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RGB Total - 3 angles, endless possibilities

Date post: 27-Jun-2015
Author: michal-ben-ari
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RGB is a combination of expert strategic planning skills, intelligent and personal content writing and innovative branding and design, magic. When all three work together in unison, there’s no limit to where you can go.
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  • 1. RGB are three primary colors that, when combined, can create any color in the visible spectrum red greenblue And that's exactly what were about

2. Three angles, endless possibilities Strategy, Content, Branding 3. Strategy stands at the core of every company process, the leading factor in every company decision 4. How its done: Market research Perseptual maps Business plan writing Creating a strategic marketing plan Guidance and mentoring 5. Content gives the brand a voice and tells its story in the besy way possible 6. How its done: Brand naming and taglines Textual messages Web content Blogging Social networking Translation and editing 7. Branding brings a brand to life through visual aides 8. How its done: Logo and brand naming Corporate identity design Website design Booths for expos and shows Print material Presentation design UI/UX 9. Who we are the RGB team 10. Our strategy guru, Gadi has over 25 years of international marketing and business development experience. He is an expert in leading intercultural business processes, as well as mentoring and training companies and management teams. Gadi had lived and worked in Japan for Scitex, and has founded several companies. He holds an MBA (cum laude) from the University of Manchester. Gadi Peretz, CEO 11. The wordsmith. Rotem is a bilingual content writer and translator who has lived and studied in the US, Israel and Japan. From pencils to motorboats, Rotem can take your ideas and put them into the right words. She has a BA in East Asian Studies, a Journalism diploma from NYU and a certificate in translation from Tel Aviv University. Rotem Alter, VP Content 12. Our branding wiz harbours over 15 years of brand management experience. Retail, startup, services, even municipality branding Michal has a knack for eye-catching, memorable and relatable design that truly captures the essence of your brand. Michal has a diploma in visual communications from Vital College. Michal Ben Ari, VP Branding 13. A combination of the three angles is the basis for achieving a companys full potential 14. RGB is a combination of expert strategic planning skills, intelligent and personal content writing and innovative branding and design magic 15. When all three angles work together in unison, theres no limit to where you can go 16. Start today, visit us at: www.rgbtotal.com