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    Case: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

  • 8/10/2019 Ritz Carlton ppt


    In Services, whats in a Name?By Leonard L. Berry, Edwin E Lefkowith, & Terry Clark

    A name cant make or break a product or company, what matters is how well a compa

    or services meet its customers needs

    However, a well chosen name can give a company a marketing edge over compet

    Branding effect even more important for services as in services, the company

    brand name

    Selecting a brand name is critical to a total marketing strategy

    Strong brand name- accelerates market awareness and acceptance of a high qua

    eg. Federal Express

    Weak brandingcan accelerate failure for a poorly conceived or delivered service

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    Four useful tests


    nessRelevance Memorability

    Four tests useful for assessing the branding potential of an existing or prop

    A strong brand should possess some, if not all, of these characteristics

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    Distinctiveness Immediately identifies the service supplier

    and distinguishes it from competitors

    Avoid a generic sounding name toestablish a proprietary position

    Eg. Allied, United, & National telllittle about the services

    Use words uncommon to the service

    category, eg. Meridianfinancial services Use proper names- stand out in a

    competitive environment, eg. McDonalds,Marriott, J.P. Morgan

    Use Fabricated words Eg, Premerica,Exxon

    Relevanc Conveys the essence of the s

    Helps identify and position thconsumers minds

    Important factor for companintangibles

    Avoid simple literal descriptioservicelong , less distinct

    Names that resonate with indconnotations rather than lite

    Eg. Humana better name thaTouch Health care

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    Easy to understand name, easy to pronou

    PanAm, Aetna (short but not easy to pron

    Brevity &Simplicity

    Pathmark more memorable than Grand U

    NYNEX more memorable than U.S. West.Distinctive

    Needs to be done with restraint, but high

    Citibank, Toys R Us


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    Flexibility Companies change and expand over time

    Company needs to consider future changes in direction while evaluati

    Name should be broad enough to grow with the business

    Problem when companies diversify into different geographi

    Western Hotels became Western International and finally W

    DeltaNo need for a change



    Ventures evolve from single line of business to multiple line

    Problem in communicating the larger scope of its offerings

    Ex A transport company having Trucking or Rail in its na

    Purely DescriptiveNames

    Limiting Factors

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    Case Facts-History


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    The Gold Standards

    Three Step Service:1. A warm and sincere greeting. Use the guest name, if and when p2. Anticipation and compliance with guest needs

    3. Fond Farewell. Give them a warm god-bye and use their names,possible

    The motto

    We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gen

    This motto exemplifies the anticipatory service providestaff members

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    The Credo

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is aplace where the genuine careand comfort of our guests is

    our highest mission.

    We pledge to provide thefinest personal service andfacilities for our guests who

    will always enjoy a warm,relaxed, yet refined ambience.

    The Ritz-Cenlivens twell-being

    the unexpneeds

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    Each employee is expected to understand and adhere to thestandards, which describe processes for solving problems guincluding:

    detailed grooming



    and efficiency standards

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    Business Model & Quality


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    Human Resources-Opening & & daycountdown


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    Key Issues-Cultureat the Ritz-Carlton

    1. The culture main focus is on luxury, comfort, style, hospitality and of course the

    2. The main objective of the hotel management is to give its customers a service likqueens

    3. Innovation & Risk taking - More Natural, Relaxed and authentic

    4. Attention to detailprecise standards and specification

    5. Outcome orientationcommendable customer services

    6. People orientationTrainings

    7. Team orientationTrainings of Groups

    8. AggressivenessImmediate customer services

    9. Stabilityluxurious, elegant and formal

  • 8/10/2019 Ritz Carlton ppt


    Impor tance of thisCulture

    Important because it has influence onemployees and it is associated with highperformance

    Believing customer service is a must for aluxury hotel especially when dealing withcustomers one of the reason a hotel can bename or rate as luxury is because of the servicethat people receive


    The way they detail themselves(A particular system of entertarecitation (Oral delivery of prep

    Since this kind of organizations

    on the leader, so the selection

    regarded as a critical variable aand effort should be spend on

    Employees working in this kindculture are reluctant to changerespond to the changing enviroignoring the change

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    Key Issues-Chal lenges

    Maintaining and Stronger the Cultureof their System and implement the

    culture to their employees with

    detailed basic of the Culture systemthat Ritz-Carlton have

    To Maintaining NeRitz-Carlton must d

    PlanningRitz Carlton appropriate the new cuconstrains decision mak

    management functions OrganizingManagem

    of independence for em

    Supplementary service

    Process line extensions

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    Key Issues-Learning for othersManage to make their staff happy.

    Explorer employees potential.

    Make environment more flexible.

    Motivate staff for more effective and efficient performance.

    Maintain standards while changing the approach.

    Increased employee satisfaction.

    In time decisions

    Importance of customer services