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Rosalina · 2020. 8. 24. · Rosalina Fire and sparkle radiate from this exquisite Argyle Fancy...

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  • RosalinaFire and sparkle radiate from this exquisite Argyle Fancy Purplish Red Diamond, encircled by fine

    Pink and White Diamonds, magnificently complemented by Argyle Blue Diamonds.

    Over the centuries, dance has been the means for passing stories from generation to generation, and as a catalyst for expressing feelings toward loved ones - such is the way with jewellery. Both artful mediums focus on dramatic curves and precise virtuoso techniques imparting ideas and telling a story.

    Every jewel is a new story, a new song, a new ballet, casting a fresh light on all things possible; where every design combines a touch of history with hints of the future. Calleija’s inspiration for our 30th anniversary collection rose from this fusion of modern and classical, artistic flourishes and flowing movement expressed in complex arches, colour and crescendos mirrored in the graceful art of ballet.

    Be inspired to tell your story through your jewellery. Share your feelings and emotions in beautifully crafted creations. Seize the moment to have your dreams and desires harnessed in a Calleija design to be enjoyed with love.

    C E L E B R A T I N G 3 0 Y E A R S

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  • ElyssaA beautifully feminine

    0.55ct Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Australian Argyle Diamond, framed in a brilliant Argyle Pink Diamond setting. 4 5

  • Proud to be an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier for over two decades, Calleija is recognised for their dedication and knowledge in creating the finest pieces of Pink Diamond jewellery as seen on royalty, actresses and loyal clients worldwide. As a leading specialist in Argyle Pink Diamonds, Calleija has a practiced eye for selecting the most beautiful and rare treasures of nature. We go to great lengths to acquire the best Pink Diamonds at the invitation-only annual Argyle Tender, where the rarest Pink Diamonds are sold to the highest bidders in a secret ballot. A variety of diamonds ranging in colour from pale rose blush to vivid purplish pink, and occasionally striking reds, have been sold at the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, which also happens to be celebrating its 30th anniversary along with Calleija in 2014.

    The Diamond Mine is rapidly approaching extinction and, to put the true scarcity of these exquisite diamonds into perspective, it is interesting to note that since the mine began production in 1984, only 1% of the 600 million stones produced from Argyle are pink. With less than six years of production remaining in the Argyle Diamond Mine, where very few Tender Diamonds are said to remain,“Argyle Pink Tender Diamonds are literally one in a million” says John Calleija. “Born over billions of years, these incredible diamonds are one of nature’s rarest creations and truly a unique heirloom that you may only ever see once in a lifetime”.

    JulietA highly prized and collectable 1.13ct Australian Argyle

    Heart Shaped Purple Pink Tender Diamond recently discovered from the Argyle Diamond Mine in 2014.

    JosefinaImpressive in her size and beauty, Josefina is the epitome of rarity

    and desire. This 1.64ct Australian Argyle Oval Pink Diamond was one of the finest jewels in the 2014 Argyle Tender.

    ValentiaUniquely Calleija, and featuring a

    0.53ct Purplish Pink Argyle Tender Diamond, this striking design evokes the essence

    of bespoke craftmanship.Viewing by appointment only. 6 7

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  • Like Spring adorning Mother Earth in glistening colour, this elegant 0.62ct Argyle Pink Diamond brings with her the energy and promise of radiant beauty.


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  • The ‘Bellarina’ Necklet

    Like an elegant swan about to take flight,Pink Diamonds, Rose Gold cast a radiant light.

    A promise of love, ethereal and true,Worn close to the heart, the essence of you.

    Inspired by the graceful and beguiling ballet, Swan Lake, full of mesmerising moments and exceptional mastery, John Calleija has created this special

    commemorative piece to mark the 30th year in Calleija’s history.

    Comprising of thirty Argyle Pink Diamonds, arching elegantly towards a diamond-encrusted drop, its contours are reminiscent of a swan’s graceful

    lines. White Diamonds trace a scintillating line highlighting the delicate curves of 18 carat White Gold overlapping 18 carat Rose Gold, suspended from a

    luminous Omega chain.

    Full size 33mm shown. Also available in Miniature 26mm.Celebrating Calleija’s 30th Anniversary, a Limited Collection of only 30 Necklets will ever be created worldwide.

    Each piece will be individually numbered, certified, and crafted with your personalised selection of gems.16 17

  • Floriana Suite Bejewelled curves hold a sparkling array of Argyle Pink and

    White Diamonds that exude glamour and grace.18 19

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  • Alegria AmaiaTwo Argyle Pink Diamonds embrace a stunning 3.01ct

    Round Brilliant Cut White Diamond in a heavenly symphony of brilliance to form this exquisite ring.

    Spanish for ‘happiness’, the mesmerising light from this custom made 3.18ct Oval White and Argyle Pink Diamond Ring radiates enchanting beauty.24 25

  • MystiqueLike a ballerina being held aloft, the elegant contours of this 3.06ct Round Brilliant Cut

    White Diamond Ring couples striking beauty and exquisite design.

