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RURAL IMMERSION PROGRAMMEReport on the field work conducted as a part of curriculumIn the III semester of Master of Business AdministrationBy1. G. OMKHESH REDDY(Reg. No. 15691E0080)

Under Guidance of Dr. Mohammed Mujahed AliAssistant professor





This is to certify that this report on Rural Immersion Programme is a bonafide record of practical work done by Mr G. OMKHESH REDDY bearing the Reg. No. 15691E0080 Of MBA Programme in the III semester during the academic year 2016-17.

Staff in- charge. Head of the Department.

Signature of the Examiner.


We declare that this report on the Rural Immersion Programme is a bonafide work done under the guidance of DR. MOHAMMED MUJAHED ALI, Professor /Associate Professor / Assistant professor, Department of Management Studies, Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, Madanapalle, as a part of MBA Curriculum is a record of original work done by us in MANDYAM VARI PALLI.

1. G. OMKHSH REDDY (Reg. No. 15691E0080)2. C. RAVI KUMAR (Reg. No. 15691E0093)3. N. MOUNICA (Reg. No. 15691E0066)4. B. SIVARANJANI (Reg. No. 15691E00B0)

Date :Place :

RURAL IMMERSION PROGRAMRural growth in India has developed rapidly. The rural consumer is now spending more. This is the market of tomorrow and the students need to be sensitized to the dynamics of doing business in rural India. Rural Immersion Program helps students to understand through field trips over a period of one week. This initiative uses the experiential learning model to create a complete manager who can stand up to the pressures of modern world.Since it will helps in gaining knowledge, learning and understanding the role of the individual enhancement in leadership qualities, understanding the behavior of people and practical knowledge.INTRODUCTION Our team selected the village Mandyamvari palli It is located in the Tambalapalli Mandal. Its in Chittoor district. It is located in the Madanapalle is 35 kms. the total Population according to records are 250 (or) 350 People. male 150 to 175, females 100 to 125. Total voters is 175. Jobholders 15 members, Students 25 Members. The total houses 50-60. Economic source is mostly Agriculture, milk, weavers, Pattu purugula pempakam.


A village is a group of people living in one place. The Mandemvaripalle village is one among the villages in Tambala Palle. The people who living in this village are mingling with each other and also helping together in all the situations as they belong to one family under one roof. In this village they are houses around 50-60. And the population is 250-300. People are cultivating Agriculture crops such as yield in ground nuts, Tamato, and silk worms. The Agriculture is the bak bone to the villagers and mostly they depend ending farming . they do have domestic breading like cows, goats , oxen is the house which is another source of income. This Governament provides fertilizers to the farmers to the high yielding.It is also providing Education to the childrens in village having schools like primary and Anganvadi school are in reach. The governament provides various facilities for this village. The major problem in this village is drinage system so the governament provides Drinage canal through for free of cost.

NEED FOR THE STUDY This program help in understanding the rural surrounding and market , this help building up of knowledge , development of creativity and makingf an proper decision making and also improve the communication skills, even helps how to intract and deal with the healthy environment among the different age group and we may able gain knowledge, learning, an experience with strangers how to handle the people , it also helps personality, this gives an practical experience which helps in buliding the career.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY:- We have considered the social economics status of the village It has the support from the political, social, economically that is been playing the key role in that areas. As the village has the proper health condition with all the necessary medical no hospital in the Mandemvaripalle village. The education aspects in the childrens and they allocation all the necessary aspects for the both the genders.

METHODOLOGY:- They were guidelines from the group of people and even from the individuals that helped in getting the future additional information. A few aspects details were been collected personally from the peopple byb direct interaction. In building the questinnaire a few questions are been schedule by our own observation. We also meet a group of people and we have interviewed at certain factors like watter, Health, Education etc. Were as coming to the secondary and also primary data we have taken data from the websites and records of the panchayati office and also gather the information from the individuals.


It helps to get knowledge on the rural areas can helpful in developing our ability and enrich in dealing the people that could be implemented in our curriculum activities and in our Academics.ABOUT EDUCATION

In the mandemvaripalle village we find 2 schools which are divided as per the standards. They are Anganvadi and Primary schools. Since the village having the both Anganvadi and Primary education (i.e. up to V class) as coming to its infrastructure it was developed by the Governament for both the Anganvadi and Primary it was established in the year 1990s by the governament authorities. The villages shows good education status since from 10 years the strength is constant from the report bof pass outs, it does not show any fluctuations, they do provide the mifdday meals to the students in order to prepare the food the workers 2 members to work on it and the place they do preparing is quite clean and good they give the healthy food and eggs twice a week on Tues day and Firday.School head master Name is :-Mrs. N. MADHAVISCHOOL STRENGTHCLASS WISENUMBER OF PEOPLE






VI to X10

+2 5

Under Graduation5

Post Graduation3

FACILITIE Midday Meals Library Books, Text Books Uniforms Toilets Play kits DPEP Grants Games kits and ChartsGAMES Kho kho Cricket Running Race Carrom board Skipping


MondayRice + Dal

Tues dayRice+ Sambar + Egg

Wednes dayRice + leafy vegetables

Thurs day Rice + Samber

FridayRice + Dal +Eggs

Satur dayRice+ Leafy vegetables

ABOUT ANGANWADI SCHOOLTeacher name:- Mrs. B. SugunambaHelper name :- Mrs. C. Indiramma In 1998 the Governament of India started the integrated cgild development scheme to develop the health nutrition of poor children. Mandemvaripalli village are Anganvadi school to provide milk and eggs and also miday meals to children's and pregenancy ladies. In this village Anganvadi is taken care by one primary teacher and one assistant teacher. She makes the kids to play and learn rims every day with fun. The kids are given milk every day as the need of it in growing stage.



In this graph green shows the childrens is more healthy Yellow shows the childrens some weak Orange indicates the Childrens are very weak. In this Anganvadi school region 6 months to 3 years there are 12 Childrens are there. In this 12 Childrens 6 boys and 6 girls are there. 3 years to 6 years 4 boys and 3 girls are there in village. 3 Pregent ladies living in the village. PRIMARY SCHOOL Mandemvari palle village are Primary School starting I to V class. Primary school timings are 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. In this Primaryschoools are only Telugu and englisn medium people are there. Primary school all so they are provided Mid- day meals and weeekly twice eggs and bananas all so Provided. This school is maintained by 1 teacher.

ABOUT AGRICULTURE The Agriculture is the back bone to tne Village People and most of them depends on Farming. The farmers cultivate like silk worms plants, Tomoto, paddi, Ground nuts and other plants and pattu purugula production. They have domestic breading like cows, Goats, oxen in the house. The Governament Provides fertilizers to the Farmers to the highly yielding. As we have spoken to the farmer his name is A. Srinivasulu garu he cultivator of tomatos he has the land are of two yaker and he has got the plants of 6000 Rs and this plants are purcahsed in Mudivedu cross and they to get in their own village and fertilizers costs arround 6500/- Rs and he will get the return as 25000/- Rs in total by eccluding his labour and his wife they are some profits in this cultivation since they are able to meet the necessary income in cultivation of crops and they do depent on cattle rtaring to meet they expenditure. Cultivation is the back bone for Indian country since almost 80% depending on this Agriculture sector as due to last decates due to drought and less rain fall the farmers are been facing lot of problems and difficultin this context as per this were had less yield in last 3 years in the Agriculture sector since with they many people have stopped cultivation and moved to other Occuption and earning the money since to run their daily necessary needs and wants. Since in the village they does cultivation on the Ground nuts, tomatoes, paddy and all the vegetables such

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