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Rui Ferreira - architecture portfolio

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Compilation of works from the last 4 years
  • FerreiraRuiarchitecture portfolio


    Name Rui Filipe Alves Ferreira Date of Birth 18 de Abril, 1986 Nationality Portuguesa Telephone +351 918933222 E-mail [email protected]


    2012 German course (Initiation) - TECNISIGN, Coimbra (32h)

    2012 Masters Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Science and Tecnhnology of the University of Coimbra

    2011 Photoshop 5 course - FLAG, Coimbra (25h)

    2011 Adobe InDesign 5 course- FLAG, Coimbra (25h)

    2009-2010 Exchange at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of So Paulo (FAU-USP) (2 semesters)

    2008 Revit Architecture 2009 course - EdiCAD, Coimbra (30h)

    2007 3D Studio Max workshop - 45 Graus, Coimbra (25h)


    2010 Colaboration with Aalo & Gasperini Arquitetos, So Paulo, Brazil

    2003 Volunteer work organized by the Portuguese Youth Institute (IPJ), at the Social Centre of S. Joo, Coimbra

    2002 Volunteer work organized by the Portuguese Youth Institute (IPJ), at the National Forest of Choupal, Coimbra


    Portuguese Mother tongue

    English Procient user Spanish Independent user

    French Basic user

    German Basic user


    Autodesk Advanced user AutoCAD

    Revit Intermediate user Architecture

    Grasoft Basic user ArchiCAD

    Adobe Intermediate user Photoshop

    Adobe Intermediate user Illustrator

    Adobe Basic user InDesing

    Microsoft Basic user Word Excel PowerPoint


    Autodesk Advanced user AutoCAD

    Revit Intermediate user Architecture

    Grasoft Basic user ArchiCAD

    Adobe Intermediate user Photoshop

    Adobe Intermediate user Illustrator

    Adobe Basic user InDesing

    Microsoft Basic user Word Excel PowerPoint






    Dwelling + Workshop

    Apartment Building

    Faculty of Architecture

    Vertical Public Equipment

    New Lisboa Square

  • Dwelling + Workshop 01

  • The exercise is to develop a dwelling with a workshop for a painter, in an irregular urban grid residential area. The slope levels between the upper road and the bottom of the lot differ in about 10 meters.

    The project is a single compact volume, that isolates itself from the road, and opens up to the slope. The dwelling area is separated from the workshop outwardly by the entrance, and inwardly by the stairs. That allows an independent exterior acess to each of the areas, while they are still connected in the interior.

    Dwelling + Workshop | Coimbra

  • The lobby is the most peculiar area of the house: the outer wall blocks the view when you enter the house, stimulating curiosity, pulling the viewer to the level bellow and to the outside, where the landscape can be contemplated.

    1st oor plan

    Ground oor plan

  • Apartment Building 02

  • The exercise is to develop an apartment building with a shopping area. The building integrates 36 apartments, of which half are two-bedroom and the other half are three-bedroom. The building is situated in the Solum district in Coimbra, an urban area with mainly residential buildings. The solution is to integrate the whole program into a single volume, with an underground parking, shops on the ground oor and the dwellings above.

    Apartment Building | Coimbra

  • The interior of the building is organized according to a modular measure that transposes itself to the facade. It was also created a central core that contains all the service areas (bath, laundry and storage rooms) and the vertical accesses to the dwellings. This leaves the facade free to get the maximum sunlight possible. In order to control that sunlight exposure every opening has its own exterior shading system.

    Standard level plan

    Longitudinal section



  • Glassber Reinforced Concrete panel

    Sliding frame

    Double glassThreshold stone

    Detail S1

    Black-out shade

    Pladur board

    Concrete slab



    Zync frill


    Wooden oorRail

    UPNSteel prole


    Cross section

  • Glassber Reinforced Concrete panel

    Concrete pillar

    Double glassSliding frame

    Brick wall

    Steel tubular

    Shading panel

    Interior nishing - plaster


    UPNSteel prole

    Detail P1

  • Architecture Faculty 03

  • Architecture Faculty | Coimbra

    The exercise is to design a building for the Architecture Faculty of the University of Coimbra, connected to the Design Department located in

    the Arts College. The lot is a slope limited by the Padre Antnio Vieira street to the east

    and by the Arts College to the west.

