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ROMAN CATHOLIC Church 973-383 -1985 · PDF file 7/26/2020  · Saint Joseph ROMAN...

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  • Saint Joseph ROMAN CATHOLIC Church


    seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time - july 26, 2020


    of Masses

    Weekdays Monday-Friday at 12:05pm

    Weekends Saturday (Sunday Vigil) at 5:00pm

    Sunday at 8:00am, 9:30am & 11:30am

    Confession Saturday at 4:00-4:30pm

    (or by appointment)

  • Our Parish Family is Served By

    Weekly Mass Intentions

    Father ST Sutton, Pastor 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Father Alexander Londono, Migrant Ministry [email protected]

    Father Edward Davey, Pastor Emeritus

    Deacon Thomas Zayac, Deacon [email protected]

    Karen Glowatski, Office Administrator 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Doreen Zimmerman, Administrative Assistant 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Christine Shell, Director of Food Pantry 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Faith Formation - 973-383-8413 [email protected]

    Kelly Robinson, Director of Music Ministry

    [email protected]

    Sharon Eltzholtz, Bulletin Assistant [email protected]

    Robert Lasser, Finance Administrator [email protected] - 973-383-1985

    TRUSTEES OF THE PARISH Dorothy Bosi, George Hayek

    and Gerard Woodring

    seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time – july 26, 2020

    The Sanctuary Lamp, which burns near the Tabernacle

    as a reminder of our Lord’s presence in the Most Holy Eucharist,

    burns this week in loving memory of:

    And the hosts and wine, which will become the Holy Body and Precious Blood of our Lord, were given in loving memory of:

    Weekly Remembrance

    May they now be resting in the peace of the Lord’s heavenly kingdom!

    We pray for all those who are in need of the Lord’s healing presence:

    Gary Arvary, Ron Ayers, Gene Belcher, Fred Bender, Mary Benziger, Egon Berninger,

    John Ciccone, Louise Crann, Father Angelus Croce, James Cunningham, Alex DeMartino, Derya Demirtas,

    Jennifer DiNardo, Mary Ann Dowling, Jennifer Downing, Russell English, John Fedash, Kathie Fetchko, Chris Flora,

    Theresa Fusco, Monsignor Mark Giordani, Jim Gluszak, Gladys & John Greed, Joy Grenewicz, Suzanne Hammond, Finnuala Hanifan, Jessica & Hannah Joseph, Ann Inglima,

    Susan Kadar, Father Daniel Kelly, Jessica Kirby, Darby Knox, Valerie Landell, Shirley Lavin, Elaine LeFever, Roberto Leyva,

    Beth Malkin, Sal Mauceli, Deirdre Metzger, Sharon Miller, Jake Michael Miraldi, Mike Palumbo, Cheryl Piritz,

    Joyce & Mike Polster, Michael Porfido, James Proulx, Joan Riccardi, John Rokicki, Donna Rozsas, Alexia Russ,

    Father Jude Salus, George Scarpa, Ben Sellitto, Coleen Shields, Crystal Siro, Francis Siro, Terri Skill, Ernest Sprague, Gloria Steets, Kristen &

    Sofia Steets, Evelyn Strauss, Joni Strauss, Delia Sutton, Edna & Paul Swenson and Rita Zimich.

    Saturday 7/25 5:00pm Mike Biron Kevin Ryan Herrmann

    Sunday July 26th Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time




    Loreta Reyes Thomas C. Haxon

    Loring R. Reyes Roberta Treptau

    Eric Despotovich Francis & Stella Covel

    Monday 7/27 12:05pm James Lee

    Tuesday 7/28 12:05pm James C. Whitaker

    Wednesday 7/29 12:05pm Father Hugh P. Murphy

    Thursday 7/30 12:05pm Thomas C. Haxton

    Friday 7/31 12:05pm Donald Charette

    Saturday 8/1 5:00pm Wayne Van Vleet

    Sunday August 2nd Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time




    Richard Rodimer Monsignor John Demkovich

    Chet Zukowski, Sr. Ted Olechowski

    Francis & Stella Covel Terry Saita

    “Oremus Pro Invicem”

    mailto:[email protected]

  • This week’s events

    Food pantry

    July 19, 2020

    Collection $6,011 Online Giving $1,458

    Total: $7,469

    Thank you for your generosity!

    Confessions will continue this week

    on Saturday from 4:00-4:30pm

    in front of the Blessed Mother’s Altar.