    MaresolA fine halo of Argyle Pink Diamonds encircles

    this spectacular 1.61ct White Diamond, perfectly complemented by a rare matched pair

    of Argyle Pink Diamonds.26 27

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  • MistraleFire, Ice, Earth and Water combine in a mystical

    fusion of nature’s essential elements. Pink, White, Yellow and Blue Diamonds create a

    spectacular expression of theatrical drama.

    LaliquaStriking angles in this modern interpretation of

    Art Deco showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Set in Platinum, a 2.01ct Emerald Cut Diamond

    takes centrestage in this design.30 31

  • Pas de DeuxA duet of Argyle Pink Diamonds and

    Bageutte Cut White Diamonds frame a 2.54ct Marquise White Diamond, creating a

    spectacular dance of light.32 33

  • ArabesqueA harmonious display of brilliant white and soft

    pink hues create a symphony of beauty and desire. 35

  • 36 37

  • Mother and ChildA mother’s loving embrace.

    Nurturing, gentle, unwavering.A precious jewel that lives in your heart,

    forever.38 39

  • Journey RingThe sweeping curves of this captivating

    ring reflect the journey of life and the paths we choose to take, created for you to personalise with your own

    selection of gems.

    Available in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or a combination.40 41

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  • In his continual search for the ultimate in diamond cuts, John Calleija embarked on a quest to create the most beautiful of all diamonds.

    Taking the very finest ‘facets’ of all cushion cuts resulted in one amazing, perfect and incredibly brilliant diamond

    - the Glacier®.

    Exclusive to Calleija, each Glacier Diamond is numbered, laser inscribed and can be created into your own personalised design.

    The Glacier Diamond - Clean, Crisp, Cool, Calleija.

    46 47

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  • Inspired by a shared vision for exceptional design, Calleija has joined with Aston Martin to create a distinguished jewellery collection.

    The centrepiece of this collection is the innovative Astar Cut Gem, chiselled to reflect the iconic shape of the Aston Martin grille, whose faceted table results in the most brilliant play of light and colour spectrum. With only 77 pieces of each design, this limited collection gives the wearer the opportunity to

    customise designs to their exact specifications.

    Express yourself through your choice of gemstones and enjoy the experience of owning a unique and beautiful piece of the

    Aston Martin Collection by Calleija.

    50 51

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  • The Golden MandalaA mandala of rare Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds radiate their warm light from deep within, protecting a beautiful Argyle Pink

    Diamond at its heart. Perfectly proportioned and designed to bring the wearer good fortune.62 63

  • Family MarqueCalleija presents a unique opportunity to entwine the letters of your loved ones in a beautiful creation that

    symbolises your endearing commitment to each other.

    Your Family Marque can be designed into your choice of pendant, ring, cufflinks or special objet d’art.

    SerpentineThis magnificent 30ct Morganite swathed in Tsavorite Garnets and set in Rose Gold, creates a distinctive statement piece that

    embodies style, strength and self assurance.

    64 65

  • Reine d’OrA truly superb cushion of golden light on an

    elevation of White Diamonds - a collectable jewel of distinction and elegance.66 67

  • Modern lines, sleek and bold. Ink-like drops of Black Diamonds,

    frozen in a pirouette of polished 18ct White Gold, add a dimension

    of drama and movement.


    Thank you

    for supporting Calleija over the past 30 years

    68 69

  • R

    O U R F L A W L E S S S E R V I C E

    International Award Winning Bespoke Designers

    GST and VAT free for overseas travellers

    Unique Diamond Upgrade Policy*

    Two year lay-by available**

    30 day Refund Policy - excludes custom orders

    Lifetime warranty on all Calleija-made pieces

    Lifetime complimentary clean and check

    Expert repair and restoration service

    Secure national and international delivery

    Redesign service available

    All jewellery, items, concepts and designs (materials) shown herein are the intellectual property of John Calleija Jewellers Pty Ltd ACN 003 774 285, and are subject to copyright, design and trademark protection. Any unauthorised copying of Calleija materials is expressly prohibited and shall result in an action for infringement and/or claim for damages against the offending jeweller for a breach of the Copyright Act 1968, Act No.63 of 1968, Trademarks Act 1995, Act No.119 of 1995, Trade Practices Act - Act No.51 of 1974. Any unauthorised use of this brochure including offering

    to copy any item or represent that you are authorised to sell, reproduce or otherwise copy the jewellery, designs or materials is a false misrepresentation and shall be prosecuted. Glacier® is the registered trademark of John Calleija Jewellers Pty Ltd ACN 003 774 285.

    *The ‘No Loss’ Diamond Upgrade Policy only applies to diamond jewellery purchased from Calleija with a minimum carat weight of 0.25ct per diamond. The diamond must be in perfect condition and must be approved by our gemmologist for authenticity. The new purchase must be at least 50% greater in value than

    the price bring traded in. The full purchase price paid for the original will be deducted from the price of the new piece.

    ** A payment option which enables you to secure your desired Calleija creation by making regular scheduled payments over a two year period.


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    Each Calleija creation is unique and crafted with natural gemstones therefore colours may vary from the images shown. Designs covered by Australian and International Copyright Laws. Prices are subject to change.

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