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Saffire events presentation Adams County Fair

Date post: 21-Dec-2014
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2. LEADERSHIPKendra AaronJeremyWright Pederson EmersonPresidentTechnicalCreative Director DirectorExperience: Experience: Experience:Began buildingLeads a teamA classically-websites in 1995of highly skilled trained artist withfor Fortune 1000programmers 14 years ofcompany Finds the online designStarted her own perfect experiencecompany in 1998 technology forOversees theHelps eventsthe job process ofhave a greatA different bringing youronline presence.breed of techie brand to life speaksonlineEnglish!In touch withclient needs and 3. THE TEAMChris Lugar CassieDaniel BunnSeniorRoberts SoftwareSoftwareManager, Sale EngineerEngineers & PartnershipJessica Chris HowardJonathanBybee-Front End HopeDziedzicDeveloper SoftwareSenior AccountManager EngineerAdam Dispenza RebekahQA Specialist HardageMarketingManager 4. HISTORY 5. SAFFIRE EVENTS 6. SAFFIRE ASSOCIATIONS 7. THE GUY 8. THE GUY VS. SAFFIREThe GuySaffire Events Local business Focuses solely on making Loves your rodeo events more successful Has a connection to people Has a proven track recordinvolved in your rodeo with lots of events Is all-inclusive gives you everything you need to be successful Provides ongoing support webinars, online help, articles, etc. Provides community of idea sharing with other events Takes your website the guy built to the next level 9. RODEO AUSTIN 10. COLORADO STATE FAIR 11. AMERICAN ROYAL 12. BLACK HILLS STOCK SHOW 13. PROMOTING FAIRS WITH IAFE 14. AWARDS 15. INTERNET WINS POPULARITY CONTEST The amount of time people spend overall on the Internet has increased 121% over the past five years. In 2010, for the first time ever, Internet usagesurpassed television usage.Are we following this trend? Do we think our customers are?Source: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com 16. RODEO HOUSTON STATISTICSHow did you hear about the event?Newspaper 2%Rodeo Advertising 4%Radio 9%TV 10%Website 46% 17. WELL-ORGANIZED HOMEPAGE 18. INTERACTIVE EVENT SCHEDULE 19. A DETAIL PAGE FOR EVERY EVENT 20. THE VALUE OF A FANeMarketer has reported that over 50% ofTwitter followers are more likely to purchasefrom brands they followCoca-Cola has reported that Facebook fansare 2 times as likely to consume & 10 timesmore likely to purchase than non-fans 21. ADDED VALUE FOR SPONSORS 22. VALUE OF ECOMMERCE 23. VALUE OF ECOMMERCE 24. MANAGE YOUR CONTENT To be the most successfuland to maintain your sanity,you must be able tomarket your event on your website in real time. 25. MANAGE YOUR CONTENT 26. MANAGE HOMEPAGE FEATURES 27. MANAGE NAVIGATION 28. CREATE UNLIMITED PAGES 29. CREATE UNLIMITED ONLINE FORMS 30. THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILE 31. MOBILE OVERTAKES DESKTOP IN 2014Source: Morgan Stanley Research 32. MOBILE SITE INCLUDED WITH SAFFIRE! 33. MOBILE CONTENT MANAGEMENTINCLUDED WITH SAFFIRE 34. TABLET SITE INCLUDED WITHSAFFIRE! 35. WHY SWITCH TO SAFFIREIncreased revenue when peopleclick, they engage, and when theyengage, they buy.Stretched marketing dollars Socialnetworking integrated throughout makes iteasy for customers to tell all their friendsabout our fair (those friends tell morefriends, etc.).Increased efficiency We manage ourown content and online registration formswithout data entry 36. NEWEST SAFFIRE FEATURESSaffire Events surveys customers twice ayear to gather ideas for new features New homepage layouts Even better interactive event schedule Even better page preview and editing functionality Built-in image cropping tool 37. A QUOTE FROM RODEO AUSTIN 38. A QUOTE FROM AMERICAN ROYAL 39. SHOULDNT WE BE A SAFFIREEVENT?