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RIL’s Digital Journey · Manoj Chouthai Chief Information Officer Reliance Industries Limited...

Date post: 19-Apr-2018
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Manoj Chouthai Chief Information Officer Reliance Industries Limited RIL’s Digital Journey
  • Manoj ChouthaiChief Information OfficerReliance Industries Limited

    RILs Digital Journey

  • A Case Study in Entrepreneurship and Growth

  • RIL: A Journey of Growth

    In the last 38 years since our IPO, RIL has experienced a CAGR of 24.5% in revenue, 27.2% in PAT and 31.6% in market capitalization.

  • #1integrated refining complex

    2ndlargest producer of polyester

    4thlargest producer of PTA

    6thlargest producer of PX

    8thlargest producer of MEG

    Revenue: US$ 44.7 billion

    Refining & Marketing

    Petrochemicals Oil & GasOrganized


    Media & Entertainment

    and Others

    Digital Services

    US$26.6B US$12.3B US$1.1B US$3.2B US$1.4B Jio

    Jamnagar - Worlds largest integrated refining complex

    1.24 MMBPD

    Integrated petrochemicals

    player with Top 10 rankings in key

    products globally

    Interests in onshore and offshore E&P inIndia and significant presence in US shale

    Market leader with over 13.25 MM sq. ft. of retail space

    spread in 686 cities

    Interests in television, print,

    internet, film, mobile content and

    allied businesses

    US$25b+ investments in 4G VoLTE telecom;

    First 50MM subscribers in 83 days

    Our next Big Growth Initiative is Data!!!

    All our Big Growth Initiatives have paid off so far

  • The world as we saw it in 2012

  • RIL Transformation Journey (2012-2015)


  • US$ 25+ billion worth of investments

    Only operator with pan India (22 circles) 4G LTE spectrum in the 800

    MHz and 2300 MHz bands, and the 1800 MHz band in 18/22 circles.

    Coverage across 18,000+ cities & towns, and 200,000+ villages

    72.4 MM* users, with a plan to reach 90% of Indias population by


    Enabling the Digital Future (2016 onwards)

    For Reliance... data is the new oil, and intelligent data is the new petrol.

    Mukesh D. AmbaniChairman & Managing Director, RIL

    The world is at the beginning of a digital revolution - anything and everything that can go digital is doing so exponentially!!!

  • Big Data at RIL

  • Big Data at Play for Manufacturing at RIL

    8 large manufacturing sitesfor refining, petrochemicaland textile

    Captive power generationacross facilities

    Jamnagar - World's largestintegrated refining & petro-chemical complex

    1.24 MMBPD

    Built over three phasesduring 1997-2017

    Zero waste refinery

    Nelson complexity index of12.7, one of the highest inthe world

    50k+ rotating equipment,0.5MM+ instrument fittingsin Jamnagar alone

    Terabytes of data generatedper day

    Biggest users of System1,Meridium, Smart Signal andother optimization software.

    Multitude of OEMs, service& software providers

    Operating at best-in-classcapacity utilization andGRMs

    Improve upon world classGRMs of $10.5/bbl+

    Converge point solutionsinto changing scenarios forwider optimization goals

    Smart manufacturing anddigital technologies toprepare for the future

    Unlocking the next level of manufacturing productivitythrough big data and analytics

  • 1990s

    2011 - 2016

    2017 onwards

    Devices ApplicationsConnectivityDashboard &

    ReportingAnalytics &

    Machine LearningLevers

    VisionTo be a highly connected and knowledge-enabled industrial enterprise where all business and operating actions are optimized to achieve enhanced safety, reliability, productivity, sustainability, and economic performance

    RIL Smart Manufacturing Roadmap

    Early adopter of latest available technologies

    Process ControlData Historian



    ODR OMPro

    Intuition Executive

    Preventive MaintenanceGE - System 1


    Predictive Maintenance

    Predict RTSmart Signal


    PredixAPM Suite

  • RIL Foundry Co-Development, Ideation & Solution Showcase

    Governance Executive Sponsorship, Clear Roles & Responsibilities, & Rigorous Execution

    GE (Predix, APM Suite), Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, Emerson, and other partners

    System integrators/partners, R&D

    Data, Process & Operations expertise of RIL + Jio connectivity, data center, cloud

    Digital Innovation HubTM

    For RIL (Refinery & Petrochemical) Optimization & productivity Jamnagar roadmap for digital refinery Downtime & Availability

    For India and the World Cloud connectivity & solutions - Predix & Jio O&G, Power, Fertilizer, Telecom & Healthcare Solutions for SMEs to improve productivity

    by leveraging the best partner ecosystem

    Enabling the Digital Future

  • #GEAM17 #FueltheFuture