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Roman Catholic Church of Saint Aedan .Roman Catholic Church of Saint Aedan 23 Reld Drive, ......

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  • Roman Catholic Church of

    Saint Aedan 23 Reld Drive, Pearl River, NY 10965

    March 13, 2016



    REV. JOHN F. X. PALATUCCI Parochial Vicar



    MARIE GARTNER Religious Education Coordinator


    TEL 735-7405 - FAX 735-4125

    PARISH EMAIL staedan@optonline.net





    Saturdays: 5:30 PM (Satisfies the Sunday obligation) Sundays: 8:00AM, 10:00AM, 12:00 PM &7:00 PM Weekdays: Monday Friday 9:00 AM, 12:10 PM

    Novena following 9:00 AM Mass (Monday and Tuesday)

    Saturdays: 9:00 AM Holy Days: 5:30 PM Eve of Holy Day 9:00 AM, 12:10PM, 7:00PM


    Saturdays: 4:30 5:15 PM BAPTISMS

    1st and 3rd Sunday at 1:30 PM. Parents please call Rectory to make arrangements.

    MARRIAGES Arrangements should be made at least six months prior to the date selected. PARISH RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM (PREP) 845-735-2036


    MARCH 13, 2016

    First Reading: Isaiah 43:16-21 God says not to remember the events from long ago, but to focus on the things he plans to do next. He also claims he will again help his chosen people when they need him.

    Second Reading: Philippians 3:8-14 Paul describes knowledge of Jesus as more important than knowledge of the Old Law. He wishes to share in the power of Jesus' resurrection, and speaks of concentrating on the finish line of the race with salvation as the prize to be won.

    Gospel: John 8:1-11 Jesus preached forgiveness of sin, but in the old law those accused of adultery were to be stoned. So the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus and brought a woman accused of adultery to him, asking him what he would do to her. Jesus asked that one without sin cast the first stone, and then all of the elders left. Jesus told the woman that he did not condemn her, but warned her to avoid such sin in the future.

    HERES WHATS COMING UP THIS WEEK MARCH 14th - 20th MONDAY 3/14 CYO End of Year Dinner TUESDAY 3/15 PREP Confessions 4:30P.M. WEDNESDAY 3/16 - PREP Confessions - 4:30P.M. THURSDAY 3/17- St. Patrick's Day Legion of Mary - 10:00 A.M. FRIDAY3/18- Pasta with Parish Night (6:00 - 7:15 P.M.) Stations of the Cross - 7:30 P.M. (Meatless Day) SATURDAY 3/19 St. Joseph's Day - PARISH BIBLE STUDY 9:30-11:00 A.M. weekly, parish hall. SUNDAY 3/20 Passion (Palm) Sunday Pearl River St. Patrick's Day Parade 1:30 P.M. _______________________________________________ The SECOND COLLECTION next week is for Parish Finance Assessment.

    SANCTUARY LAMP will burn from March 13th - 19th




    SUNDAY COLLECTION BASKET MARCH 6, 2016 $ 10,056 MARCH 8, 2015 $ 7,964

    MONDAY 9:00 AM George & Patricia Reers 3/14 12:10 PM John & Bridget Mulligan TUESDAY 9:00 AM Patrick & Mary O'Sullivan 3/15 12:10 PM Bridget O'Leary WEDNESDAY 9:00 AM Margaret Hickey 3/16 12:10 PM Billy De Sapio THURSDAY 9:00 AM Eleanor Palatucci 3/17 12:10 PM Joan Taughran Nancy White & Kay Lacey FRIDAY 9:00 AM Cunnion Family 3/18 12:10 PM In Thanskgivine SATURDAY 9:00 AM Palatucci Family 3/19 5:30 PM William Albert SUNDAY 8:00 AM George Atkins 3/20 10:00 AM Richard Sheehan 12:00 PM D/M Cucchiara & Mattiace Families 7:00 PM Mass for Parishioners

    Steven Bailey, Kenneth Romejko, Janet Valerio, Billy Keenan, Brian Dillon, Charlene Kasnosky, Maryanne Siemers, Nicki Kelley, Michael Fury, Lisa

    Shapiro, John Kennedy, Josephine Cucchiara, Dick Clarke, Ken and Bernadette Sibon, Alice Luska, Roger Schardt, Brian Casse, Sharon Stonebridge, Alice Leesha, Dylan Ciarletta, Steven Lynn. Philip O'Brien, Betty Phillips. Jason Pritchard, Brian Connolly, John Javora, Fran Zujkowski, Karla Trotta, Mary Hopeck, Martin Connelly, Marvelli Family, Alan Handsman., Kenneth Babock, Barbara DeSapio. John Dodd, Catherine Dwyer, Jean Marvelli, Kathleen Boriello, Emily Gulino, Beatrice Dillon, Jim Russell, Maria Portoro, Ann Pittinger, Jessica Maloney. A persons name will appear on this list for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, it will be removed unless we hear from a family member.

