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  • 1. Technology and market insightIDTechEx Consulting & Research IDTechEx Consulting helps you to: Exploit market and technology trends Develop and benchmark your strategy Dominate your competitive environment Determine optimal product positioning Secure your investments through due diligenceElectronicsChemicalRFID Printing Organic & PrintedElectronics Packaging Smart PackagingPlastics Paper www.IDTechEx.com/consulting

2. Custom Research IDTechEx Consulting: Custom Research and Market Intelligence Printed Electronics & RFID In-depth research studies IDTechEx provides custom consulting, research andIDTechEx has worked for several of the worlds advisory services to help develop your business in largest companies as well as small start-ups. printed/thin film electronics, RFID and smartStudies for these companies have included packaging. IDTechEx gives strictly independent researching competitors and technologies. Our marketing, technical and business advice and market research reports are purchased and valued services on these subjects in three forms by both large and small companies. References consulting, publications and conferences.from some of these clients are available uponrequest. Our work includes technology and market benchmarking, analysis of companies, due diligence, in-company masterclasses and global Market research and events research. IDTechEx consultants travel extensively, IDTechEx publications include material such as visiting many conferences, universities andOrganic & Printed Electronics Forecasts, companies to learn and interpret the latestPlayers & Opportunities, information for you. Active RFID and Sensor Networks andInorganic Printed and Thin Film Electronics.In-depth analysis is also covered by titles such as Global coveragePrinted and Chipless RFID, Item Level RFID and Our coverage is international, we have technical RFID in Healthcare. associates across the globe, including Japan, Korea, China, Europe and North America, providingIDTechEx hosts the web portal Printed Electronics an international business network which keeps us World, featuring trully global daily news interpreted updated with the latest developments and decisionby experts. makers in those countries. We travel the globe to learn about the companies, the new technologiesIDTechEx also publishes the monthly web journal and latest applications. RFID Analyst which contains IDTechEx opinion andanalysis. IDTechEx has the worlds largest databaseof RFID case studies, currently standing at over3,000 with details of over 3,500 companies from 100countries.You set the budgetFees for consulting projects are typically fixed andbased on the amount of time each project requires.It can be as small as a few hours discussion on thetelephone to enterprise access to all our publishedcontent, event access and custom research. Ourrates are very reasonable and we aim to provideextremely high levels of customer service so ourclients keep returning.www.IDTechEx.com/consulting 3. IDTechEx.com is the most referenced internet source for Printed Electronics. CASE STUDIES Case Study 1: A $40 billion company was loWhy IDTechEx?to participate in the printed electronics market a leverage their expertise as a global materials Printed Electronics company. It needed to understand unmet needYou meet IDTechEx analysts from the start, not companies to potentially partner with or even asales people. We aim to sell our services basedand company progress, particularly in East Asion our competence with the technology. Our IDTechEx profiled over 150 companies aroundanalysts work with clients throughout the wholeworld, in particular those in East Asia. Full pateprocess from proposal to completion. We work searches, company SWOT (Strengths-weaknehard to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.opportunities-threat)reports and analysis were Customers in over 50 countries, offices in 3 Recommendations of partners and opportuniticontinents (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific) provided. The client invested in one of our IDTechEx consultants attend and present at overrecommended companies and grew according30 events each year around the world Over eight years of expertise solely researchingRFID, printed electronics and smart packaging Multilingual staff Case Study 1: A multi-billion dollar Consulting projects range from conference calls to electronics company wanted to get involved3-month studies proposed for all budgets RFID and leverage their skills but did not kn Out of office hours client support the best way to position themselves in the m Winner of the Queens Award for InternationalIDTechEx analyzed the needs by applicationTradesector and technology issues, sector profitability and competitive landscape to pr the companys strategy in each sector. TheResearch highlightscompany used this information to position themselves in the market and develop appro solutions and services. RFID 20-year forecasts of printed electronics bycomponent type and split by country Gaps in the printed electronics market newopportunities 10-year forecasts of number of RFID tags used by Case Study 1: A government funded agencapplication category Smart Packaging wanted to invest up to $75million to develop 10-year forecasts of RFID interrogator sales intellectual property in nanotechnology and Over 3,000 global RFID implementations covered sectors. It wanted to know technology needsin the RFID Knowledgebase the competitive landscape for packaging of Assessment of RFID profit centers who is making consumer goods. IDTechEx examined the cmoney range of smart packaging solutions. 