAlways returns to ThriveNetworks.comConversion after conversionITLiberated.com Radio drives awareness Lead Generation Tool asks prospects and provides the backgroundqualifying questions and casts doubt about to make direct and onlinetheir current IT solution. The goal is to create tactics more effective a need state for STSLead Generation Form connectsprospects with a sales rep and provides Postcard invites initial engagement with microsite valuable lead qualification information and provides an ongoing re-contact tool via a personalized URL (pURL)9 10. Staples: User Experience Map The Staples ITLiberated website I wasnt sure where tomade it so easy togo or what to do. There is understand and chooseso much information. The IT managed servicesStaples website addressed that are right for me.all my questions aboutquality and made it easyfor me to decide. Michelle Silver My business life always has many balls in the air. IThe customer stories really love putting together deals. The downside of being a helped me relax and feelsmall business owner is getting pulled into theI really liked the fact less anxious. Just knowingdetails like managing our IT. But I would never dothat I can chat with a there are other people that anything else but this. My measure of success is when I can sleep at night and seeing the loyalty ofCustomer Service Rep have used IT managedmy customers.or provide them with my services this successfully email address easily.makes me feel better. Background They got right back to Michelle Silverme within a day. Touchstone Residential Group, Boston, MA Age 39, HHI: $315,000 Married, 2 children 10 11. Staples: IT Liberated MicrositeFlash Microsite - www.itliberated.com11 12. Wedgewood: Digital Marketing & Strategy Digital Marketing and eCommerce StrategyAs one of the nations largest compounding pharmacies, Wedgewood Services Market ResearchPharmacy serves both the human and veterinary markets. Already a Business Analysisprimary player in the veterinary market, Wedgewood has been Merchandise Analysisexpanding their footprint by developing new and innovative dosage Circulation Planning Brand Developmentforms. They needed a compelling way to reach new and existingcustomers to get the word out, increase their market share, and meet Multichannel Campaign Development Strategic Creative Developmenttheir aggressive goals for growth. Lorl was instrumental in the Online Marketing Strategymarketing launch of a number of these products and programs, so Interactive Design & ImplementationWedgewood asked us to help them define a digital marketing strategy Design & Production Copywritingthat would help them meet their goals, as well as complement their Photography & Photo Productioncurrent programs. The strategy was twofold: Prepress & Print Production Mail Management 1. Increase sales by expanding the brand in the veterinary market, as well as in a new market, human health.Deliverables 2. Provide better customer service and self-service online tools to Catalogs / Magalogs Brochures their customers. Postcards Email Programs Corporate and Ecommerce Websites12 13. Wedgewood: Digital Marketing & StrategyShort-Term GoalsCustomer information and purchase history were maintained ina variety of databases. The goal was to consolidate theinformation into one database, allowing a holistic view of eachcustomer. Wedgewood would then be able to segment theirhouse file for a more effective contact strategy. Since researchshowed that customers with email addresses had a higheraverage order size in dollars and a greater lifetime value, itwas deemed preferable to create effective transactional emailsand e-newsletters. Lorl also recommended the expansion oftheir SEO campaign, an outbound telesales campaign togather customer email addresses not already in the database,and to revisit their brand strategy for both the veterinary andhuman markets. Welcome Email 13 14. Wedgewood: Digital Marketing & StrategyLong-Term GoalsBuild out an internal IT infrastructure toaccommodate strategies for e-commerce,triggered / transactional emails, and prospectingtactics. This infrastructure would also allow theclient to develop a holistic view of the current andlapsed customer base. We

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