    We remember all of our recently deceased loved ones especially Theresa Wilson,

    Mary Lennon & John Bosco ____________________________________________


    PLEASE JOIN US! You are invited to share in a delicious meatless pasta dinner served right here in our gym EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT DURING LENT.. The dinners will be served from 6:00 7:15 p.m. and will feature salad, meatless pasta, rolls & butter, soft drink, coffee/tea and dessert. (Wine will also be available for a nominal charge.) In order to help keep the cost of this event affordable for everyone, we will be asking the same amount we do for our monthly pancake breakfasts - $3.00 seniors, $4.00 singles and just $8.00 for a family with young children. Following dinner, you are most welcome to join us in the church for our traditional Stations of the Cross beginning at 7:30 p.m. So, please allow us to care for both body and soul this Lent by participating in this parish family meal followed by the Stations of the Cross.

    It would help if you RSVP to our parish office 735-7405.


    As of Friday, March 4th, our returns indicate that, at present, our parish has received total pledges amounting to $38,661.00 from 108 individuals and households. This represents 46 % of our assigned parish goal of $84,000.00. It comes out to an average gift of $357.97. We are very concerned that each and every individual and household is accurately enrolled in our newly updated parish database. If you have not received this years Cardinals Appeal letter, in the mail, then wed like to fix this as soon as possible. Please contact the parish office during the week. Its meant a lot of hours and hard work at our end but it is our fervent hope to eventually have all of our parishioners properly registered with Saint Aedans. Thank you for your help and your patience with this. (845-735-7405).

    ____________________________________ WELCOME TO THE CARDINALS APPEAL

    IN PEW SOLICITATION WEEKEND As announced from the pulpit last Sunday, this weekend, the pastors of the Archdiocese are being asked to dedicate some pulpit time to this years Cardinals Appeal. If you have already received an appeal letter in the mail but have not yet sent in your pledge, please do so this week. You may mail it to the Appeal Office or else drop it off at the Parish House office. In addition, this weekend, the faithful are being asked to give prayerful consideration to making a sacrificial pledge at each of our Sunday masses. Your pledge will help support the vital services of the Archdiocese religious education for our public school children; Catholic school education; seminary training for our future priests; a dignified retirement for our elderly religious sisters and brothers; the never ending requests Catholic Charities receives from the large numbers of the poor and the needy amongst us. Additional envelopes are available in the lobby of the church or from the parish office. Please pledge whatever your own personal financial means will allow. Thank you and God bless you. Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto me.

    ______________________________________SUPPORT OUR UNIFORMED MEN AND WOMEN God bless all of our uniformed men and women who

    serve both at home and abroad.

    David Trancyner, Ian Michael Parise, Martin O'Neill, Mark B. Kelly, Kevin Gulino, Neil Fitzgerald.

    Saint Michael the Archangel pray for them! ____________________________________________


    www.cardinaldolan.org _____________________________________

    ST. PATRICKS DAY MARCH 17TH St. Patrick is the Principal Patron of the Archdiocese of New York and Titular Patron of the Metropolitan Cathedral. Archiocesan churches will, therefore, regard the day as a Solemnity and masses will feature white vestments. Saint Patrick, born about 389, was believed to be of RomanBritish origins. It is believed that he may have come from Wales. He eventually founded the Metropolitan See of Armagh and Confessio; the famous Lorica (breastplate), a work praising Christ, is probably his. He is also the Patron Saint of Nigeria and traditionally regarded as the Apostle and Patron Saint of Ireland. He died in 461 at Down. The Rockland County St. Patricks Parade this year will take place in Pearl River on Sunday, March 20th beginning at 1:30 p.m.

    _____________________________________ THE HOLY SEASON OF LENT

    ALMSGIVING AND MITE BOXES Many thanks to those

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