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Revenue predict for tfi

Date post:17-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Predict Annual Restaurant Sales based on objective measurements ------Sites Selection for TFI Company
  2. 2. Objectives TFI is the company behind some of the worlds most well known brands: Burger king, Sbarro, Popeyes, Usta Donerci, and Arbys with over 1,200 quick service restaurants across the globe. The goal of this analysis is to predict the annual restaurant sales of 100,1000 regional locations using demographic, real estate, and commercial data.
  3. 3. Datasets Training datasets are stored in companys relational database, we extracted useful features and conducted data cleansing. Potential drivers include location, open time, demographic data gathered by third party provider with GIS systems, real estate data and commercial data. (Denoted as P1- P37)
  4. 4. Training Dataset
  5. 5. Modeling GAM model with a log transformation turns out to be the best with criteria minimizing mean square error. Significant driers of revenue are: City Type ( Large or Regular) Restaurant Type (Food Court/Inline/Drive Throu / Moble) P17 (Number of schools nearby) P26 (Average Salary of Residents nearly) P28 (Number of competitors)
  6. 6. Results
  7. 7. Potential Location for BK:
  8. 8. Appendix: Part of code:
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