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Road to Prohibition

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Road to Prohibition. WCTU. Women’s Christian Temperance Union (1874) Stood for women’s rights, child labor laws, worker’s rights, prohibition, etc. 1911= 250,000 members (largest women’s group in nation’s history). Carry Nation. Most successful and well known WCTU reformer was Carry Nation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Road to Prohibition


Womens Christian Temperance Union (1874)Stood for womens rights, child labor laws, workers rights, prohibition, etc.1911= 250,000 members (largest womens group in nations history)

Carry NationMost successful and well known WCTU reformer was Carry Nation.

She would march into a bar and sing and pray, while smashing bar fixtures and stock with a hatchet.

Carry NationBetween 1900 and 1910 she was arrested some 30 times, and paid her jail fines from lecture-tour fees and sales of souvenir hatchets.

Changed her name to Carry A. Nation and referred to herself as A Home Defender.

Anti-Saloon League

Founded in 1895Instead of focusing on individuals, the Anti-Saloon League took a legal stance against alcohol1900-1917= half of states were dryDry- illegal to sell, produce, or use alcohol18th Amendment

Went into effect in January of 1920Prohibition= illegalized sale, production and transportation of liquoruse?Initially, crime and drunkenness decreasedVolstead Act- Created a gov. bureau to monitor and patrol alcohol but was under funded and ineffectiveAl Capone

Chicago bootlegger/gangster

Ran largest crime racket during Prohibition era

St. Valentines Day Massacre- (1929) Bloody shootout between North and South Siders

Arrested for tax evasion and died of Syphillis

Results of ProhibitionSpeakeasies- hidden saloons/ nightclubs used to consume alcohol inEx) offices, tenements, stores, tea rooms, etc.Bootleggers- Smugglers of alcoholEx) Canada, Cuba, West Indies, Mexico, etc.

21st Amendment

Enacted in 1933Repealed ProhibitionBy late 1920s only 19% of Americans supported Prohibition

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