600 profiles of companies working in printed Consumer goods companies around the woelectronics were interviewed to obtain their unmet need terms of integration, cost and technology requirements. We concluded with opportuni 4. Call now to discuss your project +44 (0) 1223 813703 or email [email protected] ookingCase Study 2: A $60 billion company sought Case Study 3: A German venture capitalandimpartial assessment of their technology and company wanted us to provide due diligence prior applications. IDTechEx analyzed theirto their investment in a UK-based plasticds,technologies versus others in the industry toelectronics start-up. IDTechEx provided due acquire,identify what still needed to be done. IDTechExdiligence on the company and their opportunities in ia. then looked at all the relevant applications, theirlight of the competitive landscape and applicational d the technology needs and timelines, anddemands. The VC company invested in the ent recommended first products. The client grew theircompany on our recommendation. The target esses-R&D activities to focus on the unmet needs wecompany has gone on to raise significant funds in e given.identified. The client gave IDTechEx a secondlater rounds and it became a globally recognizedies were follow-on study and bought IDTechEx research leader. reports. gly.Case Study 2: A start-up company who had Case Study 3: A European venture capital fund d indeveloped a new technology offering some key wanted to invest in an RFID company and required now benefits over existing solutions wanted theirtechnology and business due diligence. IDTechEx market. technology validated in the competitive landscapeprovided a company assessment after visiting thenaland advice on routes of entry and companycompany and surveying the competitive landscape positioning. IDTechEx examined the opportunity byand industry trends. A SWOT analysis followed. rioritize application sectors, and provided details of other The VC company invested in the target RFID solutions. We recommended best entry points forcompany. IDTechEx has done further different the company. The company raised money to work for the VC company. opriate develop a working solution and used our recommendations to prioritize markets. cyR&D and the size of the market and assessment of Case Study 2: A $30 billion packaging company p risks and threats. Based on ourwanted to learn about new technologies relevant other recommendation, the company did not pursue to them. IDTechEx trained key staff (up to boards andinvestment as the market demand was not strong level) in the US, UK and Europe through enough for their particular sector. The companyinteractive masterclasses. current has later sought our advice on other sectors.The company launched new products usingtechnologies we had described and has positioned orld themselves as an innovator rather than ds incommodity supplier above their competition.The company later attended IDTechEx events ities forand bought ongoing research. www.IDTechEx.com/consulting 5. Meet the Experts IDTechEx AnalystsDr Peter Harrop PhD, FIEE is Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd. He was previously Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, the $260 million electronics company and Chairman of Pinacl plc, the $100m fibre optic company. He has been chairman of over 15 high tech companies. He has written 20 reports on technical subjects, published by the Financial Times, John Wiley and others. He lectures and consults internationally on printed and thin film electronics, RFID and smart packaging. Raghu Das MA (Cantab) is CEO of IDTechEx Ltd. He has a BA Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, where he studied physics. He has been closely involved with the development of printed electronics and RFID for over 8 years, carrying out consultancy in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. He has lectured on RFID, smart packaging and printed/organic electronics at over 200 events and conferences around the world and is author of several IDTechEx publications. Susann Reuter graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur for Electronic Devices from Chemnitz University of Technologies. She has worked in microelectronics and microsystem technologies for nearly 10 years prior to starting a second career in printing. Since early 2004 her work involved development and manufacturing of pr

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