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RETScreen ® Heating and Cooling Projects Water-cooled chiller Photo : Wikipedia Insulated Pipes for...

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  • RETScreen Heating and Cooling Projects Water-cooled chiller Photo : Wikipedia Insulated Pipes for District Heating
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  • Overview of Heating and Cooling Projects Ground-source heat pump, single-family home Absorption chiller District heating for the city of Copenhagen Solar water heating, apartment in Uganda Photo: Solar Construct Ltd. Photo: Sanyo Electric Co. Photo: Reynaers/Greenpeace
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  • Heating Technologies Boiler Furnace Thermal fluid heater Heating with biomass Heat pump Waste heat recovery unit Solar water heater Solar air heater
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  • Cooling Technologies Requiring a source of power: Heat pump Compressor Requiring cool weather: Free cooling Vapour Compression Cooling Free Cooling
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  • Cooling Technologies (cont.) Requiring a source of heat: Desiccant Absorption Desiccant Cooling Absorption Cooling
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  • Types of Fuels Heat from: Fossil Fuels (Coal, Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane, Gasoline, Oil, etc.) Biomass Waste (tires, landfill gas, etc.) Renewable fuels like solar and geothermal energy Electricity A heating load or dessicant/absorption cooling load can use these fuels directly, or use waste heat from a power project utilizing these fuels Coal being transported, Ohio, USA Photo : Wikipedia
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  • Base, Intermediate, and Peak Load Systems Photo: Babcock-Hitachi K.K. Photo: FireCAD Technologies Photo: Air & Water, Inc HRSG Fire-tube boiler Electric heating
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  • Equipment Sizing Base load system Operates at or near capacity most of the time Supplies majority of heating/cooling Lowest operational costs Equipment typically expensive Peak load system Operates only during times of peak demand Supplies small fraction of heating/cooling May have high operational costs Equipment generally less expensive Intermediate load system Between base and peak load system On the Energy Model sheet:
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  • Heating and Cooling Projects with RETScreen Steps: Define Loads (Heating, cooling and power) + heating/cooling degree days for space heating/cooling Base case characteristics + costs (heating, cooling) Proposed case characteristics + costs (heating, cooling) Operating Strategy Summary (energy) Emission analysis Financial analysis
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  • Types of Analyses Project Types: Heating Cooling Combined Heating and Cooling
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  • Load Characteristics Heating and Cooling Loads Space heating/cooling Process heating/cooling Combination space+process Spatially-distributed loads: Single building Single building with multiple zones Multiple buildings Base case vs Proposed case Heating load Cooling load
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  • Important Parameters Heating System Seasonal efficiency Cooling System Coefficient of Performance-seasonal Power system providing waste heat (see CHP course) Heat rate Heat recovery efficiency 100 GJ 100 MWh 55 GJ 300 MWh Eff. = 55 % COP = 3.0
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  • Emission & Financial Analysis Method 1 Method 2
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  • Example 1: Heating or Cooling Project database (Case Studies): Heating Boiler Canada Vancouver Office Simplified model Compare medium and high efficiency boiler Compare natural gas and oil Project database (Case Studies): Cooling Compressor USA Madison Arena Compare medium and high COP Compare compressor with absorption cooling
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  • Example 2: Heating & Cooling Project Type: Cooling Combined Heating & Cooling Load & Network sheet appears In Energy Model Sheet: Cooling system Absorption Now the fuel source is the heating system Base Load System Base + Intermediate + Peak Load System Biomass as a low-cost source of heat
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  • Questions? www.RETScreen.net
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RETScreen ® Heating and Cooling Projects Water-cooled chiller Photo : Wikipedia Photo : Wikipedia Insulated Pipes for District Heating
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