  • The project

    consists of a horizontal body opposed by 3 vertical volumes. The 2 larger volumes stand out as the main entrance points, and there is where the vertical accesses and the Project rooms are located. The smaller volume contains the teachers rooms and the administration. This building is directly connected to the cloister above, where the Design Department is located, in order to facilitate and encourage collaboration between these two schools.


  • Entrance oor plan, level 99

    Cross section, through the auditorium

  • Between the two main volumes is the large auditorium and the bar. These two exible spaces are designed so they can be merged into one: the folding panels can retract, extending the auditorium area till the balcony. It is also at this level that the connection between the new building and the Design Departments building is made.

    Bar and auditorium oor plan, level 94

  • Theoretical and models room oor plan, level 89

    Besides the main entrances at level 99, there is also a secundary one at level 89. This entrance is accessible through a stairway that starts at the building below (Casa das Caldeiras), thereby connecting the Faculty to the Padre Antnio Vieira street. In this level, between the two main volumes, there are located the theoretical rooms, the models room, a small auditorium and a lounge for the students.

  • Longitudinal section

  • Vertical Public Equipment 04

  • The exercise is to develop a set of public services verticaly concentrated in a single building, for the inhabitants of the Luz disctrict, in So Paulo, Brazil. The L shaped lot has 3 street fronts and is framed between an ofce building to the north and a parking silo to the south. The project consists of 2 volumes - one horizontal and one vertical - separated by a central area where the entrance and the acesses to the diferent programs are located.

    Vertical Public Equipment | So Paulo

    *designed in collaboration with Mrcio Ballmann and Diana Noronha Feio

  • Ground oor

    The east volume concentrates all the sports facilities - a swimming pool (ground level), 2 multi-sports elds (levels 1/2 and 3/4) and a gymnasium (level 5) - and the pre-school outdoor patio.

    On the west volume there is a restaurant (ground oor), a day nursery (oors 1 to 3), a pre-school (oors 4 to 6), a library (8th and 9th oors) and a technical area (oor 7). There are also 3 underground movie theatres, with an independent access and functioning.

    Swimming pool


    Multi-sports elds

    Day nursery



    Technical oor


    Green rooftop

  • 1st oor 2nd oor

    Each program has its own independent access, so that the different circulations do not intersect: two elevators give access to the sports facilities, another two go to the pre-school and day nursery, and two more reach the library, the tecnhical oor and the rooftop. The facade has double glass: the outside glass works like a skin that controls the sunlight exposure through a combination of transparent and opaque glasses.

  • 5th oor 9th oor

    Separated from the main volumes are the emergency stairways for the sports facilities and the elevators that give access to the top oors, with punctual connections. These elements are covered with zinc creating a contrast with the buildings glass facade.

  • New Lisboa Square 05

  • New Lisboa Square | Oporto The Lisboa Square is a fundamental space of Oporto, located in the transition between the small scale of the medieval city and the big scale of the XVIII/XIX centuries public projects of the bourgeois city (such as the Clrigos tower, the prison of Relao, and the Rectory of Portos University).

    Its an essential meeting point of the city, not only for the areas and buildings that it relates to, but also by the distinct groups of people that gather there. The permanent ow of people, during day and night comes from the recent awakening of the new bohemian culture from Galeria de Paris and Cndido dos Reis street.





    No Rules, Great Spot, besides being the competition motto, is the denial and the resistance to the bureaucratic process that has been devoting Lisboa square to its impersonal relationship with Oporto city. On this premise, the new project appears permeable to its surroundings, by talking

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