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Runaway, Resentment and Royalt

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    Runaway: word count: 539

    Zetas lungs burned. She had been running for the past half-hour. Sweat glued her ash

    brown hair to her neck; tears poured from her icy blue eyes down her flushed cheeks.

    Blood flowed crimson from her bare feet. She stopped. She stood on the outskirts of

    the Blyr forest. Fear ebbed away as she padded tentatively across the grass.

    Bloodstained footprints trailed behind her. Her nostrils flared. She smelt water. No

    sooner; she heard the trickle of a stream.

    She reached the bank of the stream and placed her aching feet into the water, sighing

    with relief.

    Excuse me. A voice from behind startled her. She turned, to see a girl, around her

    age, with dark skin and black hair.

    Excuse me, she repeated, but youve got your feet in our water. Zeta lifted her

    feet out, mumbling apologies as she did so. The girl watched as she struggled to her

    feet. Zeta felt an arm steady her and she looked to the girl, confused.

    My name is Zeta. She whispered, looking at her feet. The girl looked Zeta in the

    eyes, My name is Wyla, she spoke confidently, and helped Zeta to walk. Walking,

    Zeta found out, had become a painful, arduous task. She walked, uncomplaining, her

    weight taken by Wyla. They stopped abruptly, Zeta shrieked in pain.

    Weve got company Wyla yelled, and, waving her hand to a place where Zeta

    could rest, started searching her camp. A boy appeared, with red hair, tanned skin, and

    barely visible freckles over the bridge of his nose. Wylas scolding was delivered with

    banshee like screaming. Zeta pulled her thoughts away from her feet, her attention

    was captured, by Wylas reaction and the words she was spitting furiously at him.

    You stupid boyWe could have been caught out! How would we get to Gora if you

    got us captured? A slave girl, and a blacksmiths apprentice, travelling together, how

    would that look? Quarn, how cou- she stopped, realising that Zeta was there,

    listening to every word. She turned her eyes wild with fear. Zeta looked away, her

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    ears burning, and muttered, Im sorry, I shouldnt have been listening she trailed


    Where are you from, girl? Wyla shot, her voice full of venom.

    Paramija, replied Zeta carefully,

    Thats not far Why are you in the Blyr?

    Im runningaway.

    Why? And from whom?

    Im trying to escape my father. Zeta stood and pulled down the back of her dress,

    revealing purple scars. Wyla gasped, and Zeta continued, He almost killed me once.

    I needed to escape. I left my brother so I could be free

    Quarn spoke for the first time Were headed for Gora! Well be walking. Its 2

    weeks from here. Youre in no state for walking, but I have a horseIf you want to

    join us He left and started to fill the packs destined for the dappled grey horse,

    looking hopefully over his shoulder.

    Zeta sat in thought, contemplating her freedom. Quarn tapped her gently on the

    shoulder. She looked up, and saw the excitement welling in his emerald green eyes,

    Were leavingWill you come with us? Tears sprung, unwanted, into her eyes as

    she looked down, and whispered Yes.

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    Resentment: word count: 537

    Zeta was uncomfortable on Quenn, the dapple grey, ill-tempered horse Zeta had

    become well acquainted with. She had been forced to ride him across the mountains

    of Doran.

    Every bump jolted her, making the unbearable journey even worse. She could walk,

    and this had become an often-debated topic with Quarn, her travelling companion.

    Another jerk ricocheted through her body, she glared at Quarn.

    Can I walk? My feet are fine! She showed her healed feet to Quarn, who ignored

    her. Her feet were healed; scar tissue knitted neatly across them.

    Zeta hated riding and so she stopped, carefully climbing down. She landed lightly, and

    caught up to Quarn, who, sighing, picked her up.

    Zeta hissed and scratched, but Quarn was twice her size, and won the battle easily.

    Zeta screamed. A piercing wail that reverberated against their surroundings. Suddenly,

    an array of weapons pointed in their direction, and a pompous looking man stepped

    between them. Zeta recognised him. The man who stood before them was the head of

    the Royal Guard. Yaeger.

    You must not hurt the Princess. Zeta fainted.

    She awoke to the rocking of Quenns trot, and unwillingly opened her eyes, shocked

    to find she now sat, not on Quenn, but in a litter.

    Where are my friends? Zeta demanded, What have you done with them?

    Yaeger look at her, patronisingly, Theyre gone.

    Zeta looked at him, appalled, and changed her approach.

    As a princessCan I demand things, make royal decrees, you know, princessy

    stuff? Yaeger nodded, Then my first decree as a princess is, bring them here.

