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Robert Guyan May 2005 Robert Guyan May 2005 Digital Camera Session 1 Camera Equipment Pixels &...

Date post: 28-Dec-2015
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Robert Guyan May 2005

Robert Guyan

May 2005

Robert Guyan

May 2005

Digital Camera

Session 1

Camera Equipment

Pixels & Resolution


Settings: Mode Dial, Quality, Resolution


Session 2

Camera to Computer (transferring)

Organize, View, Resize & Email, Print

Camera Equipment

Nikon Coolpix 800

Canon PowerShot G5

Pixels &Resolution

Amelia Earhart in Jelly Beans

Haystack – 1600x1200 Pixels

Seagull (magnified)




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Digital Camera: 2.1 Mp (1600 pixels x 1200 pixels = 1.92 Mp)

Digital Image: 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels (Pixel Dimensions)

Monitor: 800 pixels x 600 pixels or

72 ppi or 96 ppi

Digital Print: 200 dpi (8 in x 6 in print from a 1600 pixel x 1200 pixel Image)


JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group (also abbreviated jpg) and pronounced jay-peg. JPEG is compression technique for colour images and photographs that balances compression against loss of detail in the image. The greater the compression, the more information is lost (this is called Lossy compression).

A compression algorithm that reduces file size by actually removing data from the image. The post-compressed image is different from the pre-compressed image, even though they may look

identical (visually lossless)

TIFF(Tagged Image File Format) An lossless uncompressed image file format that produces no artifacts as is common with other image formats such as JPG.

ArtifactsA visible defect in an image, usually caused by limitations in the input or output process (hardware or software).

Visual digital effects introduced into an image by electrical noise during the capture process or over-compression that do not correspond to the original image being scanned. Artifacts might include pixellation, dotted or straight lines, regularly repeated patterns, moiré, etc.

Artifacts (640x480 (no resize))

Aspect Ratio = Width/Height

Digital Image Aspect Ratio = 4/3 = 1.33

Monitor Aspect Ratio = 800/600 = 1.33

HDTV Aspect Ratio = 16/9 = 1.77

4x6 Prints Aspect Ratio = 6/4 = 1.5

640/480 = 1.33

400x300 Pixels

Aspect Ratio=1.33

6x4 Inches

Aspect Ratio=1.50

Mystic Color Prints: 5.3x4 Inches

Aspect Ratio=1.33


Mode Dial



Others: Set to Auto

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Kodak EasyShare CX7430

4 Megapixels – 3x Zoom

Olympus D230 Back Controls

Nikon E800 – Mode Dial

Nikon – Selecting Image Quality

Nikon – Selecting Image Resolution

Canon – Top Controls

Canon G5 - Back Controls

Canon – Selecting Image Quality

Canon – Selecting Image Resolution

Canon A510

Number of pictures (64 Mb CF Memory)


Quality Setting Compression 1600x1200 640x480 (Hi-Res) (VGA)

Hi (tiff) None 11 -----

Fine (jpeg) 1/4 64 400

Normal (jpeg) 1/8 128 800

Basic (jpeg) 1/16 257 1600

File Size of Pictures

Image File Size: 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels x 3 bytes/pixel x 0.15 (15% jpeg compression) = 864 K bytes

Photo Tip #1

Move In Closer


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Photo Tip #2

If your camera has a continuous or burst shooting mode, use it to get a better picture. A half smile could be better than a quarter smile.

Camera to Computer

Camera to Computer

Transferring Images

Organizing Photos

Viewing Images

Resize & Email

Printing Photos

Photo Tip #3

Use the self timer on your camera to reduce camera shake. Set the timer to 2 seconds – enough time for the camera to be steady after shutter release.

Nikon Image Transfer


Images Transferring

New Folder for

Transferred Images

Canon Camera Window


Canon Camera Window Select

Canon All Files Selected

Canon Download Settings

Canon Downloading Images

Canon Downloaded Images

Canon Import Images (Card Reader)

Canon Select Images

Direct from Camera

Canon G5 as a Temporary Drive

Canon G5 Camera Tasks

Get Pictures from Camera Wizard

Get Pictures from Camera Wizard

Organizing Photos

Organizing Images

Irfanview Image/Resize

Irfanview Resize Dialog

The End