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Rosalina revive me marketing showcase 2013

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Revive Me Marketing and past work showcase as a visual reference.
  • 1. 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 3 : N E W Z E A L A N D , B U S I N E S S D E V E L O P M E N T & M A R K E T I N G C O N T R A C T R O L E S 2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 8 : S I N G A P O R E , C O N S U L T A N C Y & S U P P O R T 2 0 0 4 - 2 0 0 6 : S I N G A P O R E , M A R K E T I N G E X E C U T I V E C O N T A C T : R O S A L I N A @ R E M C . C O . N Z M O B I L E : + 6 4 2 7 7 3 9 1 3 8 0
  • 2. BUSINESS NEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR METOCEAN SOLUTIONS Prepared marketing development and communications plan Aligned to strategic goals and objective of the business Evaluate and assess internal and external marketing environment of key market segment and industries. Setting objectives, clear business portfolio and developing growth strategies Evaluate current business model: sales and market development opportunities Revitalise MetOcean Solutions brand Create suite of marketing presentation and literature, corporate communications template and broiler plates. Previous New image & branding
  • 3. STRATEGIC BUSINESS & MARKETING DEVELOPMENT Strategic business overview and plan Identified competitive advantage and current market position. Market validation and business model Brand Development Develop communications materials, capabilities statement and activities to target ideal market segment. Research and Development support Administered to Technology R&D grant application and successfully attained 50% funding from MSI.
  • 4. Competitive marketing research and activity plan For new historical weather data developed from new contract. Collate database of prospective clients and media to maximise publicity Develop new website and update marketing collaterals With compiling value and capability statements Determined market penetration strategy Growth by strong consultative relationship and networking Win major international contracts from existing modelling work and reputation. Extend international branding and communications with PR and media activities. Writing articles of interest and getting it published in key port and offshore journals. STRATEGIC BUSINESS & MARKETING DEVELOPMENT
  • 5. REVITALISE COMPANY BRAND Design and print reusable exhibition backdrop and posters for Coastal and Port exhibition in Perth 2011. Coordinate enquiries and lead generated. Follow up leads to offered trial of forecast services to Port engineers and operators.
  • 6. MEDIA KIT AND PUBLICITY MATERIALS METOCEAN, NZ Company presentation folder and slides Product brochures testimonials capability statement & publicity materials
  • 7. WEBSITE RE-DEVELOPMENT METOCEAN, NZ Restructure and designed new website with in house web developer. Goal was to provide visitors with an user friendly website, better navigation and engaging content to demonstrate MetOceans growing services, news and innovation. Previous New and SEO optimised
  • 8. POSTER & PAMPHLET- KING STREET CREATIVE, NZ Creative design & copy To increase public awareness for King Street Creatives sound engineering and recording studio hire. Poster was designed to attract non-recording artists, general public who have interest to sing, record and gift song. Client received increase inquiries for recording service packages and studio bookings. Develop service information pamphlet and gift card for voucher purchase.
  • 9. EVENTS PLANNING & MANAGEMENT Marketing Executive with Singapore Technnologies- Satcom and Sensor Group. Plan and manage 6 International exhibition participation annual. Prepare account management team with customer engagement plan and leads generation. Organised annual reseller and distributors conference during CommunicAsia exhibition
  • 10. EXHIBITION BOOTH DESIGN AND SET-UP SIA HUAT, DISTRIBUTOR, SINGAPORE Exhibition design and booth set-up for Wine for Asia exhibition Won project with good budgeting, corporate design and spacial planning for area of 6x6 meters. Prepared sales engagement plan for account managers during exhibition. Engaged contractors for carpentry, electrical, graphic, logos and other furnishings. Managed installation and removal of exhibition showcase.
  • 12. Press conference & exhibition on winning SingTel maritime satellite contract tender and collaborative new service development to the maritime industry. Provided media management and coordination with both corporate and telco service companies management team. Managed venue, set-up, media invite, press release and media engagement CONFERENCE- CONTRACT WIN AND COLLABORATION WITH SINGTEL
  • 14. PRODUCT DEMO ROOM AND SHOWCASE Conceptualize in a small area to showcase Satcom & Sensor Systems products to visiting clients. Prepared graphic poster according to dimension of each wall panel. Motion sensor panel display showcases a contact-less switch that will toggle display lights on/off.
  • 15. POSTERS- AGILIS PRODUCT AND SOLUTIONS BRANDING Rebranding New logo redesign to move from products to solutions marketing Developed content and identity for each SBU and solution Ensure consistent in corporate identity and branding.
  • 16. CORPORATE IDENTITY- LOGO, BRAND & BUSINESS COLLATERALS Design Corporate identity. Graphic design of logo and business card Tagline with relations to the services and name of the business. Soft-copy template for correspondences such as letterhead, quotation, invoice and delivery order.
  • 17. WEB DATA ANALYTICS Web and e-marketing analysis for top mobile device manufacturer. (For Asia Pacific countries, such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia) Data query through web server dashboard(Siebel and Hitbox) Analyze web traffic, eDMs and newsletter statistics, through a range of metrics such as click through rate, member updates, newsletter subscriber, sales conversion and lifecycle rates. Through my analysis and reporting, I would advise which campaign and message is most effective to convert them to customers and brand advocates.
  • 18. WORK AND PERSONAL REFERENCE We have enjoyed working with you in the past year and appreciate your work you have done towards the completion of our new website, development of the new logo, strategic research and updating our marketing collateral. All your colleagues here at MSL wish you well for the future. Dr Peter McComb/MD (MSL) An outgoing person ..relates well with others and has proven herself to be resourceful, creative and helpful to all those around her. Independent, professional and constantly taking initiative in her own work. Jessie Heng- Business Director, Crystal Edge Singapore She is intelligent and a joy to be around! We all miss her smile and energy Phyllis Tan colleague/Account Manager. Singapore Technologies (Satcom & Sensor) innovative self-starter, her works has help to strengthen our product solution and brands further to global marketsknows how to approach and interact successfully with a range of people a valuable asset to any organization Tang Kum Chuen - Snr.Vice President/ GM. (Singapore Technologies) very kind and superb soul Ramesh R Iyer Director. ReVive Consulting Group Asia
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