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Roaring 20’s Magazine Project. Magazines vs Newspapers Newspapers covered immediate events –...

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Roaring 20s Magazine Project

Roaring 20s Magazine Project

Magazines vs NewspapersNewspapers covered immediate eventsPoliticsEconomicsDaily editionsShort ArticlesQuick Quotes

Magazines focused onCultureSocietyTechnologySpecial topicsMonthlyIn depth interviewsLonger multi page articlesPhotos

Assignment Students will research the cultural, economic, political and social changes in American society during the 1920s and create a Life Magazine that feature articles about the time period.

The Life Magazine MUST INCLUDE: A colorful cover with image(s) & headline related to one of the 1920s articles within.Interior pages with original articles on the topics below. Articles should be detailed, informative, and utilize multiple sources. Each article must include pictures. There should be 1 to 2 articles per interior page. A back cover that includes the name and class period of the magazines creator AND Works Cited for the project.

Presentation Students will be expected to present their magazine to the class in a manner detailed by the teacher.

Work CitedThere Must Be an Article on EACH Topic That You SelectFor each article, you are required to research the topic of that article. In each article you must have AT LEAST 3 sources of information. At least one source must be a Primary SourceAt least one source must be a Secondary SourceYour third source may be a second Primary OR Secondary SourceYou may have more than 3 sources for an articleYour Works Cited must include the 3 sources you used for each article, or you will not receive credit.

Due DatesResearch: Students will have class time to research their topics and draft their articles during the week of December 1st through 5th Computer Lab: Students will have time in the computer lab to research, type their magazine articles during the week of December 8th through 12th Home: While students will have ample class time to work on their project, the expectation for all students is that they will use time outside of class at home and during PRIDE Period to work on and complete their project. Due Date: B Day December 18th Presentations: Students will present their work in class

Topics: Choose 6 of the following 11 TopicsConsumer CultureAutomobiles & AirplanesMass Media Womens' Equality The Jazz Age Writers & Artists SportsRural vs Urban Youth vs Adult Wets vs Drys during Prohibition Conflict Over Evolution

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