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R Rotarians doing business with Rotarians

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This presentation will show Rotarians around the world how easy it is to do business with other Rotarians and give money back to their Clubs, District, Zone and Rotary International.
  • 1. RotariansConnectD5300.com The global online marketing place for Rotarians to conduct business with other Rotarians
  • 2. Growing Business Connections Discovering New Opportuinties
  • 3. Building Global Relationships
  • 4. What is RotariansConnectD5300.com? It is a global online marketing place for Rotarians to conduct business with other Rotarians The intent is to encourage Rotarians to do business with each other and yet remain outside the scope of the clubs Bring additional fundraising opportunities Built as a simple Craigslist style exchange, Rotarians can post items or services for sale and also post items that are being sought or wanted, plus 1 identity profile page
  • 5. Why is it Called RotariansConnectD5300.com? RotariansConnectD5300.com started as a web site a few years ago called RotariansConnect.com. Rotary.org contacted this site June 2, 2013, and explained because of trademark rules, we had to add D5300 to the name of the web site to be within compliance of their rules. The addition of D5300 will meet the RI Board of Directors policies regarding the use of the Rotary marks. On behalf of RI, our appreciation goes to you and the leadership of D5300 for your cooperation and making these changes. Best Rotary Regards, Jim Damato, Supervisor Club and District Support, The Americas Rotary International Evanston, Illinois" June 18, 2013
  • 6. Why is it Important to Me? Fundraising New members Working with other Rotarians Allows me to buy and sell goods and services with other Rotarians worldwide Why is this important to my Club? Why is this important to my District?
  • 7. Fundraising When a club buys a 1 year package they immediately receive a $25 compensation. Any club member who buys a 1 year package the registered club will receive $25 compensation PLUS $5 bonus because one of their club members purchased. If a Rotarian outside the registered club buys a package from the club they receive $25. Renewal revenues are the same for following years
  • 8. New Members Creates business value for companies sponsoring members to attend and be involved in Rotary Successful Members are more inclined to give to a greater extent and participate in Rotary Rotarians engage outside of the club building bonds and extending relationships
  • 9. Working With Other Rotarians Doing business with Rotarians drastically increases the odds of a successful transaction The common bonds of the 4-way test brings a confidence and fellowship when entering into a business transaction in Rotarian to Rotarian transactions Not all Rotarians are perfect, however we prefer the odds when dealing with Rotarians
  • 10. Buy and Sell Worldwide Even though you may not travel worldwide, we live in a global economy Rotarians worldwide are looking to source goods and services Whether you are a business owner, employee, or retired, Rotarians Connect give you the advantage of reaching worldwide Rotarian buyers to sell inventory and surplus items
  • 11. Why is this important to my Club? When a club buys an advertising package, it creates an avenue for the club to receive free money anytime a Rotarian purchases an advertising package using their club id number Each year when the package is renewed, the club will enjoy the same renewal income like the first year.
  • 12. Why is this important to my District? For those clubs that for whatever reason may not participate, the District can sell an advertising package to a Rotarian and they receive free money. The District receives $25 plus $5 if the Rotarian is a member within their District. The District receives $25 if Rotarian is a member outside their District. Review Complete Distribution of $99.95 Fee in the back part of this presentation for full details.
  • 13. Clean and Simple Advertising
  • 14. How does the Site Work? The website is open to any Rotarian in good standing that has been in Rotary for a minimum of 4 months Advertisers can purchase a 1 year ad package Non-Advertisers register FREE (without a credit card) to view all advertisements and individuals, club or district profiles
  • 15. RotariansConnectD5300.com Free Members You will be able to view 100% of all buy and sell advertisements, including contact information for each advertisement You will see 100% of all individual Rotarian profiles You will see 100% of all Rotary club profiles, which includes club meeting locations, times and a vast amount of information per club See next page for FREE Registration
  • 16. Click Here First Click Here Next
  • 17. Complete Free Registration Click Submit for login and email confirmation
  • 18. Login to View Ads Click Here To Start Enter Username and Password
  • 19. Select Search Criteria & Click
  • 20. Advertiser Registration Click Here to Start Click Here
  • 21. Rotarians or Clubs buying Advertising Package(s)1 year $99.95 Select District, Club or Individual *Club Registration Instructions to Follow in presentation
  • 22. After Completing the Form You will be taken to a secure credit card page Upon completion of the credit card transaction, you will see both an online confirmation and an email confirmation of your transaction and login instructions Follow the instructions and login to begin placing your ads Login here
  • 23. Advertiser Login Area Complete your Profile Enter Your Ads If you want more ads
  • 24. Very Important Enter listing type Enter listing Title Enter listing Description Enter Price Enter listing Terms Enter Contact Phone Load up to 8 photos Select Category Confirm Status of Ad Click to save and load
  • 25. Club Registration Page Club Contact for Rotarians ConnectD5300 Club Public Information & Contact Add up to 8 pictures
  • 26. 1 Year Advertising Package The Ad Package - Annual fee $99.95 5 Buy ads 5 Sell ads 1 Personal Page or Club Identify Page Need more ads? Buy more packages Clubs and Individuals Ideal for inter-club marketing and fundraising Perfect for buying and selling business services and goods from Rotarians Benefit You are dealing directly with other Rotarians
  • 27. Distribution of Funds Club A - Purchases a

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