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ROMAN CATHOLIC Church - Saint Joseph, Newton · ROMAN CATHOLIC Church 973-383-1985 Schedule of...

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  • Saint Joseph ROMAN CATHOLIC Church


    Schedule of Masses

    Weekdays Monday and Tuesday at 8:00am

    Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:05pm

    Saturday (Vigil) at 5:00pm

    Sundays 8:00am, 9:30am (Community Center)

    11:30am and 6:00pm

    Misa en Espanol todos los Domingos a las 2:30pm

    Sacrament of

    Reconciliation Saturday 4:00pm-4:30pm

    Sacraments of Baptism,

    Marriage &

    Personal Appointments

    Please call the Parish Center

    January 3, 2016

  • Our Parish Family is Served By

    Weekly Mass Intentions

    Father ST Sutton, Administrator 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Father Edward Davey, Pastor Emeritus

    Deacon Gerald Hanifan Deacon Alfred Kucinski Deacon Thomas Zayac

    Deborah Henegan, Director of Faith Formation (Elementary) 973-383-8413 - [email protected]

    Sarah Samanns, - Director of Faith Formation (High School) 973-940-0223 - [email protected]

    Kelly Dachisen, Director of Music Ministry [email protected]

    Anne Lundgren, Office Manager 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    Karen Glowatski, Office Assistant 973-383-1985 - [email protected]

    TRUSTEES OF THE PARISH Dorothy Bosi and George Hayek

    Saint Joseph Regional School

    20 Jefferson Street - 973-383-2909 Mrs. Patricia A. Klebez, Principal

    Saturday 1/02

    5:00pm Donna Holden Joseph Pellek

    Sunday January 3rd





    Lena Napolitano Thomas Sherman

    Antoinette Giannetto

    Anna Plevyak James Nicholas Costello

    Edmond Lyden Hannigan

    Monday 01/04

    8:00am Lori Schaffer

    Tuesday 01/05

    8:00am Renea J. Worth

    Wednesday 01/06


    Lorraine Latoraca

    Thursday 01/07

    12:05pm Hulda Annon

    Friday 1/08

    12:05pm Alcira & Oscar Ortiz

    Saturday 1/09

    11:00am 5:00pm

    Memorial Mass Lois McDonald

    Sunday January 10th





    Theresa Bocchino

    Samuel S. Ciccone Jack Keppelmeier James Costello Michelina Major

    Oremus pro invicem



    Karen Morrison, Rosemary Woodring, Kerri Knight,

    Pat Fitzpatrick, Mary Benziger, Nancy Pyne Bliesath, Margaret Fitzmaurice, Ann Martin,

    Laurie Gallant, Dorothy Bosi, David Olson, Marlene

    Fierro, Carmen Sanchez, Bill Matulewicz, Bill Bender, George Towle, Beth Wetherill, Kathie Looney, Denise

    Lorber, Cathy VanBruinisse, Jessica Kirby, Greg Orvetz, Lois Nolan, Ron Ayers, Michael Ryan,

    Michael Palumbo, Joe Riccardi,

    Ed Huff, Roberta Treptau, Susan Allanson, Ana Desjardin and Connie Pyne.

    The Epiphany of the Lord - January 3, 2016



    Where all Children are Inspired and Challenged

    ENROLLING NOW! Strong Roman Catholic Identity and Faithfulness to Church Teachings and Traditions Pre-K through 7th Grade

    Full Day Kindergarten AdvancEd Accreditation Academic Excellence State-of-the-Art Technology Dynamic, Highly-Qualified Teachers Enriching Extra-Curricular Activities Strong Parental Involvement Safe Environment Before/After School Care

    Contact us today for more information, to set up a tour at (973) 383-2909 or visit our website at:

    stjosephregionalschool.org. We will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week, January 31st

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Monday, January 4 4:05-5:20pm Faith Formation (School & Parish Center) 6:50-8:05pm Faith Formation (School ) 5:00pm Basketball `(Community Center) Tuesday, January 5 4:05-5:20pm Faith Formation (School ) 5:00pm Basketball (Community Center) Wednesday, January 6 5:00pm Basketball (Community Center) 7:00pm R.C.I.A. (Parish Center) Thursday, January 7 5:00pm Basketball (Community Center) 7:00pm Knights of Columbus (Parish Center) 7:30pm Choir Practice (Church) Friday, January 8 5:00pm Basketball (Community Center) Saturday, January 9 8:00am-2:00pm Basketball (Community Center) 2:00-9:00pm Basketball Dinner (Community Center) Sunday, January 10 10:30am Confirmation Class (School & Parish Center) 2:00pm Baptism Class (Parish Center) 3:30pm Squires (Parish Center)

    This weeks events

    New Years Resolutions

    December 20th


    Regular Collection: $8,680

    Attendance: 872 Thank you for your continued

    Parish Weekend Donations

    January 10, 2016 Isaiah 42:1-4, 6-7 Acts of the Apostles 10:34-38

    Saint Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

    Weekend readings


    Norman & Martha Feller Roman Salza Paul Virtell Frances Rogers Robert Paul Reskovac Grace & Anthony DeCarlucci Members of the Banks family Rita & Lewis Sengstacke Cesar Villalobos Ciarleglio-Brown family Bianchi family

