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PVRC CONTESTING SEMINAR. RTTY CONTESTING. (GETTING STARTED). 20 March 2005 Mike Sims, K4GMH. RTTY CONTESTING. TO BE COVERED Getting started on RTTY Getting started in RTTY Contesting Additions. GETTING STARTED ON RTTY - Equipment . Radio Capability Receiver - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • RTTY CONTESTINGTO BE COVEREDGetting started on RTTYGetting started in RTTY ContestingAdditions

  • GETTING STARTED ON RTTY - Equipment Radio CapabilityReceiverExternal Speaker Connection, orIndependent Audio OutputTransmitterAudio Frequency Shift Keying (AFSK)Independent Audio Input (preferred), and/orMicrophone InputFrequency Shift Keying (FSK) Input (not a necessity)

  • GETTING STARTED ON RTTY - Equipment (cont.)ComputerSound CardLine In (preferred), orMicrophone InputAFSKLine Out (preferred), orSpeaker OutputFSKSerial Communication Port or USB to Serial AdapterSoftware (RTTY)Compatible with Computer

  • GETTING STARTED ON RTTY - Equipment Interconnection Between Receiver, Transmitter and ComputerSource of Information for Connecting Radios to Computers Can Be Found at: http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/interface.html and is titled Understanding Soundcard Interfacing

  • RTTY CONTESTING - Getting StartedEquipmentReceive Filters (400 Hz - XTAL or DSP)Computer Control (Computer Aided Tuning - CAT)Radio w/ Readily Programmable MemoriesTransmitter Able to Maintain Power Level During RTTY Transmission - 100 % Duty CycleSO2R HelpsRTTY S/W Compatible w/ Contest Logging S/W

  • RTTY CONTESTING - ContestsSource of RTTY Contest InformationRTTY Records and Rules http://www.rttycontesting.com/

  • RTTY CONTESTING - ContestsChoose the ContestsYour CapabilitiesEquipment CapabilitiesOperate in Contests - Even for PracticeUnderstand RTTY Exchange Vs Other ModesNumber of Participants in Different Contests

  • RTTY CONTESTING - ContestsOperate in Contests - Even for Practice (cont.)Learn to Tune-In a RTTY Signal in a ContestFrequencies and Frequency Range80 meters: 3570 to 3615 KHz (JA 3520 to 3525 KHz)40 meters: 7030 to 7100 KHz20 meters: 14070 to 14120 KHz15 meters: 21070 to 21120 KHz10 meters: 28075 to 28120 KHzNo 160 meter and WARC Band RTTY Contesting

  • RTTY CONTESTING - ContestsOperate in Contests - Even for Practice (cont.) Club ScorePVRC 5 Million Points EligibilityWAEDC RTTYARRL RTTY Roundup (Should BE!)Other ReasonsRTTY World Ranking List

  • RTTY CONTESTING - ContestsOperate in Contests - Even for Practice (cont.) Other Reasons (cont.)RTTY-Contest-Scene RTTY Top-Ten Trophy 2005Trophy to Top Ten in SO and MO

  • RTTY CONTESTING - AdditionsTune Filters DSP Filters in the RTTY S/WPre-recorded .wav Files Under Various Conditions (see NCJ March/April 2005)PathSim from AE4JY Web Site to Generate FilesDual Soundcards or Other Dual RTTY DecodingUse Same Signal SourceOutput of Each Decoder is Displayed Separately

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