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Rome International Training Tour

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Rome International Training Tour. Richard Violanti: 11/7 - 11/11/2014. Session Goals Introduction Getting started Recruiting, fundraising Organization Communication Preparations Bon Voyage!. How did I get here?. So…you want to lead a tour…. How do I start? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rome International Training Tour

Richard Violanti: 11/7 - 11/11/2014

Session GoalsIntroductionGetting startedRecruiting, fundraisingOrganization CommunicationPreparationsBon Voyage!

2How did I get here?

How do I start?START EARLY. (12-18 months)Decide on location. (Class goals, interest)Decide on Chaperones. TRUST.Board of Education or not?Formulate a Parent Letter.Hold an Introduction meeting.

Soyou want to lead a tour.

Parent Letter*Price*Itinerary*Objective*Honesty!

Distribute parent letter, setting a meeting date.DO THIS EARLY! Planning a year and a half in advance makes for best tours. Cheaper, better organized, more travelers.BE ORGANIZED, CONFIDENT & TRUTHFUL!Utilize EF Materials. (On Tour Videos, Web resources)Presentation which outlines goals regarding the trip.Expectations, prices, fundraising. Travel Contract? Alcohol or tobacco? Night activity? CONTRACT?Qualifications for travel? How many go? (+ 3 Rule)Fundraising?

Introduction meetingRely on excitement to recruit participants.Neighboring schools? GEA Program through EF? 1st person referrals are best.EF provides materials. (Web, Digital, print)STRESS EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL VALUE!As years go by, hang pictures, advertise, use Social Media. Let students and their excitement from previous years be your main tool of recruitment.

Student Excitement

Confidence and Truth.Share stories, share pictures.Stress importance of positive attitudes and flexibility in travel! Introduce chaperones you trust, and can deal with the diversity of your particular group. Selection of chaperones is key. They must be an extension of you, and believe in the same ideals as you.

Introduction meeting

Hold a registration meeting, or offer DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to register.

Encourage use of the EF Website to Register, and the use of AUTO-PAY. (18 months leads to cheaper monthly payments!)

I do not handle any money directly other than fundraising funds. Easiest method is AUTO-PAY.

Check your Group Status reports after registration, and consistently know the deadlines and reinforce them constantly.

RegistrationCommunicating your objectives and expectations is crucial to success.Get to know your Tour Consultant (TC), talk with them constantly, and learn what they need from you. COMMUNICATE! KNOW YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. (Rooming, Insurance, Optionals, etc.) TALK TO THEM!Find ways to keep parents and students informed about the progress of your trip.Meetings, Calendar of dates. ( I hold 6 per school year)Website? (Mr.Violanti, Iroquois High School)Social Media, REMIND 101 Tour Newsletters?E-Mail updates (Make sure address is accurate and PARENTS)

Communication with EF and parents

If you choose to run fundraising, be creative and determined. Some students may depend on it completely, others not at all.

Fundraising?Communicate and prepare.Insurance Coverage? Highly Recommend. I insist.Optional Tours?Collection of Tip Money? DO THIS BEFORE LEAVINGRooming Lists?Dates of travel?Will other groups be with you?Emergency information. (emergency cards)Medical situations? Allergies? Vegetarian? Medication? Airline Requirements?Make your expectations and the goals of the trip clear. Communicate them often.The more they know, the less shock! (Day One!!)Use meeting to educate them in the following areas:Pace of the Tour. (Exhausting at times! First day blues..)Wake up timesMeals, Hotel standards, cultural standards. (Toilets! Dress codes)What will they see? Prepare them with games, quizzes, scavenger hunts, guest speakers, examples.The absolute need for positive attitudes and to expect the unexpected.They look to You and the Chaperonesshow them positive things.

BEFORE YOU GO HANDOUTSetting Expectations.Set expectations for packing.ONE Suitcase, ONE Carry on, Passport Holder.No more than 50 lbs. No bigger than 22 inches.Need to have vs. Nice to haveThe rule of 7 and disposable clothing, laundry.Practice!!! Make them carry bags at a meeting! Have them create a list and go over it at meeting.Buddy Lists for common items. (chargers, toiletries) Extra packing by chaperones. Extra Suitcase with food, supplies.Check packing list example in Before you Go

Packing.Hold a final departure meeting.Distribute all final materials, hotel lists, itinerary, flight information, phone trees, emergency contact information.Make sure you have made 2 copies of passports. One for you to carry, one to be left at home.Acquire local currency prior to leaving.Collect tip money.Make your plan to meet for departure. (school? Airport?)Answer final questions, and convey excitement! REMEMBER POSITIVE and FLEXIBLE!

Final days, and Bon Voyage!Day of departureArrive EARLY!!!! (3 hours international)Luggage tags, clearly labeled with Tour Number and name.Review plane etiquette.Make sure positive attitudes are in place.

ALWAYS REMEMBER.The more time and planning you put in prior to departure day, the easier your journey will be. PREPARE FOR EVERYTHING! Have a plan!


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