    Public Daily Mass continues each day

    Monday-Friday at 12:05pm.

    Weekend Masses are the normal schedule!

    August 2, 2020

    Isaiah 55:1-3 Romans 8:35, 37-39

    Saint Matthew 14:13-21


    Next Weekend readings

    “If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”

    Welcome Back!

    We thank everyone who dropped off groceries this past week in church after Mass and at our food pantry.

    For the safety of our volunteers and clients, we will continue to have our clients complete a shopping list of their needs and desires. A shopping bag will be filled by the volunteers and given to the clients.

    Now that we are open, the following items are most needed. Thank you so much for your support for our Saint Mother Teresa food pantry.

    Ketchup Toilet paper Mayonnaise Paper towels Canned chicken Laundry detergent Canned tuna Dish soap Hamburger Helper (all kinds) Shampoo Chef Boyardee (all kinds) Conditioner Pancake syrup Body wash Baked beans Deodorant (men/women) Cookies Toothpaste Fruit snacks Men’s shampoo Knorr’s pasta sides (all kinds) Cat food Knorr’s rice sides (all kinds) Dog food Spam Snack-size applesauce and puddings Canned white potatoes Flavored oatmeal Salad Dressing (Ranch, French and Thousand Island)

    New office hours

    “Chrism Mass in July”

    We congratulate our new bishop as he celebrated his first “Chrism Mass

    in July” this past Wednesday evening at the Cathedral of Saint

    John the Baptist in Paterson.

    Although there was a small crowd of priests, deacons, seminarians, religious and laity, it was a great

    start of his legacy as the 8th Bishop of the Diocese of Paterson.

    The Bishop highlighted the need to pray for the “wounded army” of

    priests who serve the diocese and also focused on how the Church

    needs to be present, listening to those who have been affected by the clergy abuse scandal. Bravo Bishop!!

    Ad multos annos!

    The Parish Center Offices are open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm. We can be reached at: 973-383-1985

    or by email: [email protected]

  • First holy communion

    Hanna Rose Austin

    Dylan Edward Carleton

    Diego Ezequiel Diaz

    Baltazar & Alexander Jaoudy

    Adamary & Jan Carlos Lugo-Cinto

    Justin Ivan Menjivar Guerra

    Alexa Marie Nogueira

    Congratulations to all our First Holy Communicants - July 18, 2020

    Ricardo Carbajal-Cinto

    Patrick Rigail

    Abriana Nuvia Restrepo

    Mariska Esperanza Sanchez-Reyes

    Jason Charles Schell, Jr.

    Myles Matthew Sutich

    Giovanny & Nicole Diane Villegas-Sanchez

  • What will become our new “normal?”

    Over the past several months, many people have emailed and written to me, reminding me of their support (both prayerfully and financially) during this global epidemic. I think it deserves repeating; again and again, I am truly in awe of the generosity of so many people. Thank you!

    I have also received correspondence concerning the fear and anguish people are experiencing in losing what they knew as “normal” in their lives and in our local church of Saint Joseph. “It doesn’t feel warm and friendly coming anymore.” “What happened to our parish family?” “Will we ever return to ‘normal’ again?” To which I can only say; we will never return to what we had because it is in the past. Still, what we will create in the future (I believe) will be something different and my hope and prayer is, something better.

    These past few weeks, we have heard the parables of Jesus using the imagery of the soil and the seeds. To take this motif a step further, it seems like someone has uprooted our grain of good deeds and faith and not only planted weeds, but poisonous and truly evil deeds as well.

    Violence in our streets has reached epidemic proportions. Damage to property, stores, civil and religious statues have been defaced and toppled, millions of dollars in destruction and the worst, the absolute worst, is the loss of innocent life which has been all accomplished in the name of “progress?” I think not.

    As always, I am a hopeful realist for our future. I continually believe that it is always darkest before the dawn. That like many people who need to “hit bottom” before getting clean and sober, I believe it is the same for society as well. Unfortunately, watching our nation “hit bottom” is not a pleasant thing to endure or witness.

    The same is true for our Church as well. It seems being separated from The Most Blessed Sacrament at daily Mass for eighty-eight days may have been “rock bottom” for many (at least it was for me). Now, seeing our church half empty makes me genuinely sad as well. Nonetheless, I truly realize, understand, and respect the fear that so many people still have about the virus and how it is transmitted. Still, little

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