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    NOW! Yaeger looked shocked, then recovered, and looked out the window, and

    shouted to one of the foot soldiers Bring the traitors to me!

    The soldier left, returning minutes later with Quarn and Wyla. Wylas stare was

    hateful as she was shoved into the litter.

    Traitor she spat at Zetas feet, the nearest guard grabbed her by the hair and slapped

    her, mumbling Show some respect!

    Zeta looked to Quarn and Wyla. I promise, I didnt know

    Oh yeah, you didnt know. Look at me, Im Zeta, my father beats me, pfft, I doubt

    it. Wyla, furious, continued viscously, I left my brother, his name was Moron

    She looked to Quarn, as if she had made a joke, Quarn just looked at the floor.

    His name was Zoron, slave It wasnt Zeta who had spoken. It was Yaeger.

    Princess Zarians brother was named Zoron.

    Zeta looked stunned. My name is Zeta and what do you mean was?

    Realisation dawned on her, and she shrieked, then started to cry. Quarn put his arm

    around her shoulder to comfort her. A cackle slipped from Wylas lips. Tears of

    laughter rolled down her cheeks as she clutched her sides. Zeta stopped crying and

    looked at her, eyes full of contempt.

    Zeta turned to her guards, and said, Seize her. The guards immediately grabbed

    Wylas arms, and the laugh died in her throat. Zeta looked at her, pity bubbled to the


    Wyla seized this chance to beg Zeta, please

    Zeta replied You laughed. A ten-year-old lost his life. And you laughed.

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    Her hardness returned as she faced her guards and shouted Off with her head!

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    Royalty: word count: 540.

    Zeta watched the landscape change, as she was carried across the rocky plains,

    towards Gora, the capital city of Azariad. Quarn, one of her travelling companions,

    was seated on her left. Zeta leaned over to whisper in his ear, placing her slender

    fingers on his shoulder, he shook her off, and turned to Yaeger.

    How long until were there? He kept his eyes on the desolate landscape beyond the


    Only a few more hours, weve been travelling for a week, so it shouldnt be far.

    Yaeger, the chief guard, replied calmly.

    Why am I princess, Yaeger? Well, I know whyand I know howbut how? It wasa question that had been playing with Zetas head.

    Yaeger took a deep breath, Azarian tradition dictates that the first born child of the

    royal family will be adopted by a commoner family, so they can gain more of an

    understanding of their people. On their 19th birthday they are informed of their noble

    birth, and taken to Gora. However, in extenuating circumstances, like your own, they

    are informed earlier.

    So, they just gave me away? To people theyd never met before? My father beat

    me. Did he know I was royal? Did he know I was special? she shook the tears out

    of her eyes, now was not the time.

    No. Your mother knew, but after she went to war, and never returned, we didnt want

    to tell him. Princesses are worth high ransoms.

    Zeta closed the curtains and sighing, closed her eyes, and dozed off. The sound of

    trumpets woke Zeta with a start, and, poking her head out of the window, saw the

    parade of people lining the streets.

    Queen Amira and King Fernyl stood at the end of the avenue, the wind causing

    Amiras snow white hair to billow behind her as she ran to greet her eldest daughter.

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  • 8/14/2019 Runaway, Resentment and Royalt


    Zeta stepped from the litter; the wind whipped her hair around her face, as she was

    crushed in her mothers embrace. She looked over Amiras shoulder to her father.

    Fernyl smiled softly, his deep brown eyes crinkled with joy, Welcome home, Zar,

    He said slowly, hungrily taking in her appearance. She saw six children behind her

    father, all with the same icy blue eyes and ash brown curls that she had. This was

    definitely her family.

    The oldest of the children, a boy with her eyes and short cinder brown hair, came to

    introduce himself.

    Zarian, Im Kilob, your brother, twin brother actually, Zetas mouth dropped open.

    I go by Zeta nowwaithow come you didnt get given away?

    You were born first, so you were given to Yaran and Yoyra, he smiled softly, and

    Zeta calmed down slightly.

    Oh, right, Zetas family reunion was disturbed by Yaeger.

    Princess, what would you like done with the prisoner?

    Let her go, Yaeger, today is too wonderful to have her die, Yaeger signalled to the

    guards and Wyla was thrown to the ground.

    Zeta turned to Quarn and, on her tippy toes, whispered in his ear, Take her far from

    here, before I decided to separate her head from her shoulders, Quarn looked at her,

    stunned, and rushed to pick Wyla of the ground.

    And Quarn, Zeta yelled after him, Thank you!

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