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Roadshow 2015Presenter NameTitle

# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.Hello, I am . On behalf of RSA and the team, I want to welcome you. Welcome to the 2015 RSA Archer Roadshow.

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RSA Archer Community



# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.We at RSA Archer realize the technology is a part of the solution, and it it the humans who really drive GRC programs within your organization and humans that provide the solutions.We provide a place for group of GRC professionals to come together and share their ideas, opinions and success create a community to say.

That community has grown and blossomed, over the last 14 years of so of Archers existence. Our competitors have tried to emulate us, but the RSA Archer community continues to be the largest and most engaged of its kind. This roadshow truly is a unique setting where a microcosm of GRC ecosystem of organizations, partners and RSA experts can get together in the pursuit of maturing GRC programs.

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# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.We have an exciting agenda, and I am sure you will find this roadshow exhilarating, refreshing and empowering.

Logistics restrooms

We also have pods at and during breaks you can see demo of the system

And finally, at the end of the day, we will be holding a raffle for a complimentary registration to the RSA Archer 2015 Summit. You will need to be present at the draw to be eligible to win.

For those who have not entered the raffle, please go to the registration desk

. We will be holding a raffle at the end of the day for iPhone 6.#TITLEMonth Year

RSA Archer Customer Survey

XX%XX%XX%Reports to Board of DirectorsImplemented 3+ Use CasesLeveraged Archer for ERM

# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.Archer customers had a different storyEvery year we survey our customers base, and the story for 2014 can be summarized in these 3 numbers176244

17% - Are providing Archer reports to the Board of Directors. In fact 9% are providing these reports directly to the regulators62% - are expanding their programs. They have implemented Archer in 3 or more GRC use cases44% - reported leveraging Archer for ERM this year, that was up from 35% from last year.

So you are making a difference!#TITLEMonth Year

RSA Archer growth

XXCustomersXXEngaged members of on-line communityXX+Summit Readers


# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.So what does this public acknowledgement mean? These continued investment in product mean?

Well, we are growing.. Archer crossed 1,000 customer mark last year. Wow! Now that is a milestone that is to be proud of, and that includes companies from around the globe, large multi-national enterprises and some not that big. Companies from Financial Services, HealthCare, Government..

But that is not all.

Our customers are quite engaged. Our online Archer community is 12,000 member strong and they are engaged. With engagment growing at 20% year over year.

And in 2014 we met another milestone - 1,000 attendees made the annual trip for our Summit. Very few companies can boast of customer base sorry partners, thats what we think of you as, a partner base as strong as Archers. And to that I say thank you.

I look forward to 2015 and many more years of change and evolution as we collectively define where the industry is headed to.

Thank you.#TITLEMonth Year


Harnessing Risk. Exploring Opportunity.

# Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.To offer strategies you can take to deploy this risk intelligence approach, I would like to introduce my good friend, VP of GTM, Risk & Identity Management, Eric Erston.

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