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Date post: 05-Dec-2014
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My NMDL final project slideshow on Ritz-Carlton
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Setting The Gold Standard In Luxury And Leisure
Page 1: Ritz Carlton

Setting The Gold Standard In Luxury And Leisure

Page 2: Ritz Carlton

Ritz-Carlton Introduction“We Are Ladies and Gentlemen, serving Ladies and


•Brand name of luxury hotels and resorts all over the world

•77 locations located in major cities

•25 resorts in countries worldwide

•Featured on Zagat Top Survey Lists for dining, hotel, and


•A subsidiary of Marriott International

•32,000 employees around the globe

•Achieves customer relations through outstanding service

Page 3: Ritz Carlton

Goals For The Future

• Continue exceptional customer service and an

unparalleled hotel experience

• Enliven the customer’s senses, well-being, and fulfill

their unexpressed wishes and needs

• Interact with hotel guests and loyal customers even

when they are not staying with us

• Create guests for life through memorable moments

throughout their stay

• Keep up with social media platforms and their

marketing advantages

Page 4: Ritz Carlton


• Continue repeat business with hotel guests

• Appeal to the emotionally engaged customer, not just the loyal


• Balancing traditional luxury with the current luxury trends today

• Keeping up with changing consumer preferences with regard to


• Having the right product, in the right location, for the right


Page 5: Ritz Carlton

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Using Pinterest to Engage Consumers In An Exciting Showcase of Our Locations

• Employ a single brand presence to curate experiences and


• Incorporate high-quality, rich media that amplifies valuable

content to the customer

• Exhibit the wishes and dreams of potential guests on our boards

• Ritz-Carlton on Pinterest

• Let the customers share their experiences and stories with


Page 6: Ritz Carlton

Ritz-Carlton On Facebook• Highlight photos and videos uploaded by customers

and employees

• Exquisite views and luxurious offerings from every


• Key information updated by Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Company, LLC.

• Display messages and status’ from current and

future guests

• Contact information for reservations, brand news,

company initiatives

• Ritz-Carlton on Facebook

Page 7: Ritz Carlton

Let Us Stay With YouRitz-Carlton On Twitter

• Tweeting for the luxury traveler from 77 hotels and resorts

around the globe

• Pursuing the images and unique characteristics of each hotel


• Tweeted pictures, videos, and updates from our loyal customers

• Sharing the distinct qualities of our core value with customers:

luxury at its finest

• Ritz-Carlton on Twitter

Page 8: Ritz Carlton

Promotional Contest With Instagram

• Partner with photo sharing application, Instagram, to promote customer experiences and lifestyles

• Enter contest by sending in your opaque-tinted photo of your adventure at a Ritz-Carlton resort

• Winners will be announced every month for the calendar year of 2013

• Prize: Free weekend stay at your choice of Ritz-Carlton hotel or resort, airfare included

• Upload to Ritz-Carlton Facebook page or Twitter under: Ritz-Carlton Instagram Guest Experience

• If under 25, must have legal guardian approve hotel reservations and airfare tickets

• Use promotion to gain more customer exposure, and continue to display our promise of an outstanding experience with every stay

Page 9: Ritz Carlton

Measuring Success• We partner with a social media

agency in Boston called Pandemic Labs

• Act as strategic partners, and help build our brand appropriate assets

• Real-time information from the public

• Tracking consumer sentiment on our brand, and the competition’s

• High-level metrics: mention volume, topical affinity, and where to spend advertising dollars

• Proper development of campaign content by enriching social media presence

• Google AdWords:1. Ritz-Carlton Instagram2. Ritz-Carlton contest3. Luxury hotels4. Hotel photo promotion

Page 10: Ritz Carlton

Budget And Timeline

• The proposed budget to run this promotional contest is around $2 million

• Highest costing weekend stay is about $60,000 including airfare, 12-month promotion= total of $720,000

• $1 million evenly split between room and airfare, and the resources needed to promote Instagram throughout Ritz-Carlton social media sites

• Promotion scheduled for 2013 calendar year• Expecting most inflow of uploaded customer photos

during Holiday months