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Saama Cognos® TM1® Connector for Informatica Powercenter

Date post:01-Jan-2017
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  • The objective of this connector is to integrate Cognos TM1 within Informatica. It is

    an Informatica Power Exchange based connector. This connector allows a user to

    use Cognos TM1 as a source or a target within Informatica mappings. There are

    three components of this connector.

    The objective of this component is to provide a GUI to the user in order to create

    Cognos TM1 as a Source or Target and import this metadata within Informatica


    If any mapping is using Cognos TM1 as source or target then server component

    should be able to communicate to Cognos TM1. It reads data from Cognos TM1 and

    sends it to Informatica and similarly it takes data from Informatica and writes it to

    Cognos TM1 target.

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    Cognos TM1 Informatica connector basically extracts and loads the data from and to

    the particular TM1 cube/dimension. With the help of this connector user can read

    the data from a TM1 cube/dimension and perform the different operations on the

    data using Informatica transformations. Also user can load the data into the TM1

    cube/dimension from different data sources supported by Informatica. This

    connector will load the two dimensional data into multi-dimensional format and vice


  • Saama Technologies, Inc. 900 I E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 120 Campbell, CA 95008 I USA

    This is a plug-in configuration xml file. It will contain all Cognos TM1 supported data types associations with ODBC data

    types and other metadata related information.

    Following diagram shows the basic flow of data between Informatica and Cognos TM1.

    The client component of the connector will enable user to fetch cube metadata inside Informatica PowerCenter. This

    cube definition will form a source or target instance. These instances can be used to create mappings and subsequently

    transfer data from cube to other targets or vice-versa.

    1. Import a Cube/Dimension from Cognos TM1 into Informatica as a Source

    The wizard shown below enables user to import a cube or a dimension inside Informatica to be used as a source or

    target instance.

  • Saama Technologies, Inc. 900 I E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 120 Campbell, CA 95008 I USA

    a) Import a cube

    b) Import a dimension

  • Saama Technologies, Inc. 900 I E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 120 Campbell, CA 95008 I USA

    To import a cube/dimension, enter the proper credentials for Host Name, Server Name, User Name and Password to get

    connected to the Cognos TM1 Server. Select the type of object you want to import either Cube or Dimension. The

    available cubes/ dimensions in the server to which the user has read/read-write access will be seen in the Available

    Cubes/Dimensions box.

    User can select any particular Cube/Dimension from the Available Cubes/Dimensions box and click on Import button

    to import that Cube/Dimension inside Informatica PowerCenter Designer. User can also import multiple Cubes from

    Available Cubes Box at a time and click on Import button to import multiple Cubes.

    2. Cognos TM1 Application Connection

    Cognos TM1 will use Application type of connection. The user interface of the same is as shown below:

  • Saama Technologies, Inc. 900 I E Hamilton Avenue, Suite 120 Campbell, CA 95008 I USA

    03. Cognos TM1 Source/Target Session Extension

    Cognos TM1 connector add a session extension Skip Zero/Blank Values as shown below:

    The following Informatica versions are supported on Windows:

    Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1, 9.0.0, 9.0.1 and 9.1.0

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