    Victims & families of: - 9/11 attacks - Benghazi attacks - San Bernardo attacks Our Men & Women in the Armed Forces of America ...continued on last page

    Each and every year gyms, workout centers and dieting plans see a wave of people that flock to them with great hopes of making this year their thin and fit year! Unfortunately, over 90% of these good intentioned individuals find themselves paying the rest of their years membership while their matching jogging outfits, gym shorts and sneakers sit in the corner. While I am a huge supporter of being healthy in our bodies, I also think it is a great time to make some spiritual resolutions as well. Here are just a few things to think about that might get us on the right path this coming year. 1. Make it priority to come to Mass each and

    every week. 2. Make a commitment of bringing your

    children to church with you each week. 3. Considering volunteering in our many

    ministries here at Saint Joseph Church. 4. Promise to bring food with you each and

    every week for those less fortunate than we. 5. Make a pledge to prayerfully support your

    church from your substance and not your excess.

    6. Consider volunteering as a Eucharistic Minister, Greeter, Counter, Volunteer at the Food Pantry, Saturday Cleaners etc.

    7. Visit a friend or family member in a nursing home.

    8. Call a friend that might need a listening ear or a comforting voice.

    9. Do a kind and selfless act each and every day. 10. Consider making a confession (I heard Father

    ST is real easy). 11. Talk to Father about regularizing your

    marriage (no matter how long ago you might have been divorced or separated).

    12. Consider being a member of the soon to be formed Parish Council.

    13. You can fill in the rest here.

  • 20 + C + M + B + 16

    New Years House Blessing A good way to begin the New Year is to bless your homes during the week of January 3rd on the Feast of the Epiphany. Use the blessed chalk you receive at Mass this weekend, to write the blessing on the inside lintel of the main door of your house.

    Christians are encouraged to bless their homes at the beginning of each new year. Two thousand and Sixteen stands for the New Year and the initials, joined by crosses, stand for the three Wise Men (Caspar, Melchoir and Balthasar) who represent the peoples of the world. They offered Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. With family members present, begin the Ritual of Blessing. Perhaps one of your younger family members or an elder member could do the reading from Lukes Gospel.

    Family member: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. All: Amen.

    Family member: May the God whom we glorify with one heart and voice enable us, through the Spirit, to live in harmony as followers of Christ Jesus, now and forever.

    All: Amen.

    Family member: When Christ took flesh through the Blessed Virgin Mary, he made his home with us. Let us now pray that he will enter this home and bless it with his presence. May he always be here among us; may he nurture our love for each other, share in our joys, and comfort us in our sorrows. Inspired by his teachings and example, seek to make our home before all else a dwelling place of love, diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ.

    Family member: (Read the Gospel of Luke 10:5-9)

    Everyone prays together an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be for the intentions of Pope Francis.

    All: Amen.

    (If there is holy water available, sprinkle it in all the rooms while praying:) Let this water call to mind our baptism into Christ, who has redeemed us by his death and resurrection.

    Family member: Lord, be close to your servants who abide here and ask for a blessing. Be our shelter when we are at home, our companion when we are away, and our welcome guest when we return. And at last receive us into the dwelling place you have prepared for us in your Fathers house, where you live forever and ever.

    All: Amen.

    Family member: May the peace of Christ rule our hearts, and may the word of Christ in all its richness dwell in us, so that whatever we do in word and in work, we will do in the name of the Lord.

    All: Amen. (After the prayer is prayed, inscribe over the main door of your home the blessing: 20 + C + M + B + 16).

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year! Saint Joseph Churchs Pastoral Staff


    Helen Kiely Deceased members of the Goettisheim & Rowan families Kloss & Apgar families Samanns family Jacobs & Tyrell families William T. Rogers Sr. Joseph Didyk Theresa Didyk Dr. R. Didyk Lenon Federon Hattie Syslo Gregg Bitondo Aurelio & Jalia Alfonzo Hajtovik, Yezierski & Lynch families John & James Kalefut Jack Banks In Honor of Ann Nykaza The Riccardi Children The Black family Geo. J. Boos Mr & Mrs. G. Convery Lamonaca & Miragliotta families In Honor of Loendo A. Mier II A.J. Vandervoort Elda Rummel Frank Rummel John D. Macarell, Jr

    Daniel Coranoto Galuppo & Cortes families Olah, Stein & Sprinceana families Rose Riha Randy Riha Joseph Riha Jack Riha Angelo Inglima Sr. Doris Caruso Mr. & Mrs. T. Lockwood Steven Raynor Mr. & Mrs. William Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Harold Raynor Lois M. McDonald Marie Galka Dianne Ferretti Chase Veliz Hamifan & Curry families Anne & John Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Izzolo Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Paulino Marie Tosti Dean Paulino Pauline & Joseph Pompilio Nancy Cerciello Gayle DAmelio Members of Mansfield family Mercedes Scabet

    Dibsie family Hayek family Currie & Moore families Vince & Jenny Capra Salvatore & Carmela Giacino Rosaria Alford Margaret Devine John Devine Mr. & Mrs. Salvador Bosis Barbara Morsell Leo & Sophie Szymczak John Hoch John Hoch Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Mancini Rev. Brendon Ryan Karl, Marie & Jeanette Ratz Michael & Patricia Ryan Louis Gombosi John & Helen Gorey


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