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    Sadhna A Womens Handicraft EnterpriseA Womens Handicraft Enterprise


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  • Sadhna C/o Seva Mandir, Old Fatehpura Udaipur - 313 004, Rajasthan Ph: +91 294 2454655 Fax: + 91 294 2450947 Email: [email protected] Web: www.sadhna.org store.sadhna.org

    City Showroom Jagdish Temple Road, Kasaron Ki Ole, Udaipur, Rajasthan Ph: +91 294 2417454

    Delwara CFC Near Devi Garh Hotel Gate National Highway 8 Delwara, Rajsamand Ph: + 91 0295 32893030

  • OUR STORY In 1988, a project was implemented by seva mandir, Udaipur district in Rajasthan initiated a project under its women and child development program. The objective behind this new initiative was income generation; to h e l p t h e r u ra l w o m e n i n t h e r e g i o n supplement their incomes by means of handicraft. The first project was started with a small groups of 15 women; the training consisted of applique and embroidery skills. Today, after nearly 24 years, the initiative has grown into a large artisan owned enterprise with around 700 artisan members. Sadhna, was registered as an independent body in 2004 and continues to provide livelihood opportunities to women in the rural, and low economic urban areas of Udaipur. The artisan members of Sadhna, contribute towards the organization's decision making and are partners in sharing the surplus generates by the enterprise. They are also enrolled in several welfare and saving programs, which supports them in securing their present and the future. Sadhna works with an administrative team of 30 employees, and artisans are spread across 16 locations within a radius of 70 kilometers from Udaipur.

  • OBJECTIVE The foundation of the enterprise is Sadhna's commitment to empowering women, both economically and socially and enhancing their self esteem. Making its artisan members self sustainable and to give them access control over a significant financial and social resource, a status in their family and society.


    In the context of sewing, an appliqué refers to a needlework technique in which patterns or r e p r e s e n t a t i o n a l s c e n e s a r e created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting colour or texture. Similarly, Tanka is a form of running stitch that our artisans h a v e p e r f e c t e d a n d c r e a t e beautiful embroideries on various textiles out of it.


  • DESIGN & INNOVATION Sadhna pays special attention towards design and product development. We at Sadhna realize the need of constant innovation, and improvisations to be abl to provide our customers with unique handmade products. Sadhna periodically invests in activities such as skill and design development, whick helps create fresh ideas and keeps Sadhna’s products updated with t h e c u r r e n t m a r k e t t r e n d s a n d customer demands.

  • AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS  ICICT Award for Social Enterprise of the year 2015

     Won South Asia ENGO Challenge for Best NGO 2014


     Anita Yadav, the youngest artisan of Sadhna

    was awarded KAMLA DEVI PURASKAAR 2012

    by Delhi Craft concil for her tanka and

    applique work skills in the year

     Winner of the grants at a competition 2011

    2011 India Development Market Place.

    programme of World Bank & IFC.

     National winner 2011

    Community Owned Enterprise awarded

    by Citi Micro Enterprenur

     Won the Seal of Excellence by UNESCO for the handicrafts:

    Traditional handmade pouches 2008

    Handicrafted applique sarees 2008

    Applique and Tanka Quilts 2006


    2011 INDA



  • VKUCOSP1 Cotton

  • VKUSISP1 Cotton

  • VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329 Cotton Bead MalaCotton Bead MalaCotton Bead Mala

    VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329 Cotton Double Layer KurtaCotton Double Layer KurtaCotton Double Layer Kurta

  • VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329VKUCOKA329 Silk Scoop Neck KurtaSilk Scoop Neck KurtaSilk Scoop Neck Kurta

  • VKUCOTK500 Cotton

  • VKUCOSP1 Cotton

  • VKUSISP1 Cotton

  • VKUCOSP1 Cotton

  • VOTOONL3 Cotton

    VKUCOTA414 Cotton

  • VSKCOKA89 Cotton

    VOTOONL1 Cotton

    VOTOOER1 Cotton

    VOTOOBG2 Cotton

  • VJKCOTK524 Cotton

    VFCCOTK66 Cotton

  • VKUSIKT218 Cotton

    VOTSITK529 Cotton

  • selotS dna sattapuD

    selotS dna sattapuD

    selotS dna sattapuD

    VDUCOKT27 Cotton

  • ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

    ............................ Cotton

  • Sarees

    VSASIKA422 Cotton

    VSASIKA434 Cotton

  • VSASIKA365 Cotton

    VSASICW3 Cotton

  • Me ns Wear

    VSHCOKT103 Cotton

    VSHSIKT101 Cotton

    VSHCOKT102 Cotton

    VKUSIKA130 Cotton

    VKUSIKA130 Cotton




  • VCUSICW3 Cotton

    VCUSICW3 Cotton

    VCUSITK13 Cotton

    VCUCOKA489 Cotton

    VCUCOTA107 Cotton

    VCUCOTK13 Cotton

  • VCUSITA192 Cotton

    VCUSITA68 Cotton

    VCUCOTK13 Cotton

    VCUCOTK13 Cotton

    VCUSICW3 Cotton

    VCUCOCW19 Cotton

  • VBDCOTA175 Cotton

    VBDPRKA405 Cotton

    VBDCOTA176 Cotton

  • VBDPRTK387 Cotton

    VBDSITK13 Cotton



  • VBSCOTK13 Cotton

    VBSCOTK13 Cotton

    VBSCOTK13 Cotton

    VBSCOTK13 Cotton

    VBSCOTK13 Cotton

    VBSCOTK13 Cotton

  • VJHCO KT357 Cotton

    VJHCOTA226 Cotton

    VJHCOTA225 Cotton

    VPUCOTA189 Cotton

    VJHCOTK80 Cotton

    VSBCOTA177 Cotton

  • VTSCOTK103 Cotton

    VCOCOTK112 Cotton

    VKUCOKA329 Cotton

    VTCCMTA44 Cotton

    VKUCOKA329 Cotton

    VOTSITK533 Cotton

  • VOTOOBD1 Cotton

    VOTSITK532 Cotton

    VOTSITK531 Cotton

    VOTOOBR1 Cotton

    VOTSITK529 Cotton

    VOTOOFR1 Cotton

  • A Women's Handicraft EnterpriseA Women's Handicraft Enterprise

    For the Women For the Women

    By the Women By the Women

    Of the WomenOf the Women

    A Women's Handicraft Enterprise

    For the Women

    By the Women

    Of the Women

  • Sadhna Store Fatehpura

    Sadhna Store Jagdish Chowk

    Udaipur Map

    Udaipur Map

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